List of railway stations in North Korea

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List of railway stations in North Korea. Sources for this list include Korea North and South road map.[1]

Alphabetical list[edit]

North korea railways.png
Station name Province Line
Anbyon Station Kangwon Kangwon Line
Kumgangsan Chongnyon Line
Chongpyong Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Chonnae Station Kangwon Kangwon Line
Chunghwa Station Pyongyang Pyongbu Line
Hamhung Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Hamju Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Hongwon Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Hungnam Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Ichon Chongnyon Station Kangwon Chongnyon Ichon Line
Kalli Station Pyongyang Pyongui Line
Kangso Station Pyongannam Pyongnam Line
Kilju Chongnyon Station Hamgyongbuk Pyongra Line
Kimchaek Station Hamgyongbuk Pyongra Line
Kosan Station Kangwon Kangwon Line
Kosong Station Kangwon Kumgangsan Chongnyon Line
Kowon Station Hamgyongnam Kangwon Line
Pyongra Line
Kumya Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Kyongsong Station Hamgyongbuk Pyongra Line
Munchon Station Kangwon Kangwon Line
Mundok Station Pyongannam Pyongui Line
Myongchon Station Hamgyongbuk Pyongra Line
Nampo Station Pyongannam Pyongnam Line
Opa Station Pyongannam Pyongui Line
Orang Station Hamgyongbuk Pyongra Line
Pangyo Station Kangwon Chongnyon Ichon Line
Potonggang Station Pyongyang Pyongui Line
Pyonggang Station Kangwon Kangwon Line
Pyongsan Station Hwanghaebuk Chongnyon Ichon Line
Pyongbu Line
Pyongsong Station Pyongannam Pyongra Line
Pyongyang Station Pyongyang Pyongbu Line
Pyongui Line
Pyongnam Line
Pyongra Line
Rajin Station Rason Pyongra Line
Ranam Station Hamgyongbuk Pyongra Line
Riwon Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Ryokpo Station Pyongyang Pyongbu Line
Ryonggang Station Pyongannam Pyongnam Line
Sepo Chongnyon Station Kangwon Chongnyon Ichon Line
Kangwon Line
Singye Station Hwanghaebuk Chongnyon Ichon Line
Sinpo Station Hamgyongnam Pyongra Line
Sinyang Station Pyongannam Pyongra Line
Sunchon Station Pyongannam Pyongra Line
Taepyong Station Pyongyang Pyongnam Line
Tongchon Station Kangwon Kumgangsan Chongnyon Line
Ungok Station Pyongannam Pyongra Line
Unsan Station Pyongannam Pyongra Line
Wonsan Station Kangwon Kangwon Line
Yangdok Station Pyongannam Pyongra Line

(North Hwanghae province)


(North Pyongan province)
Pyongui Line


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