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The Protected areas of Kyrgyzstan cover 1,189,360 hectares and account for 6.3% of the country's total area (end of 2009). They include 10 strict nature reserves (IUCN Category I), 9 - nature national parks (IUCN Category II), 19 - natural monuments (IUCN Category III), 49 - habitat/species management areas (23 - botanical reserves, 10 - forest reserves, 14 - game (zoological) reserves, 2 - complex reserves) (IUCN Category IV).[1] Besides, Biosphere Territory Yssyk-Kel with a status of protected area of national significance was established in 2000.

State Nature Reserves[edit]

No Nature Reserve Established Province District Purpose
1 Issyk-Kul State Nature Reserve 10 December 1948 Issyk-Kul Province Tong District, Issyk Kul District Conservation of Ramsar wetlands
2 Sary-Chelek State Biosphere Nature Reserve 5 March 1959 Jalal-Abad Province Conservation of biodiversity and typical landscapes and unique Sary-Chelek Lake
3 Besh-Aral State Nature Reserve 21 March 1979 Jalal-Abad Province Chatkal District Conservation of the habitat of the Menzbier's Marmot and protection of West Tien-Shan flora
4 Naryn State Nature Reserve 29 December 1983 Naryn Province
5 Karatal-Japyryk State Nature Reserve 1 March 1994 Naryn Province
6 Sarychat-Ertash State Nature Reserve 10 March 1995 Issyk-Kul Province
7 Padyshata State Nature Reserve 3 July 2003 Jalal-Abad Province
8 Kulunata State Nature Reserve 11 August 2004 Osh Province
9 Karabuura State Nature Reserve 17 June 2005 Talas Province
10 Surmatash State Nature Reserve 27 June 2009 Batken Province

National Parks[edit]

Nature Monuments[edit]

Habitat/species management areas[edit]

Forest Reserves[edit]

Game (Zoological) Reserves[edit]

Botanical Reserves[edit]

Complex Reserves[edit]


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