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This is a list of public art in Coventry, in the West Midlands, England. This list applies only to works of public art accessible in an outdoor public space. For example, this does not include artwork visible inside a museum.

Central Coventry[edit]

Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Artist Material Coordinates
Sir Frank Whittle Statue, Coventry.jpg Frank Whittle Millennium Place, Coventry Faith Winter
Cathedral St Michaels Victory.jpg St Michael's Victory over the Devil Coventry Cathedral 1958 Sir Jacob Epstein Bronze 52°24′30″N 1°30′25″W / 52.408217°N 1.50695°W / 52.408217; -1.50695
The Coventry Boy Statue, Coventry.jpg The Coventry Boy Priory Street, Coventry 1966 Philip Bentham Bronze and sandstone[1]
Council House frontage, Earls Street - - 1268983.jpg Leofric, Godiva and Justice Coventry Council House 1920 Henry Wilson Portland Stone 52°24′25″N 1°30′29″W / 52.407083°N 1.508099°W / 52.407083; -1.508099
Herbert Art Gallery and Museum - Elisabeth Frink.JPG Elisabeth Frink Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry 1956 F. E. McWilliam Bronze[2]
Herbert Art Gallery and Museum - Man's Struggle.JPG Man's Struggle Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry 1959 Walter Ritchie Portland stone[2]
WTC Widefox HerbertMuseum-TheEnfolding4.JPG The Enfolding Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry 1985 Jean Parker Bath stone[2]
Herbert Art Gallery and Museum - Mother and Children.JPG Mother and Children Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry 1986 Gary Galpin Bath stone[2]
Peace Stone Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry 1990 unknown Stone, bronze[2]
WTC Andy Mabbett DSC 5954.JPG Barra Suite 5 Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry 1992 Dr. Tim Threlfall
Reconciliation Statue, The Old Cathedral, Coventry.jpg Reconciliation Coventry Cathedral ruins 1995 Josefina de Vasconcellos Bronze[2]
Ecce Homo Statue, The Old Cathedral, Coventry.jpg Ecce Homo South wall of Coventry Cathedral ruins 1969 Sir Jacob Epstein Subiaco marble[2]
Christ Coventry Cathedral ruins After 1943 Alain John Concrete[2]
The Coventry Cross.jpg Coventry Cross Cuckoo Lane 1976 George Wagstaffe Ferro-concrete, Hollington stone, anodised aluminium, fibreglass[2]
Flywheel Opposite Coventry Council House 1987 Michael Farrell[2]
Naiad Council courtyard 1981-3 (replaced 1958 original) George Wagstaffe Bronze[2]
The James Starley Memorial Greyfriars Green 1884 Joseph Whitehead and Sons Granite, Ravaccione marble[2]
The Thomas White Memorial Greyfriars Green 1883 W. W. Wills and T. W. Wills Cornish granite, Sicilian marble[2]
Peeping Tom Hertford Street 1972 unknown Painted wood[2]
The People of Coventry Broadgate House 1953 Trevor Tennant Doulting stone[2]
Thread Through Time Bull Yard 1999 Robert Conybear and Uta Molling Cast recycled concrete, stone and brick[2]
Self Sacrifice (Lady Godiva) Broadgate 1949 William Reid-Dick Bronze and stone[2]
Lady Godiva clock -Broadgate -Coventry-21July2008.jpg Godiva and Peeping Tom Clock Broadgate House 1953 Trevor Tennant Painted wood[2]
Rebuilding Coventry and the Co-op's Activities Corporation Street 1956 John Skelton Hornton stone[2]
Untitled Lamb Street 1973 John Bridgeman Resin, bronze powder[2]
Coventry's Industries Lower Precinct 1958 and 1961 Arthur Ling Neon tubes[2]
Coventry Martyrs Memorial Ringway, St Patrick's 1910 G. Maile and Sons Granite and metal[2]
Sir Guy and the Dun Cow Shelton Square 1952 Alma Ramsey Painted stone[2]
Growth of the City Trinity Street 1964 John Skelton Swedish pearl granite, part painted[2]
Broadgate Standard Broadgate, entrance to Upper Precinct 1948 British Pressed Panels Ltd aluminium[2]

Coventry Canal[edit]

Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Artist Material Coordinates
WTC Gareth Jenkins B4CanalBasin 1 Jenkins.JPG James Brindley Coventry Canal Basin 1998 James Butler Bronze[3]
Canal Basin Mosaic Coventry Canal Basin 1997 Rosalind Wates Unglazed ceramic tiles[3]
Lock Gates Foleshill roundabout, Junction 1 of the Ring Road 1997 Ondré Nowakowski Oak[3]
Spring Road entrance marker, Coventry Canal - - 1016961.jpg Entry and Parapet Markers Six freestanding and four parapet markers at various locations from Canal Basin to Hawkesbury Junction 1999 Jon Mills Painted galvanised steel[3]
The Journeyman - - 373237.jpg The Journeyman Leicester Row, north of Bridge No 1 1999 Stephen Hitchin Steel, cast bronze[3]
Wave Seat Leicester Row, north of Bridge No 1 1998 Michael Grevatte Hornton stone[3]
Daimler Heritage Marker Canalside, opposite Sandy Lane Business Park 1997 Robert Crutchley Bronze, granite[2]
The Coil Adjacent to Prince William Henry Bridge 1997 Frank Triggs Sweet chestnut[3]


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