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This is a list of public art in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.


Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Dimensions Designation Notes
Memorial to Margaret McMillan Rachel McMillan Nursery School, McMillan Street

51°28′53″N 0°01′23″W / 51.4814°N 0.0230°W / 51.4814; -0.0230 (Margaret McMillan Memorial)
1932 Sir Herbert Baker (architect) Grade II [1]
Statue of Peter the Great at Deptford Creek.jpg Peter the Great Glaisher Street 2001 Cleve Severin Statue


Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Dimensions Designation Notes
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George II Old Royal Naval College

51°29′01″N 0°00′21″W / 51.48361°N 0.00595°W / 51.48361; -0.00595 (George II)
1735 Rysbrack, John MichaelJohn Michael Rysbrack Statue Grade II [2]
Nelson Pediment close-up.jpg
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The Immortality of Nelson Nelson Pediment, Old Royal Naval College 1809–12 West, BenjaminBenjamin West and Joseph Panzetta Architectural relief sculpture Coade stone Grade I [3][4]
King William IV - - 1168934.jpg
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William IV King William Walk

51°28′48″N 0°00′24″W / 51.47989°N 0.00654°W / 51.47989; -0.00654 (William IV)
1845 Nixon, SamuelSamuel Nixon Statue Grade II [5]
Bellot memorial rear.jpg
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Memorial to Joseph René Bellot Cutty Sark Gardens

51°29′01″N 0°00′28″W / 51.48364°N 0.00786°W / 51.48364; -0.00786 (Bellot Memorial)
1855 Hardwick, PhilipPhilip Hardwick Obelisk Grade II [2]
New Zealand Memorial Obelisk, Greenwich.jpg
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Memorial to the New Zealand Campaign (1863–4) King William Walk

51°29′00″N 0°00′33″W / 51.4833°N 0.0091°W / 51.4833; -0.0091 (New Zealand Campaign Memorial)
after 1864
Obelisk Grade II [6]
Statue of General Wolfe, Greenwich Park.jpg
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General James Wolfe Blackheath Avenue, Greenwich Park

51°28′40″N 0°00′03″W / 51.47782°N 0.00085°W / 51.47782; -0.00085 (General Wolfe)
1927 McKenzie, Robert TaitRobert Tait McKenzie Statue Grade II
Statue of Walter Raleigh, Greenwich.jpg
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Sir Walter Raleigh Old Royal Naval College

51°28′59″N 0°00′31″W / 51.48306°N 0.00867°W / 51.48306; -0.00867 (Sir Walter Raleigh)
1959 McMillan, WilliamWilliam McMillan Statue Grade II Unveiled 28 October 1959 in Whitehall by the US Ambassador John Hay Whitney.[7] Moved to this site in 2001[8] as it was out of scale with other statues which had since been erected nearby.[9] The statue is close to the Discover Greenwich entrance within the grounds of the ORNC.
Large Standing Figure Knife Edge - Henry Moore.jpg
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Large Standing Figure: Knife Edge Greenwich Park 1961–76 Moore, HenryHenry Moore Sculpture N/A [10]
Sculpture at The Royal Observatory, Greenwich - DSC05553.JPG Dolphin Sundial Titanic Memorial Garden, Royal Observatory 1977–8 Daniel, ChristopherChristopher Daniel and Edwin Russell Sundial with sculpture N/A
Captain Cook statue, Greenwich.jpg
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Captain James Cook National Maritime Museum

51°28′50″N 0°00′17″W / 51.48051°N 0.0048°W / 51.48051; -0.0048 (Captain Cook)
1994 Weller, ArthurArthur Weller Statue N/A [11]
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Prime Meridian marker Royal Observatory 1999 Garzia, ChristinaChristina Garzia Sculpture N/A
The Throne of Earthly Kings – François Hameury.jpg
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The Throne of Earthly Kings Devonport House 2004 Hameury, FrançoisFrançois Hameury Sculpture N/A [12]
Nelson's Ship in a Bottle 2.jpg
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Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle National Maritime Museum 2010 Shonibare, YinkaYinka Shonibare Sculpture N/A
Geograph-3624209-by-David-Dixon (cropped).jpg
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Yuri Gagarin Royal Observatory 2011 Novikov, AnatolyAnatoly Novikov Statue Zinc alloy N/A [13]

North Greenwich[edit]

Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Dimensions Designation Notes
Antony Gormley Quantum Cloud 2000.jpg Quantum Cloud Greenwich Peninsula

51°30′07″N 0°00′33″E / 51.50185°N 0.00913°E / 51.50185; 0.00913 (Quantum Cloud)
2000 Antony Gormley Sculpture
"A Slice of Reality" - - 7511.jpg Slice of Reality Greenwich Peninsula

51°30′15″N 0°00′01″W / 51.50418°N 0.00028°W / 51.50418; -0.00028 (Slice of Reality)
2000 Richard Wilson Sculpture


Image Title / subject Location and
Date Artist / designer Type Material Dimensions Designation Notes
Afghan and South African war memorial, Woolwich - - 971900.jpg Afghan and Zulu War Memorial Repository Road

51°28′57″N 0°03′16″E / 51.4824°N 0.0545°E / 51.4824; 0.0545 (Afghan and South African War Memorial)
1881/3? Victor Gleichen Megalithoid with sculpture Stone and copper(?) 5.72 m high Grade II [15]
Flickr - Duncan~ - Assembly ^2.jpg Assembly Royal Arsenal

51°29′41″N 0°04′12″E / 51.49485°N 0.070059°E / 51.49485; 0.070059 (Assembly)
Peter Burke Sculptures
Flickr - Duncan~ - Royal Arsenal.jpg Memorial to Dial Square, Royal Arsenal and Woolwich Arsenal Football Clubs Outside the Dial Arch pub, Royal Arsenal


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