List of public art in Lewisham

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This is a list of public art in the London Borough of Lewisham.

Image Title / individual commemorated Location Date Sculptor Source Coordinates
Robert Aske Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School, New Cross 1825 William Croggan [1] 51°28′05″N 0°02′37″W / 51.46806°N 0.04363°W / 51.46806; -0.04363
Deptford Town Hall, SE14 - - 82222.jpg Admiral Robert Blake, Horatio Nelson, Sir Francis Drake and Oliver Cromwell Deptford old town hall, New Cross Road 1905 51°28′31″N 0°02′17″W / 51.47541°N 0.03794°W / 51.47541; -0.03794
Tsar Peter the Great - - 926492.jpg Peter the Great Site of Royal Dockyard, Deptford 2001 Zurab Tsereteli
Pig Statues Deptford.jpg Pig statues Thames Walk, Deptford
War memorial Lewisham Way
Catford Centre Cat Rushey Green 51°26′45″N 0°01′11″W / 51.44584°N 0.01979°W / 51.44584; -0.01979


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