List of protected heritage sites in Baelen

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This table shows an overview of the protected heritage sites in the Walloon town Baelen. This list is part of Belgium's national heritage.


Church of St. Paul and Roman tower (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°37′52″N 5°58′16″E / 50.631075°N 5.970992°E / 50.631075; 5.970992

63004-CLT-0002-01 Info

Kerk Saint-Paul en de romaanse toren

Organ of the church of Saint-Jean Baptiste (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°37′10″N 5°59′44″E / 50.619501°N 5.995462°E / 50.619501; 5.995462

63004-CLT-0004-01 Info

Castle Vreuschemen (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°37′20″N 5°59′09″E / 50.622293°N 5.985957°E / 50.622293; 5.985957

63004-CLT-0005-01 Info

Hof van Cortembach (house name) (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°37′15″N 5°59′55″E / 50.620709°N 5.998622°E / 50.620709; 5.998622

63004-CLT-0006-01 Info

Nereth tower (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°38′30″N 5°59′38″E / 50.641727°N 5.993781°E / 50.641727; 5.993781

63004-CLT-0007-01 Info

Border marker FI-CI Nord (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°31′33″N 6°04′22″E / 50.525869°N 6.072879°E / 50.525869; 6.072879

63004-CLT-0008-01 Info

Border marker FI-CI Sud (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°31′16″N 6°04′23″E / 50.520979°N 6.072977°E / 50.520979; 6.072977

63004-CLT-0009-01 Info

Border marker Limbourg-Luxembourg (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°31′22″N 6°05′08″E / 50.522744°N 6.085483°E / 50.522744; 6.085483

63004-CLT-0010-01 Info

Border marker B-W-KN (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°31′19″N 6°05′09″E / 50.521841°N 6.085719°E / 50.521841; 6.085719

63004-CLT-0011-01 Info

Border marker B-P.157 (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°31′18″N 6°05′10″E / 50.521793°N 6.086186°E / 50.521793; 6.086186

63004-CLT-0012-01 Info

Border marker B-P.156 (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°31′11″N 6°04′23″E / 50.519616°N 6.073005°E / 50.519616; 6.073005

63004-CLT-0013-01 Info

Various historical objects in Baelen, Waimes & Malméd (nl) (fr)
Baelen 50°31′32″N 6°02′39″E / 50.525604°N 6.044209°E / 50.525604; 6.044209

63004-CLT-0014-01 Info

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  • Belgian heritage register: Direction générale opérationnelle - Aménagement du territoire, Logement, Patrimoine et Energie (DG4)[1]