List of rivers of Turkey

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Map of Turkey showing major rivers.

Rivers of Turkey can be divided into several groups depending on where they flow.

Flow into the Black Sea[edit]


  • Mutludere (also known as Rezovo) flows from Turkey into Bulgaria. 112 km.
  • Veleka flows into Bulgaria and then into the Black Sea. 147 km (25 km in Turkey)


Flow into the Marmara Sea[edit]

Flow into the Aegean Sea[edit]


  • Meriç (Maritsa or Evros) is in the European section of Turkey and has its source in Bulgaria. It is 480 km long.
    • Tunca is a 350 km tributary in Bulgaria
    • Ergene is a tributary inside of Turkey.


Flow into the Mediterranean Sea[edit]

Flow into the Persian Gulf[edit]

Flow into the Caspian Sea[edit]



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