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The following is a list of programs broadcast on MundoFox, a Spanish-language broadcast television network that is aimed at adults between the ages of 18 and 34 years old, and is owned by the Fox International Channels unit of News Corporation. The network soft-launched on August 1, 2012 and officially debuted on August 13, 2012.[1]

Current programming[edit]


Original Teleseries[edit]

Programming produced by Fox Telecolombia for MundoFox

  • El Capo (August 1, 2012–present)
  • El Rey David (April 29, 2013–present)
  • Kdabra (August 1, 2012–present)
  • Lynch (August 1, 2012–present)
  • Mentes en Shock (August 13, 2012–present)
  • Tiempo Final (August 13, 2012–present)
  • Cumbia Ninja (January 26, 2014-present)
  • Tres Caínes (March 6, 2013-present)

Game shows[edit]

Reality shows[edit]

Lifestyle programming[edit]

  • Cocineros (August 4, 2012–present)
  • Estilo de Vida (August 18, 2012–present)
  • Luz en Casa (August 18, 2012–present)
  • Manual de Supervivencia (August 18, 2012–present)
  • Sabores de Familia (August 18, 2012–present)
  • El Sabor de los Oficios (August 18, 2012–present)
  • Tu Vida Más Simple (August 4, 2012–present)

News programming[edit]

Sports programming[edit]

Spanish-dubbed acquired programming from Fox[edit]

Children's programming[edit]

Upcoming Children's programming[edit]

Former programming[edit]

Some of the programs listed are in reruns after their first airing.


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