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This list of ' includes all the major rivers of Chile. See each article for their tributaries, drainage areas, etc. Usually significant tributaries appear in this list, under the river into which they drain.

Rivers by latitude[edit]

Note: The rivers are ordered by the latitude of their outflows into the ocean, lakes, other rivers or out of Chile respectively.

10° S[edit]

Rivers of the Arica and Parinacota Region

20° S[edit]

Loa, San Pedro, Silala and Salado Rivers Basins


Atacama Region
Rivers of Coquimbo Region

30° S[edit]

Maipo, Aconcagua and Petorca Rivers basins
Maule, Mataquito and Rapel Rivers basins
Rivers of the Biobío and Araucanía Regions
Map of the drainage network of Valdivia River. Valdivia River empties to Corral Bay in the Pacific Ocean.

40° S[edit]

Aysén Region rivers

50° S[edit]

Largest rivers by basin area[edit]

Note: The rivers are ordered by their drainage basin area within Chile.

Rivers with a basin area of more than 10,000 km²
Rank Name Basin area Length
Loa River 33,570 km²[3] 440 km[3]
Baker River[1] 26,726 km² 170 km
Bío-Bío River 24,264 km²[4] 380 km[4]
Maule River 20,600 km²[5] 240 km[5]
Bueno River 15,367 km²[6] 130 km[6]
Maipo River 15,304 km²[7] 250 km[7]
Pascua River 14,760 km² 62 km
Rapel River1 13,695 km² [8] 167 km[9]
Imperial River 12.763 km²[10] 55 km[10]
Limarí River 11,800 km²[9] 64 km[9]
Aysén River 11,427 km²[11] 26 km[11]
Copiapó River 11,400 km²[12] 162 km[12]
Itata River 11,294 km²[13] 140 km[13]
Valdivia River2 10,275 km²[14] 140 km[14]


  • 1The length in the list is that of the tributary Tinguiririca River
  • 2The length in the list is the sum of Valdivia and Cruces River. The length of the proper Valdivia River is 15 km.

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