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This is a list of pseudonyms, in various categories.

A pseudonym is a name adopted by a person for a particular purpose, which differs from his or her true name. A pseudonym may be used by social activists or politicians for political purposes or by others for religious purposes, it may be given to criminals for notoriety, it may be a soldier's noms de guerre; a pseudonym may be a stage name or other alias used by visual artists, sportspeople, artists of fashion and beauty or of pornography, an author may adopt a pen name, and pseudonyms are occasionally used in fiction such as by superheros or other fictional characters.

Social activists[edit]

Visual arts[edit]

Noms de guerre[edit]

Pornography names[edit]

Pen names[edit]



Stage names[edit]

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Fashion and beauty[edit]

Other real life pseudonyms[edit]

Pseudonyms used in fiction[edit]

Superhero genre[edit]

Other fictional characters[edit]

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