List of rivers of Tunisia

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This is a list of rivers and wadis in Tunisia. This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

North Coast[edit]

  • Oued Zouara
  • Oued Sejenane
  • Oued Joumine
  • Oued Tine
  • Oued Medjerda
    • Oued Siliana
    • Oued Tessa
    • Oued Mellègue
      • Oued Sarrath
  • Oued Miliane
    • Oued el Hamma
    • Oued al Hamet

East Coast[edit]

  • Oued el Hadjar
  • Oued Lebna
  • Oued Chiba
  • Oued Nebhana
  • Oued Zeroud
    • Oued Merguellil
    • Oued el Hattab
    • Oued el Hajel
      • Oued el Fekka
  • Oued el Leben


  • Oued el Melah
    • Oeud Sefioune
      • Oued el Kebir
  • Oued Jeneien