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Below is an incomplete list of writers, cartoonists and others known for their involvement in satire – humorous social criticism. They are grouped by era and listed by year of birth. Also included is a list of modern satires.

Early satirical authors[edit]

Medieval, Early Modern and 18th Century satirists[edit]

Modern satirists (born 1800–1900)[edit]

Modern satirists (born 1900–1930)[edit]

Modern satirists (born 1930–1960)[edit]

Modern satirists (born 1960–present)[edit]

Notable satires in contemporary popular culture[edit]

In modern culture, much satire is often the work of several individuals collectively, as in magazines and television. Hence the following list.


Roxii Berry - Mum's Gone Awol. Roxii Berry - Flirty Fifty. .


Television and radio[edit]



Video games[edit]



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