List of reportedly haunted locations in Canada

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There are numerous reportedly haunted locations in Canada. This list alphabetizes by province or territory these places and then alphabetically within each province or territory.


Banff Springs Hotel, October 1929. The former bare hillsides. Trees would later cover these slopes.
  • Banff Springs Hotel in Banff is an alleged paranormal site. An anonymous young bride, who died of a broken neck on her wedding day in 1932, has also reportedly been seen by patrons within these grounds. Dressed in her wedding gown, she was descending a staircase. She tripped on her gown and fell down the stairs. Her ghost can reportedly be seen dancing alone in the dining room, only to burst into flames. The apparitional resident is reportedly a former employee of the hotel. A bellhop who died after announcing his retirement in 1976, Sam Macauley, has lived on in the eyes of some guests and hotel staff members who claim to have seen visions of the man in full uniform, helping out guests just as if he had never left. They have reported sightings of a bartender's ghost telling customers that they have drank too much and need to go to bed. An apparitional headless male bagpiper has been occasionally haunting here.[1]
  • Bowman Arts Centre in Lethbridge. Apparitional sounds of an anonymous young Chinese girl's cry is heard from the women's washroom inside this building by staff members, but the crying girl's spirit is never found.[2]
  • Calling Lake School in Calling Lake. This site was once an Aboriginal resting place for many centuries. Paranormal activities include shadowy figures, apparitional footsteps, disembodied voices, feeling of being watched by Aboriginal specters and a general feeling of unease.[3]
  • Charles Camsell Hospital in Inglewood. Paranormal activities include a feeling of being watched from the many windows, screams have been recorded on the 4th floor which was once home to psych ward. Also on the 4th floor, a psychic has identified the ghost of a teenage girl who has torn all of her fingernails out. There are still bloodstains on the floor of the second floor which had been the surgical ward and the elevator to the morgue goes up and down on its own. Other activity includes spectral footsteps are heard in the hallways, patients still cry for help from their rooms, general feeling of unease and numerous light anomalies.[4]
  • Community Cultural Centre in Brooks. Apparitions of an old janitor still cleaning rooms and a young boy with a backpack wandering the halls. The disembodied voice of an elderly woman has been reported by children, she reads them stories. Staff members have talked to a spectral nine year old boy who seems to be afraid of being there. He plays with toys in the daycare located in the basement.[5]
  • Concordia University College of Alberta in Edmonton. Spooky sounds include a men's choir coming from the walls in the boys' dorm and doors slamming in empty buildings. A spectral African American teacher from the 1960s based on her clothing is seen by witnesses in the halls. There are doors that have been slammed by an unseen force right in front of people and cold spots to such a degree that one's breath can be seen by witnesses in Schwarmann Hall. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, disembodied voices, shadow figures and a general feeling of unease.[6]
  • Deanne House, Fort Calgary in Calgary. Among the many ghosts which roam this building, the most notable are an elderly man who still sits in his room, smoking his pipe and listening to his victrola. The other apparitional figure is a woman who was murdered by her enraged husband. Traces of tobacco smoke and drops of blood are among the many remnants of these tortured departed spirits. A spectral elderly Aboriginal man roams in the basement.[7] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Firkins House, Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton. An anonymous young boy is one of many apparitions which roam in this early 20th Century home. In the study area, there is one particular piece of furniture that attracts a ghost to it. An anonymous female figure usually shows up in pictures taken there, often in the middle of the bookcase. The rest of this park has paranormal reports from tourists about spooky footsteps, and the feeling that someone or something is directly behind you.[8] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Fort Kent. A windigo possesses this town's doctor[citation needed], as he wreaks havoc on his small settlement. At the turn of the century, a young doctor moved here with his young bride. Cattle were soon going to be mysteriously slaughtered, and most of the townsfolk became critically ill. The doctor, still psychologically affected by his horrendous term of service in World War I, is powerless to help, and, in his illness, succumbs to the spirit.[9] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Fort Saskatchewan. Many male convicts were hanged at the Northwest Mounted Police outpost on this historic site in May 1923, but only one woman. Florence Lassandro was dubbed the "Mob Princess", and her specter is one of many apparitional figures seen wandering the grounds and in the preserved buildings.[10] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Frank Slide in Crowsnest Pass. Paranormal activity includes mysterious mists and glowing lights are shown over the rockslide tragedy from April 29, 1903. Travelers feel intense sadness and awe at this site.[11]
  • Galt Museum & Archives in Lethbridge. When this museum was a hospital, a man named George Bailey lost his life in an accident inside the elevator in 1933 while being wheeled to the operating room for a routine appendectomy. Apparitional footsteps of a man in slippers have since been heard by patrons and museum staff members walking through the halls at night. The elevator has also been known by patrons to mysteriously open when a living person walks nearby.[12]
  • Grace Hospital in Calgary. A 20th Century apparitional woman named Maudine Riley cradles a child in a delivery room. She lost her life due to childbirth in one of the rooms of her house in 1962. The child passed away with her. Riley's specter would bang pipes and open windows. However, she did make it so that a woman in labor who was placed in that room would have a long and difficult labor, often ending in a caesarean section. The Riley family owned this land when the hospital was in construction. The room where she lost her life in was almost in the exact position where the haunted delivery room is now located. [13]
Hotel Macdonald at night
  • Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton. An unseen apparition of a horse-drawn carriage is heard through the halls on the top floor in this hotel.[14]
  • Jasper Park Lodge in Jasper. There is a very steep staircase in one of the signature cabins, Point Cabin, that is haunted by a housekeeper who fell and broke her neck on it. She has been known by visitors to push people on the staircase as well as being responsible for the chilly winds that sometimes blow down it. People have also reported a feeling of being watched on the staircase and in the connecting hall and animals are said to be very hesitant about going on the stairway. Security guards have claimed to receive phantom calls from the cabin only to arrive and no one is there. A senior couple dressed in old-fashioned clothing have been seen by patrons either dancing or sitting at a table in one of the restaurants. Children's hand prints appear on the window in the main ballroom and people have noted an eerie feeling of being watched in the ballroom.[15]
  • La Bohème Restaurant Bed and Breakfast in Edmonton. Legend has it that a female employee in the building was murdered and dragged down three flights of stairs to the basement. She was dismembered and fed piece-by-piece into the furnace there. The original furnace is still in use and the sound of her head banging on the floor down three flights of stairs can be heard by patrons at night.[16]
  • Lake Minnewanka in Banff. An ancient Stoney First Nations legend says that a demon half-fish and half-man is inside this lake. It has taken the lives of many tribal members from the lake's shores. A white mustang's apparition has also been seen by visitors on the shores. There is also a report from visitors about a spectral First Nations warrior who wanders the lake edge still looking for skulls left over from a major battle between two tribes long ago in this area. [17]
  • Multicultural Heritage Centre in Stony Plain. White misty figures have been seen in the main building. During the reconstruction of the kitchen in the basement objects would be moved or disappear and reappear elsewhere on their own. An apparitional woman dressed in 1940s clothing is occasionally seen in the corner of people’s eyes. Stools have stacked on tables at night when no one was present. There is also a second smaller building called “The Oppershauser Building” that is also active. The spectral figure has been referred as “George” after a former owner of the house. Paranormal activity includes spectral footsteps are heard and objects have flown off the walls on their own, objects placed in the upstairs closet have a way of disappearing and reappearing elsewhere in the house. Disembodied faces have also been in the windows at night as well as spectral voices. [18]
  • Rogue Restaurant in Calgary. Staff members have encountered an anonymous spectral young girl both in the kitchen and sitting by the fireplace. She is playful. Her enjoyment is to run around this restaurant's rooms playing like any child. She feels free to do this because her father's apparition is by her side watching over her. [19] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village in Tofield. Most famous of the ghosts is a wagon master who rides through town pulling a wagon seeking for workers to go on a ride with him. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, spooky footsteps, disembodied voices and glimpses of apparitions. [20] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Walterdale Playhouse in Old Strathcona. The residential specter is "Walt". He is most active in the back staircase and the Green Room. He has been known by visitors to develop chilly breezes, help people up the stairs, turn lights on and off, move props, play the piano and create apparitional footsteps. Patrons of the theatre have also reported the strong smell of horse manure in the part of the building that used to hold stables for the fire hall.[21]

British Columbia[edit]

  • Central Park in Burnaby. Apparitions have been seen wandering through the forest. A small boy's ghost has been seen by visitors near the lake who disappears quickly after being seen by visitors. Also near Swangard Stadium, in the northwest corner of this park, a spectral young woman who is said by witnesses to be looking permanently for her lost children since the 1930s and sometimes speaks, but is intelligible.
  • Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria. Sightings of an apparitional woman in a white dress standing alone by a window in the ballroom, objects being moved on their own, a disembodied sobbing child, and a piano which plays by itself when no one is in sight.[22]
The original entrance to Empress Hotel is closed. The main entrance (and driveway) is now to the left of the main facade.
  • The Empress Hotel in Victoria. The apparition of thin man with a mustache walking the halls with a cane who is thought to be that of this building’s architect, Francis Rattenbury, has been seen. Also, the apparitional maid is seen on the sixth floor still cleaning after death. One room is haunted by a little girl who is often seen by guests staying in the room. During the 1960s, a construction worker working on the west tower's top floor saw a shadowy form swinging from the ceiling; apparently another worker hung himself there a year earlier. This area has now been converted into high luxury suites. Guests have reported having an elderly woman in pajamas knocking on their door and looking lost. Upon trying to find her room she leads people toward the elevator before simply disappearing. She is thought to be a spectre who once haunted one room (after dying of natural causes) but that room was demolished to make room for more elevators leaving her missing in this hotel.[23]
  • Hatley Castle, Hatley Park National Historic Site in Colwood. This military academy is haunted by a family that once lived there. It was built in 1908 for James Dunsmuir, a former Premier and Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. The castle stayed in the Dunsmuir family until 1930, however once it was sold, it is alleged that a family of specters moved in with the new tenants. The first sightings were of the son, who lost his life in the great war. He was seen by his sister, walking along the edge of the pond beside this castle. When it was transformed into a military academy, Mrs. Dunsmuir's ghost began to appear. She has been known to drag young cadets out of their beds, pulling them to the floor in the middle of the night.[24] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Hotel Rialto in Victoria. It was built in 1911 as Hotel Douglas by a Chinese merchant, but closed in December 2007 to undergo a complete set of renovations. This hotel officially reopened as Hotel Rialto in June 2009. Behind the front desk (where only employees go) is the only door to the basement of this building. From time to time, employees have reported an apparitional knocking on the door below their feet when the basement is empty. Apparently the basement was once used as a morgue.[25]
  • Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver. During the 1930s and 1940s, Jennie Pearl Cox was a hotel ballroom regular at this hotel. After she lost her life in a car collision in 1944 in front of the hotel, her apparition allegedly stuck around. Sightings range from a group of anonymous Japanese tourists whose room was already occupied by a "lady in red"- Cox was wearing a red dress at the time of her death- to visions of her passing through the elevator on the first and 14th floors. Her spirit has become so popular that there is even a cocktail named after her in the lounge.[26]
  • James Bay Inn in Victoria. Emily Carr's apparition floats around in the room where she died on March 2, 1945. It is now a men's pub. Carr spent her last days here which was a hospital at that time. The pub is said by male patrons to be haunted by any person who criticizes her artwork.[27]
  • Morfee Lake in Mackenzie. A young girl drowned in this lake after dark one summer night, and it is alleged that this girl's ghostly screams can be heard by visitors echoing over the tranquil lake at night. A white misty apparition is also seen by visitors both in and over the lake.
  • New Westminster Secondary School in New Westminster. A spectral anonymous boy's face inside the pool has been seen by faculty staff members where a boy drowned in the 1970s. A spectral anonymous man shooting on the archery range which is in the basement with the pool. A boy also lost his life in the wood-shop in the 1980s and his specter has been seen by witnesses wandering this school. Security cameras have caught orbs moving in the music room.[28]
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown. Legend has it that a train conductor who lost his life in an underground railway track during the 19th Century. His specter wanders the trolley car within this Italian restaurant which has been open since 1970.[29]
  • Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam. Apparitions of former patients and staff, shadow figures, the tunnels beneath the hospital are said to be so filled with energy they are nearly impossible to enter, feelings of being watched, general unease, not being wanted and being followed, phantom footsteps, disembodied voices, objects being moved on their own including doors and windows being opened and closed, touches, pokes and tugs by invisible presences and light anomalies.
  • St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. The paranormal activities in this hospital are apparitional former staff members and patients, electrical disturbances, disembodied voices with unexplained sounds, light anomalies, objects moving on their own, lights turning on and off by themselves as well as a feeling of being watched.[30]
  • Tranquille Sanatorium near Kamloops. The building was built in 1907 to treat tuberculosis. A small community was built around it including gardens, houses, a farm, fire department, and more facilities. In 1958, the hospital closed and was reopened in 1959 to treat the mentally ill. It closed permanently in 1983. Today it is uninhabited but is planned for demolition as the surrounding land is converted to a resort. Some believe the ghosts of former patients roam the property.
  • Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. The specter of a young pregnant woman who committed suicide haunts the lower levels of the building. Shadow figures are seen in the projection room. The dark apparition of a male is seen by visitors sitting in the seats, sometimes alone or with other apparitions. The smell of alcohol and cigar smoke have filled this theatre as well as sounds of laughter and applause. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, thick air that makes it almost impossible to walk, disembodied voices, shadow figures seen by visitors in the corner of anyone’s eyes, apparitions in both washrooms, cold spots and apparitions seen by witnesses in mirrors.[31]
  • Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock. The restaurant’s staff as well as patrons have paranormal reports about two apparitions. A spectral young woman who was struck down by a car in front of the grill and the romantic interest who committed suicide shortly after her death. Her apparition walks out of an adjacent cemetery, enters through this restaurant, and walks up as well as down the stairs. Her apparitional romantic interest is known for touching both staff members and patrons. It was featured on Creepy Canada.


  • Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in Brandon. Paranormal activities in this art museum are mysterious footsteps being heard by evening janitors when this building is empty and an eerie feeling of being watched by specters.[32]
  • Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg. The paranormal activities are spectral applauding from empty seats, two hundred pound steel doors moving by themselves, disembodied voices and whispers, doors creak open and close including the kicked out of a wedge of wood that was used to block a door open, dogs barking at invisible material and light anomalies.[33] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
The Fort Garry Hotel in 1913.
  • Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. The most notorious level of this hotel is the second floor which locates Room 202. Guests to the room have reported waking up to find the dark silhouette of a figure in a robe or cloak standing at the end of the bed, which vanished before their eyes. There are also stories of maids cleaning the room reporting blood seeping from the walls, as this was the location of the rumored suicide of a woman named Kate bacause she learned that her newly wed husband lost his life in an automobile accident. Though something of a focal point for the reports of paranormal activity on the floor, the entire second floor has something of a ghostly reputation. Other reports have a woman in a ball gown appearing at the foot of a bed or wandering the hotel's hallways. In 1989, an employee reported seeing an apparitional figure named Theodore sitting at a table in the dining room, busily consuming away at a ghostly meal and apparently unaware of the employee's presence. This man visited many times because he was in love with the lounge singer. He was shot in the back of the head by his brother because they both loved the same woman. Employees also report strange moaning noises that seem to echo from nowhere and a phantom light is said to be sighted floating down the halls throughout the hotel. For the most part, the claims of haunted activity throughout the hotel seem to indicate a friendly presence of some bygone customer enjoying their stay in the afterlife.[34] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum in Winnipeg. Apparitional sounds of monks chanting, children running and playing and a full choir of women singing. Taps turn on and off on their own, doors open and close by themselves as well as some reports of them resisting being opened. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, a feeling of being watched, and lights flickering.[35]
  • Mallard Lodge in Delta Marsh. An anonymous construction worker who fell into the foundation while it was being built in 1932. Apparitional footsteps have been heard by visitors and he wanders by in the windows of the station in winter while the facility is closed. Other paranormal activity includes lights turning off and on by themselves. An anonymous former groundskeeper whose apparition also roams this building, wanders the grounds, and rings a bell when no one is near it. [36]
  • St. Andrews on the Red in St. Andrews. This church was built between 1845 and 1849. St. Andrews was consecrated by a Church of England bishop named David Anderson on December 15, 1849. William Cockran, an English-born Scottish venerable, designed its vicinity. This church's stonemason was a Scottish architect named Duncan McRae. Specters of a man in black and woman in white drift through the cemetery at night. A ghostly car coming out of nowhere has also been described by witnesses as well as the sighting of two red eyes staring out through the dark. [37]
  • St. Norbert Monastery in St. Norbert. This former 19th Century Trappist monastery is now an arts and cultural centre. Vandals set the vacant chapel and monastery on fire reducing its historic buildings to shells in 1983. Visitors have reported to the media about a feeling if being watched by apparitional figures while on the grounds and well as hearing disembodied voices echoing in the building.[38]
  • Selkirk Friendship Centre in Selkirk. This site was once the home of an anonymous elderly man who was forced to move out because of construction in the mid-20th Century. He hung himself in the basement before he could be forced to move. An anonymous homeless man hung himself here in an abandoned basement. Either way the basement of this building is roamed by this specter. Janitors entering the men’s washroom have seen an anonymous spectral hunchbacked man hanging from the ceiling. He stares at them and whispers either “get out” or “leave now”. [39]

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]

  • Chez Briann Restaurant in St. John's. When the building was originally used as an inn or apartments, a woman woke up in this building with a ghostly man floating above her. That woman was unable to move, and as she laid paralyzed, a strange man placed two coins over her eyes. He seemed to be preparing her for interment. In fact, this building was later a funeral home and is believed to be haunted by mournful families who entered there. Another woman's specter has been seen by staff and visitors wandering the hallways. She has a long, jagged scar down her torso as if from a recent autopsy, but walks around as though nothing happened here. Perhaps this woman is unaware about being deceased.[40] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Hag with Two Faces on Dobbin's Garden, Bell Island. A banshee is believed to wander this area and the surrounding marshland. They are reported to appear in two forms, as a beautiful woman dressed in white or as a frightening old hag. Local legend holds that men who have gone near this area have mysteriously gone missing for days at a time. When they finally emerge from the marshland, they are completely unaware about the time lapse. Their only memories are a putrid smell, and a grotesque old woman in ragged clothes crawling towards them from the bushes forcing them to the ground with the smell of death.[41]
  • Headless Ghost of Queen's Road in St. John's. This spooky legend dates to 1745. Samuel Pettyham rented a house on the outskirts of town, and one night, as he was being driven home in a carriage from a friend’s house, the horse stopped and would not budge. Pettyham got out and offered to walk the rest of the way. Upon entering the laneway of his little house, he spotted what looked like a lantern carried by another person, so he hurried to meet them. When the figure stepped into the moonlight, Pettyham took one look and fled back up Queen’s Road, swearing he would never spend another night at the house. He claimed to have seen a tall man with his head completely severed, almost at the shoulder. The headless specter in question is the ship’s captain. He was in love with a beautiful woman who lived in Pettyham’s house on the outskirts of town. When he was at sea, the woman flirted with a local man, who was jealous and decided to rid himself of competition. One night, as the captain was leaving the little house, the other man cut his head of, close to the shoulders. The legend says the murderer was never tried, and now the headless captain’s soul still roams the site where he was murdered, looking for his killer.[42] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Iron Ore Mines on Wabana, Bell Island. Iron ore was found here as far back 1578 but serious mining did not begin until the 1890s. These mines reached far beyond this island out three miles under the ocean floor. In 1950, the first mine was closed and the last one closed in 1966. Numerous tragic accidents seem to have led to the paranormal activities. Apparitional miners have been seen by visitors both inside (which is now sealed off) and outside this place. An entire shift of specters has been seen by witnesses exiting one of the mines at the time shift change would have been set occasionally.[43] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Isle of Demons on Quirpon Island. This island was once considered a cursed place, where sailors refused to land and lost souls were abandoned to lose their life. Marguerite de Roberval was one of these unfortunates, condemned to the island for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Her tale of survival in this terrifying place, and a cursed ring she left behind have become one of Canada’s greatest and most terrifying legends.[44] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Newfoundland East End Fire Station in St. John's. It is to be haunted by an apparition of a young girl who committed suicide in or near this building. Reports from witnesses have included disembodied footsteps, cold spots, and the eerie sensation that someone is directly behind anybody when anybody is alone.[45]
  • Newman Wine Vaults in St. John's. A long deceased African slave and a young child are among the many specters which visit here. Witnesses have also reported to the media about being pushed and pinched by these apparitional figures.[46] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Robinson's Hill in St. John's. This place is said to be the location of the last official duel commenced. A report is said by witnesses that the loser's ghost roams the streets. Ensign John Philpot was his name and he was an officer of a gentlemanly background. Captain Mark Rudkin and Philpot began this duel over the affections of a Miss Colleen. Both men used pistols. The duel began on March 30, 1826. Philpot’s shot missed his intended target. Rudkin had fired aimlessly into the air in hopes to settle this disagreement but Philpot refused and prepared the second round. The second shot proved to be fatal for Philpot who was wounded and died a short time after. This spooky gun-shooting duel carries on and at night you may be able to catch a glimpse of the battle. The loser in this case came out the most memorable of the two gunmen and continues to be a legend here. [47] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Trinity. A red-cloaked woman's specter and an apparitional hearse haunt a local cemetery. This ghostly woman is believed to be Nancy Coyle. Her occupation was to prepare the unwanted dead for interment during the 1840s, but many locals claimed she was a sorceress who could resurrect these corpses. [48] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Viking Ghost Boat in L'Anse aux Meadows. Before Christopher Columbus laid claim to discovering America, the Vikings explored this region and founded a settlement here, leaving only a few physical artifacts for historians to remember them in the future centuries. But some witnesses claim the Vikings have returned in apparition, and have seen this spooky Viking Longboat sailing majestically along the fog-shrouded shores. [49] It was featured on Creepy Canada.

New Brunswick[edit]

The Algonquin Resort in the 1920s
  • The Algonquin in St. Andrews. The old man helps guests to their room as he tells them about the hotel and the town. The visitors have to leave tips at the desk because the bellhop disappears before he can take the money. However, the bellhop is not the only specter. Guests have heard a former night watchman walking up the back staircase and clanging his keys on the railing as he makes his rounds. 473 is known as "The Bride's Room" where a ghostly bride (who was perhaps stood up at the altar) is often heard crying. An older apparitional lady, thought to be a senior staff member, is often seen in the dining room at night rearranging the table settings. Various ghosts have been seen in rooms 308 and 373. The Algonquin's tower has been closed for years, but a light has been noticed there and also a woman dressed in white. A laughing and playing apparitional child has been heard throughout this hotel. Other strange occurrences are items that go missing on the fourth floor and door knobs that turn by themselves on the second floor.[50] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Bathurst High School in Bathurst. This school opened in 1926. The paranormal activity is reported by faculty staff members underneath the trapdoor in the stage leading to a basement space. There are reports about powerful feelings of not being wanted, unease and of being watched. There are also a few reports about being touched by something unseen. [51]
  • Blackville. The Dungarvon Whooper haunts this Dungarvon River, which runs in Miramichi near the Bartholomew River. It is a terrifying apparition, involving a young Irishman named Ryan who was working as a cook in a lumber camp at the time of his murder. According to the tale, Ryan's ghost makes a loud whooping and yelling noise each night in the forest at the location of his death. Any young person from Blackville, or the surrounding area is likely to have been told the story, either to simply scare them or perhaps to scare them away from going deep into the dense forests that surround Blackville, for their own safety.[52] It was featured on Mystery Hunters and Creepy Canada.
  • Burnt Church School in Esgenoôpetitj 14. There are numerous reports of apparitional and mysterious noises inside this school as well as the area surrounding it. Witnesses also report about feelings of unease and of being watched by unseen presences. There are reports of a strange feeling as if they are sinking into the floor in this school's gymnasium. This idea is thought to be an unexplained phenomenon associated to the old cemetery. [53]
  • Capitol Theatre in Moncton. When this building was operating as a movie theatre a girl fell down the stairs and lost her life. Her apparition wanders behind the ticket booth at night. A volunteer firefighter whose name was Alexander Lindsay lost his life in 1924 when the main stage fell on him while fighting a fire. His apparition sits in one of the seats in the auditorium and he is known for causing cool breezes to blow through this theatre.[54]
  • Centracare in Saint John. Apparitional former patients and staff members are seen by witnesses walking through the park. Shadow figures are often in this area. Other paranormal activities include disembodied voices and whispers, infants crying in the area that was formerly the infant and children's facility. There are also paranormal reports to the media about feelings of unease, fear, being watched and not being alone, electronic objects malfunctioning, light anomalies and mysterious mists.[55]
  • Charlotte County Court House in St. Andrews. It was built in the 1840s and is the oldest courthouse in Canada. This place is across the street from the county gaol which was used into the 1870s. The courthouse is said to be haunted by convicts who were executed at the county gaol. Paranormal activities include cold spots and the feeling of being watched by witnesses have been reported frequently here by citizens. There is an apparitional hostile male that is said by witnesses to been seen carrying a piece of rope. He is looking for something and cannot be approached by paranormal investigators. It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Fireship of Baie des Chaleurs is a 16th Century ship of forty Portuguese settlers that was set on fire by a British army. All year long, there have been strange lights reported by mariners at sea. Some of those witnesses who have dared to get closer have seen the ship and the actual settlers burning. When they got too close however, the ship disappeared.[56]
  • The Genii in St. Andrews. There was a ship once upon a time, which was said to be unlucky at sea. One night, it was finally wrecked and all of the crew died in the fierce and cold waters . There is a spectral crewman who roams around looking for something or someone. There is also a young spectral woman who also looks around on the beachfront. She committed suicide according to legend for her one true love. She walks around looking for him. Paranormal activities include objects moving by themselves, disembodied voices are heard, and apparitional men walking all over the beach looking for answers.[57] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Nordin. The Headless Nun was once an 18th Century resident of the French Fort Cove area named Sister Marie Inconnue (Inconnue being the French for 'unknown') who was subsequently beheaded. Details of the legend vary: in one version, a "mad trapper" cut off her head and ran into the woods with it. In another story, two sailors cut off her head after she refused to divulge the location of a treasure. This haunting story holds that Sister Marie's head was never found, resulting in her ghost forever roaming the area in search of it. Today, "Headless Nun" tours are among the tourist attraction offerings in Nordin.[58] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Rebecca Lutes' Grave in Moncton. There is a myth about a 16-year-old girl named Rebecca Lutes who apparently died in 1876 when the city of Moncton found her guilty for sorcery. When she was buried, they apparently threw her corpse in upside down so she wouldn't dig herself out. They also put a four block slab of concrete on top so she could never get out.[59]
  • Skyway Lodge in Miramichi. An apparitional girl named Lily, who committed suicide in the building after finding her Mother dead after coming home, wanders the halls and apartments. Multiple accounts have been reported by visitors about poltergeist-like activity in the bathrooms. The spectral axe murderer haunts the basement. A report by from staff members echoed throughout the net states every possible sort of paranormal activity is present at this location and that there are possibly one hundred ghosts.[60]
  • St. Michael's Basilica in Miramichi. The paranormal activities are disembodied voices on the stairway to the second floor, an apparitional girl in the basement bathroom who apparently disappears once you look in the mirror, sounds of children laughing can be heard in the gym in the basement, a ghostly little girl and boy wandering on the first floor, disembodied voices of children and a nun screaming throughout this building.[61]

Northwest Territories[edit]

  • Algonkian First Nation Reserves is haunted by a wendigo. This demonic half-beast creature is said by the Algonkian tribe to haunt the forests. It is known to prey on humans as well as children. It can also infect a human being making that person a zombie that is known to resort to cannibalism. A single look has been enough to supposedly scare a human being to death. He is described as ten feet tall with a large head, beady eyes, a twisted mouth with large teeth, and a creature of supernatural strength and speed. The curse of wendigo is irreversible. If bitten by one or contracted through dreams, he has been known to possess the humans. Many strange and unusual deaths have been blamed on this monstrous creature by the Algonkian-speaking tribes.[62]
  • Deline. Although unidentified flying object sightings have been occurring all over Northwest Territories since World War II, the largest amount of sightings have been seen from 1995 to 1997. Flashing lights have been discovered in the sky and although people would like to say they are resulting from planets or stars in the sky, none were proven to be in the sky at that time. Some people have claimed being followed by these lights. Once the UFO passed over the car it wouldn't start until the flying object flew by that car. There are many sightings reported daily.[63]
  • Fort Battleford. This area was originally the capital, but land speculators successfully transferred it to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1883. The Spring of 1885 was terrifying to many of the settlers here. The settlers were under siege by the local Native Canadians and were all confined to the commander's headquarters until help could arrive. Eventually, it did in the form of militiamen commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel William Dillon Otter, but not before many lost their lives. Today many of the buildings are available for tour. The officer's quarters are haunted by a surgeon who committed suicide with a rifle during this tragic and frightening time. His location is upstairs. Creepy noises, mysterious footsteps, apparitions, and objects moving by themselves have all been reported by witnesses.[64]
  • Nahanni Butte. The Nuk-luk is very much like the big-foot of so much acclaim, but that this one is considered less ape like and more neanderthal in resemblance. Nuk-luk is a word meaning "man of the bush" as named by the Inuit tribe. He is broad, has long hair, and is said to smell quite rank. Some have claimed that the Nuk-Luk have made their own versions of boots and sharp tools. The first official sighting was in 1964 by John Baptist, several other men, and a boy named Jerry. Paranormal investigators have reported that the Nuk-Luk have been living up there for over three-thousand years. Nuk-luk is at least between six and eight feet and is to weigh about three hundred to four hundred pounds.[65] In addition, this area has been haunted by rumours of a lost gold mine, and along with a report about twenty-five deaths as well as mysterious disappearances.
  • Nahanni National Park Reserve in Fort Simpson. It has been a place of strange and unusual happenings since the first gold prospectors decided to lay down their wagons here. The McLeod brothers were said to have found gold here in 1906. Unfortunately their decapitated bodies were found by the river here shortly thereafter. Martin Jorgenson, a Swiss prospector, was also found decapitated nine year later. Shortly after Jorgenson's murder, a trapper by the name of O'Brien was found decapitated as well. A tribe by the name of Naha had also completely vanished from the face of this planet years before the prospectors came. Beautiful, but deadly, this national park has claimed many lives. Whether by human, environmental, or supernatural forces this place is one to be feared. Strong men decapitated and many found missing.[66]

Nova Scotia[edit]

  • Acadia University in Wolfville. An apparitional Baptist girl who found out about her pregnancy in the 19th Century hung herself in "The Well", a large open area on the second floor surrounded by banisters and under a skylight. Her ghost is most often seen by faculty staff members on the back stairwell at Seminary House's campus. Other paranormal activities are people having strange visions in this location, lights that turn on and off by themselves as well as doors opening and closing on their own, light anomalies, disembodied voices, objects moving by themselves and strange unexplained noises.[67]
  • Alexander Keith's Brewery in Halifax. Alexander Keith's apparition wanders around his old brewery checking to make sure everything is neat. The other paranormal activity in this brewery market is anonymous spooky running footsteps walk through the halls at night. There is also a report from witnesses about a spectral man covered in blood. And a tourist claiming that he saw a boy running towards him with a horribly distorted face.[68]
  • All Saints Cathedral in Halifax. This church is allegedly haunted by one of the former deans. He is mostly standing at the altar. [69]
  • Bedford Basin in Halifax. The apparitional sound of a rowboat is heard by witnesses on foggy nights, but no boat ever appears. The legend is that a dory filled with fisherman overturned in the bay and that they now forever try to find their way back to shore. [70]
Citadel Hill, circa 1870. Cannons facing the harbour.
  • Citadel Hill in Halifax. This site is haunted by specters of Native Canadians, French, British and Canadian soldiers and family members. There are touches, pushes and pulls by invisible presences, light anomalies, apparitional footsteps, disembodied voices and other unexplained noises, shadow figures. There are also feelings of being watched, not wanted, unease, fear and physical illness, objects moving on their own, objects disappearing inexplicably, doors opening and closing on their own, lights blinking on and off on their own, electrical disturbances, mysterious mists, time slips and pretty much any other paranormal activity.[71]
  • Churchill Mansion in Yarmouth County. This was built around 1890. It was an old captains home and according to local lure is haunted by the wife of Captain Churchill who would patiently wait in one of the rooms in a rocking chair at the window. She was waiting for her husbands arrival. She is said to have been seen walking through the hallways in a night gown and there have been reports of a rocking chair by a window rocking on its own.
  • Five Fisherman Restaurant in Halifax. This building was built in the 1800s. It has housed two schools and a mortuary in its time. The mortuary's claim to fame is that it has laid to rest some of the Titanic victims and victims of the Halifax Explosion. Paranormal activities include sinks turning on and off all by themselves, swinging doors opening and closing by themselves, table glasses and knives flying to the floor and sightings of anonymous apparitions coming down the staircase. Other paranormal activities are ghostly sightings about strange events such as water taps, lights and stoves being turned on and off by themselves, taps on the shoulder, and glasses flying off shelves are a regular occurrences. The specters seem to focus on employees working after business hours, but recently the numbers of sightings have grown to include patrons. There are also unexpected cold sections of this restaurant.[72] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
Fortress of Louisbourg's fortifications
  • Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island. This massive fortress was constructed in the 1700s. The apparitions of settlers who died of smallpox or lost their lives in battle have been seen on the grounds and in the tunnels of this fort.[73] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Mary Ellen Spook Farm in Caledonia Mills. During the early 1900s, Mary Ellen MacDonald, an orphaned girl was adopted by a childless couple, but this compassionate act would lead to terror, as the child was tormented by dangerous poltergeists that set mysterious fires around her. The family was eventually driven from their home and the property where it stood is now a campground, and is also the scene of many mysterious fires, and apparitional encounters.[74] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Memorial Composite High School in Sydney Mines. Paranormal activities include apparitional voices throughout the school, toilets in the washroom flushing by themselves. There have also been complaints from administrators as well as faculty staff members about constantly feeling watched by anonymous specters while on the school grounds and inside the building itself. Apparitions have been seen by faculty staff in both the gymnasium and cafeteria.[75]
  • Peggys Point Lighthouse in Peggy's Cove. A European woman named Margaret resided here in 1800. She was a survivor of a shipwreck. Margaret would walk the shore staring at the Atlantic Ocean because she missed her children. Her new husband was dancing on the rocks in an attempt to cheer her up, but slipped and fell suffering a fatal head injury. She later walked out to where her husband lost his life and was never seen again. She took her own life. The lighthouse was built in 1868. Margaret's specter has been seen by tourists standing at the edge of these rocky shores near this lighthouse as if she is about to jump wearing a blue dress and has occasionally been heard by visitors to speak to any living person.[76] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. The paranormal activities are objects moving around the room on their own, an annonymous ghostly man watching college students as well as lecturers climbing a spiral staircase, an elevator that moves from floor to floor on its own, sounds of footsteps walking the halls at night when they are empty, disembodied voices in the bathrooms and hallways, toilets flushing on their own, and shadows without bodies. Frightening screams have been heard by witnesses in the games room and apparitional nuns wander this campus. Gilmora Hall is said to be haunted by a nun who fell to her death from a balcony and a priest hung himself. Both of whom passed away while attending Mount Saint Bernard College.[77]
  • Stem at Stern Bed and Breakfast in Bridgetown. This Victorian bed and breakfast hails from around 1868 and it has a lot to show for it. It is said by the owners that an apparitional man has been seen in the window when the house is empty. Witnesses report extreme cold spots and tapping at the windows in the middle of the night. There have been reports of a man's ghost hanging from the tree outside at certain times. Guests mostly report about being greeted by an annonymous spectral man with a slightly distorted face and a twisted neck. These experiences usually occur right after a severe drop in temperature.[78]
  • Young Teazer at Mahone Bay. Paranormal incidents have been reported by witnesses since it sunk on June 27, 1813. This ghostly burning schooner is seen by mariners on this bay. There have even been reports about crewmen on fire running and screaming on the decks. It is most often seen by visitors near the anniversary of this ship's fatal explosion in its historical location. Most witness reports state once seen it then just vanishes into thin air.[79] It was featured on Creepy Canada.



  • Albion Falls in Hamilton. Jane Riley's specter has been seen since her suicide and some tourists have witnessed her fatal fall repeating itself. Other paranormal activities are disembodied voices and there have been reports of Riley herself, speaking to some people, light anomalies, general feeling of unease and of being watched.[80] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Bytown Museum in Ottawa. This building is said to be haunted by Colonel John By, the builder of the canal, and his assistant General Duncan McNab. The reported paranormal activities issue with electronic equipment including televisions going on and off by themselves and strange messages appearing on computer screens in empty rooms. Male voices yelling and saying "get out". Anonymous female visitors have been pushed hard in empty rooms. In the doll exhibit, children have been heard crying, the dolls have seen moving and winking at witnesses.[81] It was featured on Creepy Canada and The Girly Ghosthunters.
Château Laurier seen just after dark
  • Château Laurier in Ottawa. Charles Melville Hays, one of the sinking RMS Titanic victims, haunts this hotel. He never saw it come to completion. His specter is seen by guests and staff members throughout this hotel as well rattling walls and moving objects are credited to him.[82]
  • Cornwall Jail in Cornwall. Paranormal activities include apparitional women and children roaming the halls, spectral sounds of a man humming, sounds of crying, and mysterious footsteps. Security guards also have been reporting about shadowy figures walking through the halls and cells. Cell doors that are left to be open are later found shut. Other paranormal activities are mysterious unexplained smells, light anomalies, doors opening and closing on their own, lights turning on and off by themselves, feelings of being watched by specters, unwanted and unease and cold spots. [83] It was featured on Ghost Hunters.
  • Drummond Hill Cemetery in Niagara Falls. Paranormal activities include apparitional soldiers, light anomalies, orbs, mysterious mists, spooky footsteps and noises of the historical battle as well as feeling of being watched by the specters. [84] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
Royal York circa 1930
  • Fairmont Royal York in Toronto. An apparitional senior man walks in the halls of the eighth floor, the specter of an employee who hung himself in the stairway leading to the roof, the closed Crystal Ballroom where the elevator will go to on its own and chandeliers shake and guests of this hotel below the room have complained about noise and loud music, lights turn off and on on their own, ghostly children have been heard laughing and screaming in the hallways but disappear when a door is opened.[85]
  • Fort George in Niagara-on-the-Lake. It was one of Canada’s strongholds during the War of 1812. Thousands of British and Canadian troops who spent their entire lives here suffered enduring hardship, sudden death and loneliness. Many of their specters are seen by visitors wandering the grounds to this day. A tour guide once approached a young boy who was talking into thin air. The boy identified his imaginary friend as a soldier wearing yellow facings (the same color as soldiers once stationed here). There have been dozens of reports about a woman, in period clothing combing her hair, reflected in one of the mirrors in the Officer’s Quarters. Oddly, people are now reporting the same woman sitting in the room as if she somehow escaped from the mirror and is now free to roam this building. Mysterious reports have also emerged from the tunnel that leads to a powder magazine located outside its walls. Two tour guides once found themselves locked in the bunkhouse after they had spotted strange shadows moving around the ground floor bunkroom.[86] It was featured on Creepy Canada and The Girly Ghosthunters.
  • Fort Henry in Kingston. Nils von Schoultz's specter (the leader of a failed American invasion hung for treason) is seen wandering this fort. The gallows on which he was hung is also still seen by visitors; although they were torn down over one hundred years ago. Other paranormal reports are objects move by themselves, doors open and close by themselves, feeling of being watched, apparitional footsteps, disembodied voices and light anomalies.[87] It was featured on Ghost Hunters and The Girly Ghosthunters.
  • Fort York in Toronto. It is known by tourists as a site with a fair amount of ghostly activities, which are presumably attributed to its military history (and the associated deaths which took place there when it was attacked on various occasions by American forces during the War of 1812). Visitors have reported peculiar noises of battle including cannon fire and gun fire, on the grounds and in the buildings, as well as sightings of apparitional soldiers (both British and American).[88]
  • Gibraltar Point Lighthouse on Toronto Islands. The first lighthouse keeper, John Paul Radelmuller, was murdered by soldiers from nearby Fort York looking for bootlegged beer on January 2, 1815. They chased him up the stairs where he was knocked unconscious and then his body was chopped up and buried. These soldiers were charged with murder but eventually acquitted. A coffin was found in 1893 buried in the sand with a jawbone in it but it is not clear whether this was part of the lighthouse keeper's remains or not. There have been reports by witnesses of moaning on foggy nights and Mueller's apparition has been seen by visitors wandering the grounds.[89] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • H. B. Beal Secondary School in London. Paranormal activities are a ghostly old woman wandering the third floor, apparitional footsteps and the feeling of being watched and followed by annonymous specters on that same floor. Rumors and sightings of a man in a suit walking around the second floor accompanied with the sound of footsteps, and a janitor who allegedly died from a fall off a ladder in the auditorium who now haunts the seats that was his death location.[91]
  • The Hermitage in Ancaster. Disembodied whispers and voices are heard by visitors in the forest surrounding the house. William Black is still heard by witnesses weeping near the crossroads where his body was laid to rest. The house has been seen completely restored and filled with lights and the sounds of a party taking place. Multiple apparitions have been wandering on the property including that of Alma. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, apparitional footsteps, mysterious mists, a general feeling of unease and of being watched and screams, bangs and other unexplained sounds.[92] It was featured on The Girly Ghosthunters.
  • Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. An apparitional female teller named Dorothy wearing 19th Century clothing is seen by tourists; usually near the old vaults or where the offices were long ago. Other paranormal activity includes lights turning on and off by themselves and doors opening, closing and locking on their own, cold spots and breezes, a general feeling of unease and light anomalies.[93]
  • Kingston Penitentiary in Kingston. A spectral prisoner named George Hewell swears revenge on the security guard who took his life in 1897. Hewell was not a model inmate. He would frequently attack both security guards and inmates. On one such occasion he chose the wrong guard. In order to protect his own life, the security officer was forced to take the life of the insane prisoner. With his dying breath, Hewell swore revenge on his killer. The security guard thought nothing of this threat; that is until one day, while making his rounds.[94] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Merritton Tunnel in St. Catharines. The famous blue mist/apparition which gives the tunnel its name, "Blue Ghost Tunnel". Paranormal activities include people becoming violently ill in certain spots here, light anomalies, sounds of children crying, spectral footsteps, disembodied voices including entire conversations, sound of whistling, feeling of being watched by this spirit and not wanted and people have reported being touched and pushed by this spirit.[95]
  • Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto. Disembodied voices and unexplained noises are frequently reported by tourists at this location. Witnesses have described feelings of being watched and of unease – sometimes to the point of fear (although that could also be the person’s natural sense of fear in a cemetery; especially one so large). Other paranormal activities include light anomalies, electrical disturbances, touches and tugs by invisible presences (including one story where an employee was pushed off of a lawn tractor), shadow figures and objects disappearing.[96]
  • Old Fort Erie in Fort Erie. Paranormal activity reports include apparitional former soldiers (both American and British) are seen throughout this fort on the ramparts and in the grounds surrounding this fort, apparitional sounds of battle including cannon and musket fire as well as men screaming orders has been heard by visitors, disembodied voices throughout this fort and grounds. In addition, spectral reenactments are seen apart for the real ones done for the tourists every summer. Other paranormal activity reports are being touched and pushed (one of our own team members was pushed to the ground while hearing a rather nasty voice say "get out of the way"), electronic devices malfunctioning, light anomalies, mysterious mists, shadow figures, feelings of unease, being watched and not being wanted by specters, spooky screams near where the Bastion exploded and objects moving on their own.[97] It was featured on Ghost Adventures.
  • Ottawa Jail Hostel in Ottawa. Many prisoners met their death while remaining in this jail. When individuals lost their lives within the prison, they were often burned and buried in a makeshift cemetery that was located in the back of the establishment. There was also a "Death Row" which many feel is haunted by several ghosts that were put to death there. One example of a ghost that is considered to lurk among this area is a man whose name was Patrick James Whelan. Many tourists have said that they have seen his full apparitional writing, wandering in the area, and walking towards the area that was considered to be the "gallows" when this structure served as a prison.[98] It was featured on Creepy Canada and The Girly Ghosthunters.
  • Peterborough Lift Lock in Peterborough. This site is cursed by an anonymous woman who was burned alive at the stake in the 1840s. This curse was responsible for the large number of accidents. Disembodied faces have been seen looking out of the tunnels by tourists. Other paranormal activities include light anomalies, spectral footsteps, unexplained smells, spectral footprints and disembodied voices and screams. Men have been attacked by the burned woman's spirit who may be the sorceress. Apparitional suicide victims are seen both in and at the Lock by tourists.[99] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Queen's Park in Toronto. Apparitions of a woman in tattered clothes and hanging by a rope have been seen by investigators. Spectral screams as well as calls for help have been heard by tourists and visitors in this building.[100]
  • Regina Mundi Catholic College in London. It was built in 1963 as a junior seminary. Then used as an all boys boarding school, a co-ed day school, and finally a high school in 1988. There are countless stories of paranormal activities happening here. A priest did actually die here while it was a seminary. Some people have seen the priest wandering about the school. There have also been reports of students who were sexually assaulted here at the hands of some priests. Native chiefs refuse to set foot on the property, as it gives them evil vibes. Some folklore/stories of a janitor who hung himself on the third floor, a janitor who waxed the same floor and saw footsteps in it when no one else was around, black apparitions seen on the security cameras.[101][102]
  • Regional Mental Health Care in St. Thomas. Apparitional former patients and staff roam this site. Other paranormal activities include lights going on and off on their own as well as unexplained lights seen inside buildings, empathetic feelings of sadness, anger, hopelessness and loneliness as well as feelings of being watched, unease, not being wanted and not being alone, curtains moving by themselves; often times with a misty apparition seen by living staff, unexplained bangs, cries with additional other noises, disembodied voices as well as whispers, light anomalies and unexplained mists.[103]
  • White Otter Castle in Turtle River. James Alexander McOuat's apparition has been seen by tourists both in the castle and in the surrounding area since his tragic death in 1918 due to drowning while netting fish. Mysterious noises are reported by investigators to come out of this castle.[104]

Prince Edward Island[edit]

  • Deblois. The railroad tracks have been torn up since the snow storm in February 1932. This site is now part of the Confederation walking trail. People have reported the apparitional sound of a train whistle at this location since shortly after the accident. A ball of light has also been reported speeding down where the tracks once were. It speeds toward the scene of the accident and then suddenly slows to stop right at the accident scene before speeding off again down the former tracks. The light is thought by witnesses to be either a spooky recording of the accident itself or possibly the spectral engineer still desperately trying to avoid the accident.[105]
  • Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait is described as a beautiful schooner that has three masts (sometimes four masts, as reports vary) with pure white sails, all of which become completely engulfed in flames as onlookers watch.[106] There never seems to be a predetermined place for where the ship will appear; sightings tend to happen when least expected.[106] Sightings have occurred throughout the seasons, but seem to be more prevalent from September to November.[107] These visions are also apparent before a northeast wind, and folklore has it that this brilliant ghost ship is a forewarning of a storm.[107]
  • King's Playhouse in Georgetown. Major Temple William Faber McDonald's apparition roams behind the stage and on the stage itself. He died at age forty-three on April 2, 1918. A seat is reserved for him in this theatre.[108] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Holland Cove. The first group of European settlers came to this place in 1764. The Dutch surveyor Captain Samuel Holland brought with him his beautiful bride, Racine. Tall and of the French court, she was something beautiful to behold. One of Captain Holland's surveying trips took a little longer than planned and the poor girl by the name of Racine went across the ice to hopefully see some sign of him. Unfortunately the ice was thinner than Racine thought and she fell through. The captain suffered this loss. He reported seeing this apparition a few days later. She brought water with her and kept calling for him. To this day on July 14th every year at the time of high tide, Racine's specter wanders this cove. The legend is that those that will see her will drown.[109]
  • Lennox Island. A vengeful dark ghost haunts this island. An apparitional Native Canadian has been seen by tourists. There are also legends of people disappearing in the woods forever.[110]
  • Scotch Fort Cemetery in Tracadie. A Scottish colonist whose name was Peter MacIntyre arrived on Tracadie in 1773. At a local bar, he sat around the warm stove to start some great conversation with friends. Unfortunately the men started discussing a great ball of fire that was seen by witnesses here. MacIntyre didn't believe in spirits harming anyone so when the challenge was proposed to walk across here that very night, he was only to happy to take it up. MacIntyre was given a pitch fork and sent on his merry way to the creepy French cemetery. In the morning, he was not found at his house. The group of men went up to the cemetery and found Peter dead on a grave. To this day the ball of fire is seen. It is believed by visitors that this place is not safe at night. Many apparitions have been seen and heard by visitors. It is definitely very creepy.[111]
West Point Lighthouse
  • West Point Lighthouse Inn in West Point. The ghost of this lighthouse's first keeper, William MacDonald (1875-1925), roams next door to the inn, and a fiery ship sails off the coast of West Point. It is thought to be a flaming pirate schooner whose sailors are doomed to sail the seas forever.[112]
  • Yeo House in Port Hill. This historic house is now part of Green Park Shipbuilding Museum and an interesting place to its visitors. It helps one experience what it must have been like being a member of a shipbuilding family during the pre-confederate times. This family was described as kind in nature. In the 1800s, James Yeo was the most influential and wealthy man in the colony. This place is believed to be haunted by Yeo's family. The feelings about being watched are strong, cold spots are felt, and the sounds of feminine voices have been heard by visitors. [113]


  • 455 Rue Saint Pierre in Old Montreal. This building was built in 1865. Eventually, it would come into possession of Pierre du Calvert, who sympathised with the Americans during the Revolution and entertained some famous visitors including Benjamin Franklin. It is rumoured by patrons that Pierre's wife, Mary-Louise, haunts this former building. This building was very nearly demolished to make room for condominiums but was converted into loft style apartments in the early 2000s.[114] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Auberge Willow Place Inn in Hudson. First built in the 1820s, the story says that a young servant girl named "Maude" was murdered by a group of men plotting a military uprising at the inn in the 1830s. They buried her in the basement, but Maude's ghost remained at the inn. She can be heard by guests and staff members singing in the hallways, knocking over objects, and stacking rocks outside of the door of room #8 mostly during the month of November.[116]
  • Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Quebec City. A narcoleptic haunts this church where she was buried alive. From time to time, though no one is sitting at the organ, it plays. This woman's ghost is often seen standing beside it, looking down from the balcony to the cathedral below.[117] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
Château Frontenac
  • Château Frontenac in Quebec City. The apparition of 17th Century governor, Louis de Buade, is frequently seen by staff members and patrons to be on an eternal search for his fiancée, who was in Europe at the time of his death. He is seen in period clothing sitting on windowsills, wandering the hallways and the ballroom and staring at sleeping guests in their rooms. A woman's ghost with long hair dressed in a sleeping gown in seen in many guest rooms; she has even been known to lie down in bed with guests.[118]
  • Le Corriveau Forest, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Pointe-De Lévy, Lévis in Lévis. The apparitional suspected sorceress named Marie-Josephte Corriveau haunts this forest where she was left for dead. At a crossroads, there once hung a cage which held the remains of the local woman suspected to be a sorceress. She was a beautiful young woman living in Quebec City in 1763, but she led a secret life, conjuring up mysterious remedies and potions. It was a secret that only a few were privy to, but Marie Corriveau was believed to be a sorceress by many. She habitually administered these potions to her many unsuspecting husbands, and husband after husband, Marie murdered them in their sleep. She was later placed in a metal contraption, hung in a cage by the community, and left to die. Some people pass the crossroads and still encounter Marie, who now, is nothing more than clothes and skeleton.[119] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Fort de l'Île Sainte-Hélène on Saint Helen's Island. Witnesses report that it is to be home of eight hundred soldiers who lost their lives when their General purposely put them in the line of fire of enemy sharpshooters. They are buried in a mass grave on the island. Apparitions of the soldiers walk on this island. Other paranormal activities are spooky footsteps of soldiers and objects disappear only to be found in other places at a later time, ghostly mists, light anomalies and disembodied voices.[120]
  • Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke in Sherbrooke. Paranormal activities include apparitional former soldiers, intense feelings of sadness and loneliness, light anomalies, general feelings of unease, shadowy figures and a feeling of being watched by specters.[121]
  • Montmorency Falls in Beauport. The Lady in White's apparition is seen by tourists through mist falling down the falls in a white dress similar to a wedding dress. Her legend involves a love story between herself and a young soldier. She and the soldier were engaged, and during the midst of their wedding preparations, he was called away to battle. The lady was quite worried and feared that her fiancé would be killed during the summer military campaign. The young soldier lost his life during a battle in 1759. The lady was suffering tremendous grief at her loss, and as the story goes, went out each night calling the young soldier's name in a vain hope that he may somehow return to her. The following year the lady got dressed in her wedding gown and committed suicide by throwing herself into these falls. Her body was never recovered.[122]
  • Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal. This site is said by witnesses to be the most active. Apparitions have been seen walking through this cemetery as well standing on the edge of the high rock cliffs on the edge of the cemetery. The most recognized ghost is an Algonquin Native Canadian warrior.[123]
  • Notre-Dame Basilica-Cathedral in Quebec City. Anonymous specters have been witnessed by attendants walking in the rooms and halls of the church. Disembodied voices have been heard as well as mysterious footsteps. The apparitonal smell of smoke has been detected. A feeling of being watched is also been reported by this church's staff members.[124]
  • Notre-Dame-des-Victoires in Quebec City. Madame Jean Gatier was hung for stealing by her own husband in front of this church in the 17th Century. Her anonymous husband was the executioner and had no choice after his wife was found guilty. To this day, her apparition is seen by tourists outside of the church still looking for her anonymous husband.[125]
  • Plains of Abraham in Quebec City. Numerous ghosts have been seen on the site due to the number of soldiers losing their lives during the battle in 1759. The spectral soldier most often seen by visitors is at the entrance to Tunnel 1 on warm evenings. His sightings are often combined with the smell and sound of cannon fire. Other sights and sounds of the battle are felt by tourists throughout this historic site. The smell of sulfur has also been reported by witnesses. It is most active on cold nights in September.[126]
  • Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. This hotel is allegedly haunted by a "woman in white". Her apparition wanders the halls and staircases of the hotel. She also occasionally roams in guest’s rooms. People have been touched and pushed by invisible presences, unexplained noises include disembodied voices, unexplained bangs, mysterious knocks and footsteps. Other paranormal activity includes a feeling of being watched by specters has been reported by staff and guests as well as cold spots.[127]
Royal Victoria Hospital, 1893.
  • Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. The paranormal activities are apparitional former patients, mysterious footsteps, buzzers that go off in empty rooms, disembodied voices and light anomalies.[128]


  • Assiniboia Club in Regina. A specter of a young woman who was ax-murdered by a business man roams the halls of this gentlemen's clubhouse.[130] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Darke Hall, University of Regina in Regina. This university campus is haunted by three very different ghosts. It is home to various scholars, professors, academics, not to mention a few apparitional figures. The building was once used as a Military Storage Unit, and then it was converted into a schoolhouse. After an outbreak of typhoid, the building was quarantined, and many students and teachers lost their lives. The ghosts of these children and their teachers still wander the campus grounds. Francis Nicholson Darke's ghost has been seen walking past the area where his funeral was held.[131] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon. In the marble hotel lobby there is a large crack that legend says is from a former employee falling seven stories to his death. This is rumoured by hotel guests and staff members to be the origins of the "Man in Gray", an apparitional figure who is seen wearing a gray suit and a fedora. This spectral figure is completely silent and merely smiles at anyone who sees him. He is, in fact, usually thought to be a living person unless the witness is aware of the legend.[132]
  • Fort Battleford in Battleford. This area was originally the capital of Northwest Territories before land speculators successfully transferred it to Regina in 1883. The officers' headquarters are said by tourists to be haunted by a surgeon. The town hall has a specter who has been referred as "Charlie" prowling the second floor which once was an opera house. There have been reports about ghostly smells of chocolate chip cookies baking in the council chamber as well as of cigar smoke around desks in the office area. Apparitional war cries have been heard by tourists in the area around the fort. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies and a general feeling of unease.[133]
  • Fort San in Fort Qu'Appelle. A spectral nurse nicknamed “nurse Jane” is seen by witnesses wandering the halls and grounds. Other paranormal activities are unexplained voices, spooky footsteps, reports of hearing your name called, apparitional former patients, abiotic figures seen staring out of mirrors, feelings of being watched and not wanted, light anomalies, mysterious mists, feeling of being choked and the sounds of wheelchairs rolling through the hallways.[134]
Government House with adjacent visitor and administration centre.
  • Government House in Regina. Over the years, several anonymous staff and former students have observed strange occurrences here. Doors have been said to open and close repeatedly with no one near, the sound of crying babies and laughing children have been heard late at night with no one around, and other witnesses have claimed to see eerie faces next to theirs when looking into mirrors.[135] One particular apparition of note is "Howie", believed by tourists to be the former cook of Lieutenant-Governor Archibald McNab. Many witnesses believe that his ghost roams the house; his footsteps often heard by visitors shuffling through the halls. He even has a say in the interior decorating—witnesses have inexplicably found objects shifted or moved from one room to another.[136]
  • Hopkins Dining Parlour in Moose Jaw. This restaurant was originally a mansion owned by Edward Nicholas Hopkins and his wife, Minnie (née Latham). Minnie's specter roams this place, especially in the attic. In addition, Mrs. Hopkins regularly bangs doors, levitates candles and throws food around this dining parlour's rooms.[137] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
Hotel Saskatchewan, circa 1930
  • Hotel Saskatchewan in Regina. The seventh and the eighth floors seem to be the most active and many hotel staff members refuse to work on these floors. There have been numerous guests complaining of spectral noises in their room on all floors though. Apparitions have been that just disappear before people’s eyes. A cupboard once opened and a vase flew across the room in the Royal Suite.[138]
  • Marr Residence in Saskatoon. There are two ghosts associated with this location. One is seen by tourists as an orb with a small child’s face inside. The other is a male presence who is known for tormenting women who enter the house. According to reports from visitors, these ghosts seem completely unaware of each other.[139] It was featured on Creepy Canada.
  • McKim Building in Saskatoon. A nurse in her thirties roams Suite #9. She died during the 1920s. Her ghost is often seen in the corner of people's eyes. She also moves objects, leaves coins behind, and plays with people's feet who are in bed.[140]
  • Moose Head Inn in Kenosee Lake. Mysterious bangs and spectral moans have been heard by staff members and visitors. Other paranormal activities are objects disappearing on their own only to reappear somewhere else with no explanation, doors in the women's restroom opening and closing by themselves, light anomalies as well as mysterious mists, objects moving on their own and lights turn on and off by themselves. Appliances have suddenly turned on and off by themselves. The heavy door to the freezer door also opens and closes on its own.
  • Prince Albert Arts Centre in Prince Albert. Paranormal activity includes anonymous spectral figures being seen through the windows by tourists as well as mysterious lights when the building is empty.[141]
  • Regina General Hospital in Regina. Apparitions of an elderly nurse moving through the halls at speeds not humanly possible, a little boy wandering one of the former wings of this building and suddenly disappearing right before people’s eyes, and another elderly nurse appearing behind people, but disappearing when they turn around roam this site. Other paranormal activities include light anomalies, spectral footsteps, disembodied voices and whispers.[142]
  • Roche Percee Mines in Roche Percee. Labour strikes and murders are just some of the events in the mine’s colourful past. The mine is rumoured by visitors to be haunted by Native Canadian spirits known as rugaroos, who are supposed to be centuries old with the power to transform into animals. Tourists have reported seeing them become animals before their eyes, and they have a reputation for being aggressive if you don't leave when they issue a warning growl. Seeing red eyes and a feeling of being watched are also well known in this area.[143]
  • St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon. Spectral nuns walk the corridors of the basement. Paranormal activities are disembodied voices and spooky footsteps in that same basement. Hospital staff members have reported intense feelings of unease.[144]
  • St. Louis. Although the railroad tracks are abandoned, this ghost light appears in this area after nightfall. There are a number of paranormal and natural theories as to why it happens, but the legend is the ghost of a drunk brakeman who lost his head on the tracks due to a train passing by him searches for it by lantern light.[145]
  • Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford. Paranormal activity includes apparitional sounds, mists and lights are witnessed in the cemetery at night as well as whispers from behind the headstones. One of the wings of the hospital had a terrible fire in the 1930s and one patient passed away from her burns. She can still be seen wandering the burnt out wing at night. In the tunnels under the facility, apparitions disappear once they pass a living person. Other paranormal activities are light anomalies, disembodied voices, screams and bangs, mysterious footsteps and the feeling of being watched by spectral spirits especially from the windows.[146]
  • Souris Valley Mental Health Hospital in Weyburn. It was reported that apparitional former patients wandered the defunct asylum. The asylum was demolished in 2009. Other paranormal activities are disembodied voices on the grounds and in the surrounding trees, spectral screams, mysterious bangs with other unexplained noises, light anomalies, feelings of being watched and of unease as well as shadowy figures.[147]


  • Caribou Hotel in Carcross. Caribou has a long and interesting history. It was established in 1901 and owned by celebrated gold seeker Dawson Charlie (whose discovery of gold in 1896 sparked the Klondike Gold Rush) from 1903 until his death in 1908. Caribou was consumed by fire on Christmas Eve of the following year, rebuilt in 1910 by Edwin and Bessie Gideon. It became home to famous parrot Polly in 1918, when Captain James Alexander and his wife asked the Gideons to mind the bird while they went abroad—a trip from which they never returned alive. Bessie Gideon died here in 1933 and it is her shy apparition that is said to haunt the third floor of this hotel, gazing out the windows and banging on the floorboards.[148]
  • Commissioner's House in Dawson City. Apparitions of former residents roam this house. They are most commonly seen on the upper floors. Other paranormal reports from visitors include disembodied voices and whispers as well feelings of unease and being watched, and spectral footsteps.[149]
  • Parks Canada Buildings in Dawson City. There are many historical buildings in this city's area that have been said to be haunted by visitors, but there are a few places that are more prominent than other locations. The first historical building is the Commissioner's Residence. Anyone will tell tourists that the place is beautiful inside, but few will venture inside. It was built at the turn of the century and the last commissioner to stay there was in 1916. After that, it was used as senior citizens' home. Specters have been reported by witnesses as well as disembodied voices, and footsteps on the higher floors. The second historical building to be focused upon is the Palace Grand Theatre. Visitors have said that Klondike Kate's ghost wanders around her former dressing room. She was welcomed to the "Paris of the North" with great acclaim. She was a wonderful show person and died at age eighty. The theater opened in 1899 and is now housing performances that reflect the old west. Klondike Kate's "hay-day" was most certainly at this hotel and so it is where she stays.[150] There are many other buildings to be seen (such as the Administration Building), but none so haunted as these two areas.
  • Westminster Hotel in Dawson City. Anonymous apparitions wander the halls and rooms in various locations of this historic hotel. Paranormal activity includes disembodied voices and whispers, spectral footsteps and almost every other unexplained noise, cry and bump, objects have been known to move and disappear on their own, feelings of not being alone, unease and being watched have been reported by staff members and guests.[151]
  • Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre in Whitehorse. There is a haunted barrack at this place. Before this place was a cadet summer training centre, it was a youth detention centre. Witnesses have said that an inmate hung himself from the rafters in the B2 barracks. Many witnesses have also claimed that there is the sound of this inmate calling out in the middle of the night.[152]

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