List of prolific film directors

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Some film directors have worked on hundreds of films. This list contains all those who have directed at least 200 short or full-length films not including television films or direct-to-video releases.

Name Number of films
Anderson, Broncho BillyBroncho Billy Anderson 466
Aylott, DavidDavid Aylott 343
Beaudine, WilliamWilliam Beaudine 347
Bosetti, RomeoRomeo Bosetti 328
Botelho, AlbertoAlberto Botelho 475
Brakhage, StanStan Brakhage 373
Brooke, Van DykeVan Dyke Brooke 217
Christie, AlAl Christie 434
Cohl, ÉmileÉmile Cohl 219
Coleby, A. E.A. E. Coleby 241
Collins, AlfAlf Collins 226
Curtis, AllenAllen Curtis 279
Davis, MannieMannie Davis 227
Durand, JeanJean Durand 230
Dwan, AllanAllan Dwan 404
Feuillade, LouisLouis Feuillade 639
Fisher, BudBud Fisher 328
Fitzhamon, LewinLewin Fitzhamon 368
Fleischer, DaveDave Fleischer 635
Freleng, FrizFriz Freleng 296
Frenkel, TheoTheo Frenkel 216
Griffith, D. W.D. W. Griffith 533
Guy, AliceAlice Guy 350
Henderson, DellDell Henderson 204
Horne, James W.James W. Horne 212
Jones, ChuckChuck Jones 261
Kneitel, SeymourSeymour Kneitel 346
Lamont, CharlesCharles Lamont 250
Lantz, WalterWalter Lantz 259
Lord, DelDel Lord 205
Makino, ShôzôShôzô Makino 230
McGowan, J. P.J. P. McGowan 244
Monca, GeorgesGeorges Monca 385
Moser, FrankFrank Moser 202
Méliès, GeorgesGeorges Méliès 552
Newfield, SamSam Newfield 269
Ng, WuiWui Ng 211
Perret, LéonceLéonce Perret 274
Porter, Edwin S.Edwin S. Porter 254
Sennett, MackMack Sennett 318
Smalley, PhillipsPhillips Smalley 339
Staub, RalphRalph Staub 224
Stow, PercyPercy Stow 293
Watson, WilliamWilliam Watson[disambiguation needed] 269
White, JulesJules White 309
Wilson, FrankFrank Wilson 272