List of proposed anti-gay book bans in the United States

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Proposed bans of lesbian or gay-themed books in the United States.



Republican lawmaker Gerald Allen proposed Alabama House Bill 30 (HB30), which would have banned public school libraries from purchasing books by gay authors or with gay characters.[1] The bill did not become law.


A proposed ban in Arkansas would have barred any representation of gay and lesbian people in schools, libraries, and state funded universities. It passed the state's lower house, but a tie vote in the state Senate's Education committee failed to bring it to the state senate floor.


State Rep. Sally Kern, a Republican from Oklahoma City supported House Resolution 1039, which would have required Oklahoma libraries to “confine homosexually themed books and other age-inappropriate material to areas exclusively for adult access and distribution.” The Bill also required that no public funds be used in “the distribution of such materials to children.” The bill passed in the house but not the senate.

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