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RPCVs march with flags of their Countries of Service at the National Convention in Chicago, August 2004.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) are persons who have served in the United States Peace Corps. Here follows a list.

Business and industry[edit]

  • Rev. Dennis Linebarger, Bible Translator (Federated States of Micronesia 1989-1990)
  • Gary Admire, retired federal/state admin law judge & prosecutor (Panama 1964-1966)
  • Joshua Colt Gambrel, head brewer, Wolf Hills Brewing Company (Uzbekistan 2001, Mongolia 2003-2004)
  • Greg Schwartz, Director, Kodiak Networks (Tunisia, 1994–96)
  • Wesley Arnold, Director, Danaher Corporation (Togo 1990-91)
  • Bob Beckel, political analyst, Bob Beckel & Associates (Philippines 1971-72)
  • J. Seamus ("Jim") Boylson, Bd. Dir/Agent, World Health Alliance Int'l., Inc./CEO PureWater Assoc's., Int'l. (Ethiopia-Eritrea 1962-64)
  • Heather Buckmaster, executive director, Oklahoma Beef Council (The Gambia 1992-94)
  • Lawrence Jay Cevelo, Chairman, Store On Wheels (317-594-1667) (Ecuador 1990-1992)
  • Dan Chance, manager of Wasatch Micro Cap Fund (Paraguay)
  • Charlie Clifford, founder, Tumi luggage (Peru 1967-1969)
  • Patricia Cloherty, Chairman and CEO, Delta Private Equity Partners, former Chairman of The U.S. Russia Investment Fund (Brazil 1963-65)
  • Tom de Boor, Managing Director, Cotyledon Productions (Cameroon, 1982-86)
  • Edward Dolby, president, Bank of America, Carolinas (India 1966-68)
  • John Earhart, chairman of the board and a founding shareholder of Global Environment Fund Management Corporation (Guatemala 1975-77)
  • James M. Freedman, Vice President, Leadership Development, Fresenius Medical Care North America (South Korea 1972-74). Recipient of Van Fleet Award - 2008.
  • David S. Geiman, chairman of the executive committee, board of directors, president and chief executive officer of the CattleSale Company (Sierra Leone 1967-70)
  • Samuel Gillespie III, senior vice president, Exxon Mobil Corp. (Kenya 1967-69)
  • Jan Guifarro, World Wide Director of Global Consumer Affairs for the Colgate Palmolive Company (Honduras 1973-75)
  • Frank Guzzetta, CEO of Hecht's (India 1968-72)
  • Robert Haas, chairman of board for Levi Strauss (Ivory Coast 1964-66)
  • Reed Hastings, founder and CEO of Netflix (Swaziland 1983-85)
  • Wilber James, CEO of Citizens Power (Kenya 1971-72)
  • Ginny Kirkwood, owner of Shawnee on the Delaware Inn and Resort (Turkey 1964-66, and Thailand 1990-93)
  • James Kouzes, president of Tom Peters Group (Turkey 1967-69)
  • Danny Langdon,Founder, Performance International (Ethiopia 1962-44)
  • Michael McCaskey, chairman of the board, Chicago Bears (Ethiopia 1965-67)
  • Robert McCormack, executive vice president of Citicorp (Colombia 1968-70)
  • Ann and Michael Moore, former CEO and chairman of Snugli Co. and Airlift Company (Togo 1962-64)
  • Frederic Poses, CEO of American Standard Co. (Peru 1967-1969)
  • Gordon Radley, president of Lucasfilms Ltd. (Malawi 1968-70)
  • Dwight A. Roberts, Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Rice Producers Association (Paraguay 1977-80)
  • Tom Scanlon, president of Benchmarks (Chile 1961-63)
  • Kathy Tierney, CEO of Sur la Table (Fiji 1967-69)
  • James Warner, Director of Policy of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association[1] (Guatemala 2002 - 2004)
  • Priscilla Wrubel, founder of the Nature Company (Liberia 1961-63)
  • J. Henry Ambrose, Vice President, State Public Policy, Verizon Maryland and Washington, DC (Kenya 1970 - 73)
  • Patrick Currin, President, Automotive Solutions (Honduras 2004-2006)

Roy A F Lowey-Ball, Principal, Ford, Powell & Carson Architects & Planners, Inc. (Tunisia 1968-70)

Arts and literature[edit]

  • Raven Moore, author and publisher of "Padre!" (Côte d'Ivoire, 1999-2002)
  • Michele Vachon Beaudin, author of "Crossing the 50 Yard Line", "Crossing the Dream Line", "The Mountain", "Seasons on Lookout Mountain", "Visions of Reality - Illusions of Truth", Winner of the Living Now Book Awards (Morocco 2000-2001)
  • Tom Bissell, author of "Chasing the Sea" and "The Father of All Things," Winner of the Rome Prize (Uzbekistan 1996-97)
  • Edmund Blair Bolles, author of A Second Way of Knowing (Tanzania 1966-68)
  • Catherine Bowman, author of Rock Farm and 1-800-HOT-RIBS; recipient of Peregrine Smith Poetry Prize (Niger 1984-86)
  • Mark Brazaitis, author of River of Lost Voices: Stories from Guatemala (Guatemala 1990-93)
  • Broughton Coburn, author of Everest: Mountain Without Mercy (Nepal 1976-78)
  • Cameron Cowell, documentary film maker, "Our Grandfathers Fields". (Costa Rica 1985-1988)
  • Dr. James H. Fowler, author of "Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives" (Ecuador, 1992–1994)
  • Richard "Kinky" Friedman, author of Blast From the Past (Malaysia 1967-69)
  • John Goulet, author of Oh's Profit and Yvette in America (Ethiopia 1964-66)
  • Taylor Hackford, movie producer of Ray, An Officer and a Gentleman; and The Devil's Advocate (Bolivia 1968-69)
  • Kent Haruf, author of Plainsong (Turkey 1966-68)
  • Susana Herrera, author of Mango Elephants in the Sun: How Life in an African Village Let Me Be in My Skin; contributor to Chicken Soup for the Volunteer's Soul: Stories to Celebrate the Spirit of Courage, Caring and Commitment (Cameroon 1992-94)
  • Peter Hessler, author of River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze (China 1996-97)
  • Rajiv Joseph, playwright, finalist for the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for Drama[2] (Senegal 1996- 99)
  • Lawrence Leamer, author of The Kennedy Women: The Saga of an American Family (Nepal 1965-67)
  • Peter Lefcourt, television writer and author of The Woody (Togo 1962-64)
  • Leonard Levitt, reporter for Newsday and author of An African Season (Tanzania 1963-65)
  • Phillip Margolin, author of Gone, But Not Forgotten; and The Burning Man (Liberia 1962-64)
  • Roland Merullo, author of Leaving Losapas, In Revere, In Those Days, Breakfast with Buddha, (Micronesia 1979-1980)
  • Robert D. Mowry, Dworsky Curator of Chinese Arts at Harvard (Korea 1967-69)
  • Martin Puryear, sculptor (Sierra Leone 1964-66)
  • Richard Sanders, actor best known for playing Les Nessman on WKRP in Cincinnati (Brazil 1966-69)
  • Matt Sesow, visionary artist, (Solomon Islands 1998–2000)
  • Bob Shacochis, author of Easy in the Island, winner of the American Book Award (Eastern Caribbean 1975-76)
  • Joel Shapiro, sculptor (India 1965-67)
  • Dawnette Sullivan Owens, author of Souls Stick Around (Botswana 1984-86)
  • Mildred Taylor, author of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, winner of Newbery Award (Ethiopia 1965-67)
  • Paul Theroux, author of Mosquito Coast and Great Railway Bazaar (Malawi 1963-65)
  • Moritz Thomsen, author of Living Poor (Ecuador 1963 - 65)
  • Mary-Ann Tirone Smith, author of An American Killing, Girls of Tender Age, and most recently, Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery (Cameroon 1965-67)
  • Annabelle Townson, author of We Wait For You (Romania 2001-2003)
  • Keith J. Wagner, Attorney (Gabon 1983-1986)
  • Jeremy Waldron, author for Other Places Publishing; Pulitzer Prize winning travel writer (Namibia 2006-2008)
  • Richard Wiley, author of Ahmed's Revenge and Soldiers in Hiding, winner of PEN/Faulkner Award (Korea 1967-69)


  • Ron Arias, senior editor for People magazine and author of The Road to Tamazunchale (Peru 1963-64)
  • Dave Arnold, former Editor of "Worldview" magazine (Ethiopia 1964-66)
  • Douglas Bilken, co-producer for 2004 Oscar Nominee for best Documentary Short Subject "Autism Is A World," professor at Syracuse University (Sierra Leone 1960s)
  • David Briscoe, chief correspondent of World Desk for Associated Press (Philippines 1966-70)
  • Alrick Brown, documentary filmmaker[3] (Sierra Leone)
  • Dan Carney, reporter for Business Week (Benin 1983-85)
  • John Coyne, Editor of "Peace Corps Writers" (Ethiopia 1962-64)
  • Frank G Anderson, founder of the Korat Post newspaper, NE Thailand's first local English language newspaper (Thailand 1965-67)
  • Matthew Dean, Environmental contributor, CNN Money with Gerri Willis (Senegal 1999 - 01)
  • Karen DeWitt, producer, (Ethiopia 1966-68)
  • Thomas Dine, President, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Philippines 1962-64)
  • Judy Dugan, assistant editorial page editor for the Los Angeles Times (Philippines 1966-68)
  • Beth Duff-Brown, Overseas Correspondent for Associated Press (Congo Kinshasa 1979-81)
  • Josh Friedman, correspondent for Newsday (Costa Rica 1964-66)
  • Ted Henry, longtime award winning lead news anchor for WEWS-TV 5 in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Jay Hooker, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for New York Times (China 2000-02)
  • Kathleen Ingley, reporter for the Arizona Republic (Senegal 1972-75)
  • Al Kamen, writes In the Loop column in the Washington Post (Dominican Republic 1967-69)
  • Robert Laird, op-ed page editor for N.Y. Daily News (Somalia 1962-63)
  • Michael Maidenberg, Pulitzer prize-winning publisher and vice president and chief program officer of the Knight Foundation (India 1964-66)
  • Chris Matthews, host of NBC's Hardball (Swaziland 1968-70)
  • Jim Morrill, reporter for the Charlotte Observer (Togo 1973-76)
  • Bruce Nussbaum, editorial page editor for Business Week (Philippines 1966-69)
  • Henry Muller, editorial director for Time, Inc. (Ethiopia 1968-69)
  • Joshua Norman, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for Biloxi Sun Herald (Togo 2000-02)
  • Maureen Orth, special correspondent for Vanity Fair (Colombia 1964-66)
  • Ann O'Hanlon, reporter for the Washington Post (Ecuador 1986-88)
  • Hugh Pickens, Publisher and Editor of "Peace Corps Online" (Peru 1970-73)
  • Michelle Press, managing editor for Scientific American (Malawi 1962-64)
  • Howard Seftel, restaurant critic for the Arizona Republic (Senegal 1972-75)
  • Peter Stinton, enterprise senior writer for the San Francisco Chronicle (Iran 1969-1971)
  • Bob Vila, Host of Television show "This Old House" (Panama 1971-73)
  • Bruce Watson, Journalist and Historian, Author of Sacco and Vanzetti: The Men, the Murders and the Judgment of Mankind[4] (Costa Rica)
  • Jonathan Weisman, White House correspondent for the Baltimore Sun (Guinea-Bissau and Philippines 1988-90)
  • William Wong, columnist for the San Francisco Examiner (Philippines 1967-68)

Medical, non-profit and development[edit]

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) are persons who have served in the United States Peace Corps. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers march with flags of their Countries of Service at National Convention for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers in Chicago in August 2004. Photo credit: Hugh Pickens
  • Edward Abbey, Country Director Egypt, Plan International (Colombia 1974-1975)
  • Ann Mueller, Nurse (Colombia 1978-1980)
  • John Anner, president, East Meets West Foundation (Mauritania, 1983–1985)
  • Anne Arquette, Nurse and Social Activist, Corvais, OR (Togo, 1985–1987)
  • Lillian Baer, founder of Africa Consultants International/Baobab Center (Côte d'Ivoire 1966-68)
  • Carol Bellamy, former Peace Corps Director, former head of UNESCO, president of World Learning (Guatemala 1963-1965)
  • J. Seamus ("Jim") Boylson, Board Director/Principal Agent, Africa et al., World Health Alliance Int'l., Inc. (Ethiopia-Eritrea, 1962–64)
  • Lillian Carter nurse, mother of President Jimmy Carter (India 1966-68)
  • Pat Christen, President and CEO, HopeLab; former President and Executive Director, San Francisco AIDS Foundation (Kenya 1982-85)
  • Rev. Gerald Durley, president of Concerned Black Clergy of Atlanta (Nigeria 1964-66)
  • Gary Engelberg, founder of Africa Consultants International/Baobab Center (Senegal 1965-67)
  • Barbara Ferris, president and founder, International Women's Democracy Center (Morocco 1980-82)
  • Ina May Gaskin, Certified Professional Midwife, author, known as the "Mother of Modern Midwifery" (Malaysia 1963-65)
  • Rajeev Goyal, lobbyist, activist, head of "Push for the Peace Corps"[5] (Nepal 2001 - 2003)
  • Meg Garlinghouse, Senior Director, Yahoo! for Good (Niger 1990-92)
  • Ken Hackett, president, Catholic Relief Services (Ghana 1968-1971)
  • Charles Snead Houston, high-altitude medical researcher and mountaineer (first Country Director, India 1962-65)
  • Alberto Ibarguen, president, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (Venezuela 1966-68)
  • Mary Kim Joh (Liberia 1977-78)[6]
  • Elaine Jones, director-counsel and president, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund (Turkey 1965-67)
  • Nancy Kelly, executive director, Health Volunteers Overseas (Korea 1979-81)
  • Aaron King, President, Peace Corps Employees Union, AFSCME Local 3548 (Ghana 1981-83)
  • Jonathan Lash, president of World Resources Institute (Dominican Republic 1967-69)
  • Jerry Leach, president of the World Affairs Councils of America (Turkey 1964-66)
  • Marianne Leach, public policy and government relations director, CARE (Turkey 1964-66)
  • Lawrence F. Lihosit, urban planner & author of South of the Frontera; A Peace Corps Memoir, Peace Corps Chronology; 1961–2010, Whispering Campaign; Stories from Mesoamerica and Years On and Other Travel Essays (Honduras 1975-1977)
  • Georgia Merrick, Qualified Mental Health Practitioner, ISCS (Zambia 2002-2005)
  • Arlene Mitchell, chief of school feeding support, United Nations World Food Programme (Niger 1973-76)
  • Donald Mosley, co-founder of the Habitat for Humanity organization (Malaysia)
  • Fred O'Regan, executive director of International Fund for Animal Welfare (Swaziland 1970-71)
  • Richard Pollard, Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, The World Bank (Nepal, 1974-77)
  • Carl Pope, executive director of Sierra Club (India 1967-69)
  • Kevin Quigley, president of National Peace Corps Association (Thailand 1976-79)
  • Florence Reed, Founder and Director of Sustainable Harvest International (Panama 1991-93)
  • Mark Schneider, former Peace Corps Director, senior vice president of International Crisis Group (El Salvador 1966-68)
  • Tony Silard, founder of Global Education Partnership (Kenya 1990-92)
  • Dane Smith, former president of National Peace Corps Association; former ambassador to Senegal and Guinea (Ethiopia 1963-65)
  • Gordon Smith, chairman of Children's Museum About the World (India 1966-69)
  • Thomas Tighe, president and CEO, Direct Relief International (Thailand 1986-88)
  • Lisa Wasilewski, inventor cellulose nutritional supplement. Candidate Nobel Peace Prize (Namibia, 2006–2008)
  • Barbara Lyman (now Teranes), nurse (Tanganyika 1962-64)


  • Harry Birnholz, mission director, USAID/Albania (Benin 1974-77)
  • Patricia Buckles, USAID/Peru director, Peace Corps (Guatemala 1973-77)
  • Jon Carson, Director of the Office of Public Engagement, Chief of Staff at White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), Field Director for Obama's 2008 campaign (Honduras 2004 - 2006)[7][8]
  • Donald B. Clark, USAID mission director, Senegal (Burkina Faso 1969-71)
  • Christopher Dodd, Former U.S. Senator, Connecticut (Dominican Republic 1966-68)
  • Jim Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin and wife Jessica Doyle (Tunisia 1967-69)
  • Steve Driehaus, U.S. Representative from Ohio (Senegal 1988-1990)
  • Sam Farr, U.S. Representative from California (Colombia 1964-66)
  • John Garamendi, State of California Insurance Commissioner, US Congressman from California (Ethiopia 1966-68)
  • Gene George, USAID mission director, Bangladesh (Nepal 1972-73)
  • Richard Goughnour, USAID/Brazil Director (Brazil 1974-76)
  • Gordon Gray, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs (Morocco 1978-1980)
  • Tony P. Hall, Former US Congressman from Ohio, Former Ambassador to the FAO (Thailand 1966-67)
  • Mike Honda, U.S. Representative from California (El Salvador 1965-67)
  • Joseph P. Kennedy III, U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (Dominican Republic 2004-2006)
  • Timothy Kraft, retired political consultant; campaign manager in 1980 for U.S. President Jimmy Carter (Guatemala 1963-64)
  • Elisa Long, public defender in Mariana Islands (Marshall Islands 1987-89)
  • Joseph W. Lown, mayor of San Angelo, Texas (Bolivia 1999-2001)
  • Michael P. Madon, Deputy Assistant Secretary, OIA, The US Department of the Treasury (Kyrgyzstan 1994-1996)
  • Dan McAllister, treasurer tax collector of San Diego, CA (Micronesia 1974-77)
  • Thomas Murphy, Jr., mayor of the City of Pittsburgh, PA (Paraguay 1970-72)
  • Matthew Patrick, Massachusetts State Representative (Ghana 1977-79)
  • Sarah Parker, associate justice, North Carolina Supreme Court (Turkey 1964-66)
  • Terry Peterson, deputy secretary of U.S. Department of Education (Brazil 1967-69)
  • Thomas Petri, U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (Somalia 1966-67)
  • Michael A. Rice, Rhode Island State Representative (Philippines 1981-85)
  • Ken Roberts, Assistant Administrator, Foreign Agriculture Service, USDA (Paraguay 1977-79)
  • Denny Robertson, USAID Director for the Caucasus Region (Philippines 1977-79)
  • Patrick A. Rogers, Chief of Staff for Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee[9] (Gabon)
  • Tod Satterthwaite, mayor of Urbana, Illinois (Grenada 1990-92)
  • Joe Serna Jr. - former mayor of Sacramento, California (Guatemala 1969-70)
  • Donna Shalala, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (Iran 1962-64)
  • Christopher Shays, former U.S. Representative from Connecticut (Fiji 1968-70)
  • Collier N. Smith - retired public affairs, National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Dept of Commerce (Chile 1966-69)
  • Bob Taft, served as governor of Ohio from 1999 to 2007. (Tanzania 1963-65)
  • Ron Tschetter, former Peace Corps Director (India 1966-68)
  • Paul Tsongas Former US Senator, candidate for President in 1992 (Ethiopia 1962-64)
  • Michael Walden-Newman, Chief Investment Officer, Wyoming State Treasurer's Office (Senegal, 1976–79)
  • James Walsh, former U.S. Representative from New York (Nepal 1970-72)
  • John Walsh, Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Washington, DC (Ghana 1973-75)
  • Representative Gene Ward, Minority Leader, Hawaii House of Representatives (Malaysia RPCV 65-67) (Country Director, East Timor 2005-6)
  • Tom Weisner, Mayor of Aurora, Illinois (Solomon Islands 1980-85)
  • Cathy Woolard, Atlanta City Council (Micronesia 1980-81)
  • Pablo Solorio, Program Analyst, U.S. African Development Foundation. (Mauritania 2008-2009)


  • Deborah Aarhus, Associate Professor, Department of Natural Sciences, Concordia University Chicago (Zimbabwe, 1995-1999)
  • Joe Acaba, mission specialist educator astronaut for NASA (Dominican Republic 1994-96)
  • Cecile Arquette, Associate Professor of Education, Bradley University Peoria, IL USA (Cameroon, 1987–1989)
  • Greory Anderson, Dean of Learning Resources, De Anza College, Cupertino, California USA (Lesotho, 1988-1991)
  • Charles Baquet, director of the Center for Intercultural & International Programs, Xavier University of Louisiana (Somalia 1965-67)
  • Stephen Beaver, associate dean of admissions of Thunderbird School of International Studies (Tanzania 1965-67)
  • Margaret Berg, Assistant Professor of Literacy, University of Northern Colorado (Ukraine 1991-1993)
  • Suzanne Preston Blier, Allen Whitehill Clowes Professor of Fine Arts and of African and African American Studies, Harvard University (Benin 1969-71)
  • Tex Boggs, president of the Western Wyoming Community College System (Thailand 1962-64)
  • Todd Braje, professor of anthropology at Humboldt State University, winner of USA 50 Mile road title in 2009[10] (Tonga)
  • Leonel Castillo, president and co-founder of Houston International University (Philippines 1961-63)
  • Theodore Celeste, chairman of board of trustees of Ohio State University (Fiji 1968-70)
  • Leon Dash, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and Swanlund Professor of Journalism, University of Illinois at Urbana (Kenya 1969-70)
  • Kathryn Day, Chief Administrative Officer, Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, University of California Berkeley (South Korea 1980-81)
  • Drew Days, professor, Yale Law School (Honduras 1967-69)
  • Brady J. Deaton, chancellor or the University of Missouri-Columbia (Thailand 1962-64)
  • Dan Douglas, professor emeritus, Iowa State University (Botswana 1968-70)
  • George Drake, former president of Grinnell College (Lesotho 1991-93)
  • Christopher Drake, elementary teacher in Detroit Public Schools (Belize 1987-89)
  • Jerry Everhart, Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Eastern New Mexico University (Malawi 1982-84)
  • Ken Foster, Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN (Belize 1981-84)
  • Anne Gallenstein, Professor of Nursing, Nassau Community College, Garden City, NY (Mali 1980-82)
  • Allan Gibbard, Richard B. Brandt Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy at the University of Michigan (Ghana 1963-65)
  • Thomas Gouttierre, dean of International Studies and Programs and director of the Center for Afghanistan Studies, University of Nebraska-Omaha (Afghanistan 1965-67)
  • John E. Greisberger, president of NAFSA: Association of International Educators (Afghanistan 1973-75)
  • Leo Higdon, Jr., president of Connecticut College, former president of the College of Charleston (Malawi 1968-70)
  • James M. Kouzes, dean's professor of leadership at Santa Clara University (Turkey 1967-69)
  • Joann La Perla-Morales, president of Middlesex County College (Colombia 1968-70)
  • James Lyons Sr., president of California State University, Dominguez Hills (Ecuador 1966-67)
  • Kathleen F. Malu, Associate Professor, William Paterson University of New Jersey (Zaire 1973-75; Rwanda 1980-81), Fulbright Scholar (Rwanda 2010)
  • M. Peter McPherson, former president of Michigan State University, former Chairman of the Wall Street Journal (Peru 1964-66)
  • William G. Moseley, Professor of Geography, Macalester College (Mali 1987-89)
  • Scott Nelowet, President, Sanford-Brown Institute, (Tunisia 1990-91)
  • Joyce Neu, director of the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice at the University of Sand Diego (Senegal 1972-74)
  • Julius Nimmons, president of University of the District of Columbia (Tunisia 1962-64)
  • Joseph Opala, Historian at James Madison University, studied the "Sierra Leone-Gullah Connection" (Sierra Leone 1974-77)
  • Marjorie Pfannkuch-Bakan, president of Wheelock College (Philippines 1961-63)
  • George Rajna, bilingual speech therapist and teacher in Lennox Public Schools (Paraguay 1999-2001)
  • Michael A. Rice, professor, University of Rhode Island (Philippines 1981-1985)
  • Bruce Rosen, Borough of Manhattan Community College, hostage taken during Iranian Hostage Crisis, Plaintiff in lawsuit against Iran[11] (Iran 1967 - 1969)
  • Jeswald Salacuse, dean of Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (Nigeria 1963-65)
  • Donna Shalala, president of the University of Miami, former Secretary of Health and Human Services (Iran 1962-64)
  • Stephanie Scribner, teacher in East Hartford Public Schools, CT (Mali 1993-1995)
  • Amy Smith, MacArthur Award Winner, Founder of D-Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Botswana 1985-89)
  • Michael J. Snarskis, Archaeologist, University of Costa Rica (UCR, Discoverer of Guardiria - the first area of human occupation in Costa Rica[12] (Costa Rica 1967 - 1969)
  • Jacqueline Page Sutliff, Artist, Marketer (retired), Educator (retired), University of Phoenix (teacher, St. Leo's College, Uganda, 1969 - 1971)
  • Robert Trumble, dean of Graduate School of Business at Virginia Commonwealth University (Peru 1963-65)
  • Dr. John Sumser, professor of Communications at California State University, Stanislaus (Afghanistan, unknown years)
  • William T. Winter, professor of Chemistry, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry,(Malaysia 1966 - 1968)
  • Howard Dodson, Director of the Schomburg Center for research in Black Culture, (Ecuador 1964-66)
  • Stefanie DeLeo, teacher of history and drama, Beacon School, author and playwright (South Africa 2007-09)
  • John Cuprisin, Associate Professor Automotive Technology, Pennsylvania College of Technology (Sierra Leone 1983-85)
  • Karen Musurlian, teacher, Orange County, Ca (Russia 1994-1996)

Elayne Halpern (Shapiro), Associate Professor Communication Studies, University of Portland, Portland OR (Saipan 1967-69)

Foreign service[edit]

  • Frank Almaguer, former ambassador to Honduras (Belize 1967-69)
  • Richard A. Boucher, assistant secretary of state, South and Central Asian affairs, (Senegal 1973-75)
  • Michael Corbin, Ambassador to Abu Dhabi (Mauritania 1982 - 84)[13]
  • Scott Nelowet, President, Sanford-Brown Institute, (Tunisia 1990-91)
  • Raymond Burghardt, director, American Institute of Taiwan (Colombia 1968-69)
  • Johnnie Carson, ambassador to Kenya (Tanzania 1965-68)
  • Greg Engle, ambassador to Togo (South Korea 1980-81)
  • Richard Erdman, ambassador to Algeria (Turkey 1967-69)
  • Jerry Everhart, professor, Eastern New Mexico University (Malawi 1982-84)
  • Robert W. Fitts, ambassador to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu (Malaysia 1970-72)
  • Robert Ford, Ambassador to Syria (Morocco 1982 - 84)[14]
  • Robert Gelbard, ambassador to Indonesia (Bolivia 1964-66)
  • David N. Greenlee, ambassador to Bolivia; previously ambassador to Paraguay, (Bolivia 1965-67)
  • Tony Hall, ambassador to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Agencies (Thailand 1966-67)
  • Michael Heyn, UNDP Regional Representative (1994-99), UN Special Coordinator for Emergency Relief Operations Liberia (1990), UN Special Delegate Kosovo (1999-2000), Director UNDP Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility Bangladesh (2002-2007), UNDP Coordinator Conflict Prevention Yemen (2010-11), (Peru 1964-66)
  • Christopher R. Hill, assistant secretary of state, East Asian and Pacific Affairs (Cameroon 1974-76)
  • Thomas Neil Hull, III, ambassador to the Republic of Sierra Leone (Sierra Leone 1968-70)
  • Vicki Huddleston, ambassador to Mali and Madagascar, Charge de affaires to Haiti and Ethiopia, and Principal Officer to the US Interests Section in Havana (Peru 1964-66)
  • Cameron R. Hume, ambassador to the Republic of South Africa; previously ambassador to Algeria (Libya 1968-69)
  • John Francis Keane, ambassador to Paraguay (Colombia 1966-69)
  • Darryl N. Johnson, ambassador to Thailand (Thailand 1962-65)
  • James Mack, deputy assistant secretary of state, International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (Honduras 1963-65)
  • R. Niels Marquardt, ambassador to the Republics of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea (Rwanda 1977-79)
  • Larry L. Palmer, ambassador to Honduras (Liberia, 1971–1973)
  • Don McConnell, ambassador to Eritrea (Nigeria 1963-65)
  • Richard Allan Roth, ambassador to Senegal and Guinea-Bissau (Burkina Faso, 1969–72)
  • Kathleen Stephens, ambassador to South Korea (South Korea, 1975–77)
  • R. Barrie Walkley, ambassador to Gabon and the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe (Somalia, 19


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