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Entire list of projects of the European Space Agency:

Active Missions[edit]

The ESA control room in Darmstadt, Germany
  • Artemis — Europe's most advanced telecommunication satellite.
  • CryoSat-2 — a three-year radar altimetry mission launched on 8 April 2010 to determine variations in the thickness of the Earth’s continental ice sheets and marine ice cover; built to replace Cryosat after launch failure.
  • GIOVE-B — the second Galileo in-orbit validation satellite launched on April 2008.
  • Hubble Space Telescope — built and operated in cooperation with NASA.
  • Mars Express — a space probe to Mars.
  • MetOp-A — is the first polar orbiting satellite dedicated to operational meteorology. A satellite to study temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, ozone and other trace gases on Earth.
  • MetOp-B — the second satellite in the EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS), launched in 2012
  • Proba-1 — is the technology demonstration mini-satellite launched in 2001. It is the first satellite in the PROBA series
  • Proba-2 — the second satellite in the PROBA series, launched in 2009 together with SMOS.
  • Proba-V — a new satellite in the PROBA series, launched in May 2013. Main objective is to observe the ground vegetation on a global scale.
  • SMOS — the second Earth Explorer mission launched on November 2009 designed to measure Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity.
  • Swarm — a satellite mission to measure Earth's magnetic field.
  • Venus Express — a space probe to Venus which was launched in Nov 2005 and arrived in orbit around Venus in April 2006.
  • Galileo positioning system — a satellite positioning system.
  • Sentinel-1 — the first component of the GMES Space Segment, carrying a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in C-Band, that will provide all-weather, day and night radar imaging for land and ocean services.

Horizon 2000 (1985)[edit]

  • Cornerstone 1SOHO — a space-based observatory to study the sun (together with NASA).
  • Cornerstone 1Cluster II — a group of four probes studying the magnetosphere.
  • Cornerstone 2XMM-Newton — an X-ray observatory satellite which participates in the Cosmic Evolution Survey.
  • Cornerstone 3Rosetta — a space probe launched in 2004 that will explore comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko in 2014/15.
  • Medium-size 2INTEGRAL — is the first space observatory that can simultaneously observe objects in gamma rays, X-rays and visible light.

Horizon 2000+ (1994)[edit]

Future Missions[edit]

  • IXV — Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle. Launch date: 2014
  • ADM-Aeolus — Mapping Earth's global wind field. Launch date: 2015
  • ExoMars — Mars orbiter and lander, followed by rover. Launch dates: 2016 and 2018
  • EarthCARE — Studying the roles of clouds and aerosols in our climate. Launch date: 2016
  • James Webb Space Telescope — planned successor to the Hubble Space Telescope (together with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency). Launch date: 2018
  • MTG — Meteosat Third generation. Launch date: 2018
  • BIOMASS — Measuring forest biomass. Launch date: 2020

Horizon 2000+ (1994)[edit]

Cosmic Vision[edit]

  • L-class missionJuice — Europe's first dedicated Jupiter mission. Launch date: 2022
  • M-class mission 1Solar Orbiter — Europe's closest mission to the Sun. Launch date: 2017
  • M-class mission 2Euclid — Charting dark matter and dark energy's effects on the Universe. Launch date: 2020
  • M-class mission 3PLATO — Hunting planets beyond our solar system. Launch date: 2024
  • S-class missionCHEOPS — Studying planets around other stars. Launch date: 2017

Past Missions[edit]

  • ARD — a testbed for reentry technologies launched in 1998.
  • ESA-made instruments on Chandrayaan-1 — Indian space probe to the Moon launched on October 2008, functional until August 2009.
  • COROT — a space telescope for detecting rocky exoplanets larger than Earth. Launched Dec 2006. A project led by the French space agency CNES.
  • Cos-B — First project of ESA after foundation (in 1975).
  • Double Star Mission — probe to study effects of the sun on Earth (in cooperation with the People's Republic of China).
  • Envisat — is the world's largest and most complex environmental satellite.
  • ERS-1 — First Earth-observing satellite of ESA.
  • ERS-2 — is an earth-observing satellite launched in 1995. It is the successor to ERS-1.
  • EXOSAT — ESA's first X-ray observatory.
  • Giotto mission — First deep space mission of ESA, which went to Comet Halley.
  • GIOVE-A — Experimental satellite launched Dec 2005 as forerunner for the Galileo positioning system.
  • GOCE — a mission designed to measure the Earth's gravity field, launched on March 2009.
  • Hipparcos — A space-based astrometry mission.
  • ISO — Infrared Space Observatory.
  • IUE — Ultraviolet astronomical space observatory in cooperation with NASA.
  • Planck — The next generation Cosmic Microwave Background explorer, after COBE & WMAP. launched in May 2009.
  • SMART 1 — A lunar spaceprobe testing new propulsion technology.
  • Ulysses — A probe launched in 1990 to study the Sun's north and south poles.
  • YES2 — a young engineers' satellite to demonstrate the use of tethers for injection into re-entry orbit of the first students re-entry capsule ever.

Horizon 2000 (1985)[edit]

Cancelled Missions[edit]

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