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The English rugby union league pyramid is topped by the Premiership.

The order of the pryamid is: •Premiership •Championship •National 1 •Two National 2 leagues, North and South •National 3 leagues, South and North •Below National 3, the structure is split geographically into four regions London and South East, Midlands, South West and North.

The London and South East and South West promotion candidates go into National 3 South, and the Midlands and North promotion candidates go into National 3 North. Each of the geographical regions has either two or four divisions (e.g. London 1, London 2 South/North, London 3 South-East/North-East/South-West/North-West, London 4 South-East..etc.) which may again be geographically separated.

Below these regional leagues are county leagues (e.g. Sussex, Kent, Hampshire). The county leagues are the lowest levels in the English game.

However, the Midlands region has phased out county leagues and instead have regionalisation down to division 6.

Changes for 2009–10[edit]

Starting with the 2009–10 season, several leagues changed names:

  • National Division One became the RFU Championship.
  • National Division Two became the new National League 1.
  • National Division Three became the new National League 2.


RFU Championship[edit]

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National League 1[edit]

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National League 2 North[edit]

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National League 2 South[edit]

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Former league teams[edit]

A number of former league teams have rejoined the thousands of clubs in the regional structure below

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