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Retro Television Network (RTV) has customized schedules for each affiliate. Not all shows are usually carried in every market. However, the network plans to move towards a more uniform schedule for all of its affiliates. The network has package deals with various production companies, as listed below. The network had large content deals with CBS Paramount Television until its expiration in July 2008, and with NBCUniversal Television Distribution until its expiration in June 2011, both of which caused major schedule shake-ups in most markets.

Shows currently airing[edit]

DreamWorks Classics[edit]

Genesis International[edit]

Peter Rodgers Organization[edit]

Sony Pictures Television[edit]

SFM Entertainment[edit]

Stay Creepy Productions[edit]


Trifecta Entertainment & Media[edit]


Children's educational programming[edit]

Upcoming Programs[edit]

Programs previously broadcast[edit]

Castle Blood Entertainment[edit]

CBS Television Distribution[edit]

DreamWorks Classics[edit]

Media General[edit]

NBCUniversal Television Distribution[edit]

Peter Rodgers Organization[edit]

Stephen J. Cannell[edit]

Sony Pictures Television[edit]


  • B InTune TV
  • Celebrity Kitchen
  • Closing Remarks
  • Critter Gitter
  • The Great Outdoorsman's
  • Hip Hop Harry
  • Love2Talk
  • Jane's Sew and So
  • Mustard Pancakes
  • My Bed Bugs
  • Planet X TV
  • Road Classics
  • The Simply True Show
  • Steel Dreams
  • Unreliable Sources