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Inside a radio station in Qalat, Afghanistan

Radio continues to be the most popular form of media in Afghanistan, accessed by 100% of the population. By 2011 there were 175 radio stations in the country.[1]


Radio broadcasting went into air in 1925 with Radio Kabul being the first station in the country. There are many radio stations today, with AM, FM and shortwave, broadcasting mainly in Pashto and Persian as well as some English languages.

Kunar is said to have little access to independent media. There are no daily newspapers in Kunar. Other than foreign radios such as BBC, Radio Azadi and Voice of America there is only KRTV, a government-affiliated Radio/TV station, and several small FM stations that play music most of the time. There is also Nakhter FM in Asadabad. Nakhter covers all the areas of Asadabad and some neighboring districts such as Manawara, Shigal, Watapur, Narang, Tsawki, Asmar, and Sarkani.

List of radio stations[edit]

A local radio personality for the Voice of Maiden in Wardak province of Afghanistan.

The following is an incomplete list of radio stations in Afghanistan:

Emerge Media installed Radio stations

  • Radio Helmand Medium Wave 6KW and 2.5KW FM transmission equipment
  • Radio Watandar Upgrade to 2.5KW in Kabul
  • Radio Maiwand
  • Radio Mowj
  • Radio Alim
  • Radio Mojdah Herat
  • Radio Baraan Harat
  • Radio Watandar Harat
  • Radio Maherr Mazar e Sharif
  • Radio Waranga in Kandahar
  • Radio Samoon Helmand
  • Radio Muska Helmand
  • Radio Sharq Upgrade
  • Radio Nargis
  • Radio Zala Kunar with Three FM Repeater system
  • Radio Muram Jalalabad
  • Radio Abasin Jalalabad
  • Radio NAN Jalalabad
  • Radio Nary Kunar
  • Radio Nuristan in Kalagush
  • Radio NAN Khost
  • Radio Zanat Logar
  • Radio Dunya Parwan
  • Radio Paiwastoon Urzgan
  • Radio Enikas FM
  • Radio Bost FM Helmand
  • Radio Hamesha Bahar
  • Radio TOLO Khorshid Parwan
  • Radio Awashtoon Paktia
  • Radio Talwasa
  • Radio Kahkashan

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