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Here is a list of pseudonyms, in various categories. Pseudonyms are similar to, but distinct from, secret identities.

Social activists[edit]

Visual arts[edit]

Noms de guerre[edit]

Pornography names[edit]

With very few exceptions, pornographic film actors use pseudonyms, which are often suggestive or humorous (e.g. Felix Vicious or Dick Nasty) See a list of members of the AVN Hall of Fame.

Pen names[edit]

See List of pen names for a list of pseudonyms used by authors of written work.

List of pseudonyms of angling authors is a list of those who wrote about fishing. List of Urdu language poets provides pen names for a range of Urdu poets.



Stage names[edit]

Main article: List of stage names



Fashion and beauty[edit]

Other real life psudonyms[edit]

Pseudonyms used in fiction[edit]

Superhero genre[edit]

  • The Hulk (Dr. Robert Bruce Banner) - Marvel Comics
  • Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker) - Marvel Comics
  • Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) - Marvel Comics
  • Wolverine (Logan, James Howlett) - Marvel Comics
  • Captain America (Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers) - Marvel Comics
  • Superman (Kal-El / Clark Kent) - DC Comics
  • Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themyscira / Diana Prince) - DC comics
  • Batman (Bruce Wayne) - DC Comics
  • Catwoman (Selina Kyle) - DC Comics
    • Catwoman (Patience Phillips) - 2004 film

Other fictional characters[edit]

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