List of reptilian and amphibian alien species

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This list of reptilian and amphibian alien species is limited to species and groups of genetically related extraterrestrial organisms that exhibit physical features, attributes or forms similar to, but potentially far from a typical Terran species of reptiles or amphibians while excluding specific references to individual organisms. This list includes sapient, non-sapient and hybrid forms of alien reptiles or amphibians.

Name Source Notes
Alyssa and Danielle Goldsmith Notorious Reptwins of the 21st Century
Aeodronian Battlelords of the 23rd Century
Agorian Ratchet & Clank A proud race of reptilian creatures with an often-changing Code of Honor, first appearing in A Crack in Time. They have never evolved and love to engage in warrior lifestyle, so far as to create the Agorian Battleplex to fight in contests and invaded several peaceful planets. They have both antagonized and allied Ratchet and Clank during their adventures in the Polaris Galaxy.
Badoon Marvel Comics
Brelac McKenzie Files A reptilian race of aliens originating from what is called Old Earth. The Brelac were once humans who, over a period of time, were mutated by the pandora simplex virus.
Bwap Traveller Also known as "Newts".
Caldaran Andromeda
Cardassian Star Trek
Chamachies Ascendancy
Chelonian Doctor Who
Drac The Enemy Papers
Draconian Doctor Who
Drakh Babylon 5
Drell Mass Effect
Droyne Traveller