List of purpose-built capitals of country subdivisions

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City Capital of Notes
Adelaide South Australia,  Australia founded 1836
Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais,  Brazil founded 1897, moved from Ouro Preto
Chandigarh both Punjab and Haryana,  India from 1947, because partition of India placed Punjab's capital, Lahore, in Pakistan; Haryana created out of part of Indian Punjab in 1966 and shares capital
Changwon Gyeongsangnam-do (South Gyeongsang),  South Korea from 1983, moved from Busan
Columbia South Carolina,  United States from 1790, moved from Charleston
Columbus Ohio,  United States from 1816, moved from Chillicothe
Gandhinagar Gujarat,  India founded 1960 upon split of Bombay State into two states
Goiânia  Goiás,  Brazil from 1933, moved from Goiás Velho
Indianapolis Indiana,  United States from 1825, moved from Corydon
Jackson Mississippi,  United States from 1821, moved from Natchez
Jefferson City Missouri,  United States from 1826, moved from St. Charles
Zhongxing New Village Taiwan Province,  Republic of China (Taiwan) from 1956, moved from Taipei City. Not recognized by People's Republic of China, which still mark Taipei as capital (or not mark any capital) of its Taiwan Province on all its maps.
Lansing Michigan,  United States from 1847, moved from Detroit
La Plata Buenos Aires Province,  Argentina from 1882, moved from Buenos Aires
Lelystad Flevoland,  Netherlands founded 1967, the province consists almost entirely of reclaimed land
Madison Wisconsin,  United States founded 1836, capital moved from Burlington, now part of Iowa in 1837
Magas  Ingushetia,  Russia from 2002, moved from Nazran
Milledgeville Georgia,  United States from 1807, moved from Louisville; briefly moved to Macon in 1864, then back; moved to Atlanta in 1868
Molave Zamboanga,  Philippines from 1948, moved from Dipolog; ceased to be the capital after the division of the province into Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur in 1952
Palayan Nueva Ecija,  Philippines from 1965, moved from Cabanatuan; Cabanatuan retains the old provincial capitol and is still used by the provincial government
Palmas  Tocantins,  Brazil founded 1990 as capital of the new state of Tocantins, formed in 1988 from part of the state of Goiás
Perth Western Australia,  Australia founded in 1829 as the capital of the Swan River Colony, which, several years later, was enlarged and renamed Western Australia
Pierre South Dakota,  United States from 1889 when the Dakota Territory divided into North and South Dakota and gained statehood, moved from then territorial capital Bismarck, North Dakota which, by default, became state capital of North Dakota. Previous territorial capital before Bismarck was Yankton, South Dakota from 1861-1883.
Raleigh North Carolina,  United States from 1794, moved from New Bern
Salt Lake City Utah,  United States founded in 1847; de facto capital of Utah prior to 1856 and de jure capital since.
Sapporo Hokkaidō,  Japan from the early 1870s, moved from Hakodate
Savannah Georgia,  United States founded 1733 as capital of new Georgia colony; remained capital until 1777 and was briefly again in 1782 and 1784-6
Shah Alam  Selangor,  Malaysia from 1978, moved from Kuala Lumpur when the latter became a Federal Territory
Tallahassee Florida,  United States from 1824, from the capitals of the colonies of East Florida and West Florida Pensacola and St. Augustine
Teresina Piauí,  Brazil from 1852, moved from Oeiras
Trece Martires Cavite,  Philippines from 1954, moved from Cavite City; still the seat of the provincial government despite the capital having transferred to Imus.
Victoria British Columbia,  Canada nearby Fort Victoria had existed earlier, but in 1849 the town was specifically laid out to be the capital of the new Colony of Vancouver Island; became capital of United Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia in 1866 when united with the mainland; remained capital after British Columbia became Canadian province in 1871