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The following is a list of recurring characters in the animated children's programme Postman Pat.


Ajay Bains — train driver. He is in charge of the Pencaster Flyer as well as his beloved Greendale Rocket steam train. He and his family have moved to Pencaster from India.
Nikhil Bains — Ten-month-old baby boy of Ajay and Nisha.
Nisha Bains — Ajay’s wife, who combines running the Station Café with looking after her two children, Meera (8) and Nikhil (ten months).
Meera Bains — Eight-year-old daughter of Ajay and Nisha and also Julian Clifton's pen pal .
Shabnam Bains — Unseen, but Ajays' first child, who lives in India with her grandmother.
Mrs. Bains — Unseen, but the mother of Ajay, who lives with her granddaughter Shabnam in India.


Julian Clifton — Seven-year-old schoolchild and the only child of Postman Pat and Sara.
Pat Clifton — Postman, main character and primary protagonist; husband of Sara and father of Julian. He always manages to land himself in difficult and/or amusing situations, and is friends with almost everyone in Greendale and the surrounding countryside of whom he meets on his rounds.
Sara Clifton — Pat's wife and Julian's mother, Sara is a stay-at-home mother. She has a fairly insignificant role in the show but remains structurally integral to the character cast. "Postman Pat and the Big Surprise" mentioned that Sara once worked in a Post Office.
Mat Clifton — Pat's American cousin and Julian's uncle and appeared in "Postman Pat's Pirate Treasure" since he hid the Greendale cup years ago when he was young. He came to Greendale to find it with the help from Pat, Meera and Julian in time for the Flower Show.


Granny Dryden — Granny Dryden is a friendly old lady who lives in a cottage in the Greendale countryside with Miss Hubbard (the character has not been shown or seen on the show since 1996). She is mildly infirm, hence her asking Pat to help her with assorted household jobs. She is also very hard of hearing, begetting the need for Pat to talk to her exaggeratedly loudly. Often has lots of old belongings and accumulated possessions of which she has given many to Pat and various other characters in the show, notably the old dummies and a tuba in "Postman Pat and the Tuba" and an old diary to Miss Hubbard in "Postman Pat and the Suit of Armour".


Peter Fogg — Peter is another farmer who works at Greendale Farm with the Pottages and lives with his wife Jenny (who has never been shown on the TV version of the show), (Peter Fogg hasn't been seen on the show since 1996)

Major Forbes — Major Forbes is an old, deerstalker-wearing army major, and says things such as "Eh, what", "Old chap" and "Good man". He only appeared in 11 episodes. He was first mentioned in the 1981 episode 'The Sheep In The Clover Field' which features his prize-winning bull. (Major Forbes hasn't been seen on the show since 1996, but will appear in Postman Pat: The Movie in 2014).


Ted Glen/Ted Glenn — Ted is the local handyman and can fix anything. Ted’s something of an inventor and enjoys inventing strange contraptions. Mostly occupies himself with general pottering about in his workshop or fixing his ageing Land-Rover lorry/full-sized pick-up truck.
Sarah Gilbertson — Brunette wide haired schoolchild, daughter of Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson. She can be very bossy and full of herself, sometimes with disastrous results, but is good friends with all the local children.
Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson — Greendale's blonde Welsh doctor and mother of Sarah Gilbertson.
Bonnie Goggins — Mrs Goggins' white West Highland Terrier.
Mrs Goggins — The village postmistress in Greendale, Mrs Goggins came to Greendale from Scotland and has a small West Highland Terrier, Bonnie. Her full name is Euphegenia Gertrude Goggins.


Miss Rebecca Hubbard — Miss Hubbard is a friend of Pat, (she also lives in a cottage in the countryside like Granny Dryden) she also has her own bike and always likes to go to choir practice . She has only so far been seen in series 1&2 in the 80's and the 90's, (in 2014 The character will also appear in Postman Pat the movie .)[citation needed]


Jess the Cat — Postman Pat's black-and-white cat. He is very smart and always seems to be able to help people when they are in need.


Michael Lam — He runs the mobile shop and library.
George Lancaster — A farmer at Intake Farm. (He appeared in the 80s and 90s series and appeared in Postman Pat The Movie in 2014). George is often seen with wooly hat loosely placed on his head.


Julia Pottage — Black-haired orchard farmer, mother of Katy and Tom. She hasn't been seen or shown on the show since 2006, but was mentioned briefly in Postman Pat: The Movie, when Mrs. Goggins says she has a terrible cold.
Katy Pottage — Blonde girl with twin brother Tom.
Tom Pottage — Timid blond boy with twin sister Katy.
Charlie Pringle — Seven years old and very clever; loves science. In some ways he looks similar to Pat, because he has a long nose and glasses.
Jeff Pringle — School teacher and father of Charlie. He hasn't been seen on the show since 2006.


Arthur Selby — The black-haired policeman with a moustache, he patrols in Greendale and Pencaster. The father of Lucy Selby, usually referred to as just PC Selby, or Arthur in the case of the adults of Greendale. He is highly incompetent and also takes his business very seriously, ironically with regards to sorting out menial issues of policing.
Lucy Selby — Brunette schoolchild and the seven-year-old daughter of PC Selby.
Beryl Selby - the dead wife of PC Selby and mother of Lucy.


Ben Taylor — General Manager of the Pencaster Sorting Office and works with Pat for the Special Delivery Service.
Lauren Taylor — Wife of Ben and the new school teacher in Greendale.
Lizzy Taylor — Nine-year-old schoolchild and daughter of Ben and Lauren. Lizzy is a wheelchair user and has been since birth.
Alf Thompson — Alf is a black-haired farmer with a moustache and runs Thompson Ground with his wife Dorothy.
Bill Thompson — Black-haired ten-year-old schoolchild and the son of Alf and Dorothy.
Dorothy Thompson — A blonde farmer's wife, Dorothy runs Thompson Ground with Alf Thompson.
Reverend Timms — The white-haired local Vicar in Greendale. Reverend Timms likes to pray to God and to Jesus and reads the Holy Bible every day, to pray to God.


Sam Waldron — Sam Waldron is the owner of a van-based convenience retailer, known as "Sam's Mobile Shop". He's a good old friend of Pat who they once mutually assisted by delivering together. Pat often picks up the odd pack of biscuits or cough medicine from the shop now and again. Sam also has a toothbrush moustache which is usually infamous due to its association with Adolf Hitler. He hasn't been featured on the show since 1996.
Amy Wrigglesworth — Amy is a fully trained vet who has come to work from Skegness.
Pumpkin Wrigglesworth — Pumpkin is Amy's Welsh mountain pony and can be very stubborn and grumpy.