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Beige two-story building. An asphalt road field in front and tree-covered hill in the back
Colonial red building. The front of the building says "Charly's School".
Colegio de la Preciosa Sangre (left) and Colegio Charly's School (right), both from Pichilemu, are the only semi-private schools in Cardenal Caro.

There are sixty-three schools in Cardenal Caro, one of the three provinces of Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins Region in Chile. The province contains several primary schools and eight secondary schools. All schools in Cardenal Caro are municipal (owned by the government of their respective communes) except the Colegio de la Preciosa Sangre de Pichilemu and the Colegio Charly's School, which are semi-private (subsidized by the state). Forty-seven schools are located in rural areas, while the remaining sixteen are located in urban areas. All of them are coeducational.

Students in Chilean schools begin their formal education in prekínder between the ages of two and five. Primero básico is the first grade of primary education, which lasts until octavo básico (eighth grade). Students begin their secondary education in primero medio (ninth grade), and graduate in cuarto medio (twelfth grade).[1]

In 2010, there were seventy-eight schools in Cardenal Caro,[2] with 7,400 students in total.[3] As of 2012, the number of students in the province decreased to 6,681. The Colegio de la Preciosa Sangre from Pichilemu has the most students, with 558, and is followed by the Liceo Agustín Ross Edwards, also from Pichilemu, with 504, and the Escuela Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez from Litueche, with 489.


The enrollments given here are based on figures from the 2012 school year provided by the Ministry of Education, except the enrollment for Escuela La Villa, which is from 2011 and was published on the Pichilemu City Hall website. The number given in the last column corresponds to the database number (Rol de Base de Datos – RBD) for each school, provided by the Ministry of Education, and links to their respective page on the Más Información, Mejor Educación (MIME) website, which includes, among other things, information on the educational establishments' administrative staff, ranks per scores in the Sistema de Medición de Calidad de la Educación (Education Quality Measurement System – SIMCE) and Prueba de Selección Universitaria (University Selection Test – PSU) tests, and extracurricular activities.

Name Years Commune Authority Enrollment Website RBD
Escuela Guadalao 1–8 La Estrella Municipal 12 2698 (WC)
Escuela Profesora Mónica Silva Gómez Prekínder–8 La Estrella Municipal 243 2694 (WC)
Escuela Santa Rosa de La Aguada 1–8 La Estrella Municipal 17 2700 (WC)
Escuela Cardenal Raúl Silva Henríquez Prekínder–8 Litueche Municipal 489 40078 (WC)
Escuela Matancilla 1–8 Litueche Municipal 13 2685 (WC)
Escuela Paso del Soldado 1–8 Litueche Municipal 14 2687 (WC)
Escuela Pulin Prekínder–8 Litueche Municipal 112 2686 (WC)
Escuela Quelentaro Prekínder–8 Litueche Municipal 189 2682 (WC)
Escuela Santa Rosa de Manquehua 1–8 Litueche Municipal 12 2692 (WC)
Liceo El Rosario 9–12 Litueche Municipal 262 [1] 2681 (WC)
Escuela Santa Julia 1–8 Litueche Municipal 5 2691 (WC)
Escuela América Prekínder–8 Marchigüe Municipal 349 15526 (WC)
Escuela El Parque 1–8 Marchigüe Municipal 33 2704 (WC)
Escuela El Sauce 1–8 Marchigüe Municipal 40 2703 (WC)
Escuela La Quebrada 1–8 Marchigüe Municipal 15 2702 (WC)
Escuela Lo Marchant 1–8 Marchigüe Municipal 9 2706 (WC)
Escuela Nobeles de Chile Prekínder–8 Marchigüe Municipal 191 2707 (WC)
Escuela Pailimo Prekínder–8 Marchigüe Municipal 119 2708 (WC)
Escuela San Miguel de Viluco 1–8 Marchigüe Municipal 24 2711 (WC)
Instituto Cardenal Caro 9–12 Marchigüe Municipal 190 2701 (WC)
Escuela Trinidad 1–8 Marchigüe Municipal 9 2705 (WC)
Escuela Confederación Helvética 1–8 Navidad Municipal 97 2664 (WC)
Escuela La Boca de Rapel 1–8 Navidad Municipal 40 2666 (WC)
Escuela La Divina Gabriela Prekínder–8 Navidad Municipal 121 2658 (WC)
Escuela María Williams 1–8 Navidad Municipal 20 2678 (WC)
Escuela Carlos Ibáñez del Campo 1–8 Navidad Municipal 6 2663 (WC)
Escuela El Manzano 1–8 Navidad Municipal 24 2661 (WC)
Escuela Francisco Chávez Cifuentes Prekínder–8 Navidad Municipal 186 2660 (WC)
Escuela Padre Alberto Hurtado 1–8 Navidad Municipal 14 2673 (WC)
Liceo Pablo Neruda 7–12 Navidad Municipal 277 [2] 2657 (WC)
Escuela La Aguada 1–8 Navidad Municipal 8 2675 (WC)
Escuela Puertecillo 1–8 Navidad Municipal 3 15569 (WC)
Escuela Albertina Valenzuela Toledo Prekínder–8 Paredones Municipal 94 2717 (WC)
Escuela Esmeralda 1–8 Paredones Municipal 4 2727 (WC)
Escuela Las Carmelitas Prekínder–8 Paredones Municipal 33 2728 (WC)
Escuela Lo Valdivia Prekínder–8 Paredones Municipal 19 2725 (WC)
Escuela Los Copihues del Calvario 1–8 Paredones Municipal 20 2722 (WC)
Escuela Luis Artemón Pérez A. 1–8 Paredones Municipal 6 2719 (WC)
Escuela San Pedro de Alcántara Prekínder–8 Paredones Municipal 53 2716 (WC)
Escuela Santa Ana de La Población Prekínder–8 Paredones Municipal 19 2721 (WC)
Escuela Unión de Mujeres Americanas Prekínder–8 Paredones Municipal 117 2714 (WC)
Escuela Villa San Pedro Prekínder–8 Paredones Municipal 53 2637 (WC)
Liceo Mercedes Urzúa Díaz Prekínder–10 Paredones Municipal 269 2715 (WC)
Liceo de Paredones 9–12 Paredones Municipal 162 15808 (WC)
Escuela El Cardal 1–8 Paredones Municipal 5 2724 (WC)
Escuela Ciruelos 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 11 2652 (WC)
Colegio Charly's School Prekínder–12 Pichilemu Semi-private 276 [3] 15522 (WC)
Colegio Libertadores 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 249 2654 (WC)
Colegio de la Preciosa Sangre Prekínder–12 Pichilemu Semi-private 558 [4] 2656 (WC)
Escuela Alto Ramírez 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 9 2639 (WC)
Escuela Cáhuil 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 49 2650 (WC)
Escuela Digna Camilo Aguilar Prekínder–8 Pichilemu Municipal 330 11261 (WC)
Escuela Divino Maestro Prekínder–8 Pichilemu Municipal 384 15770 (WC)
Escuela Espinillo 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 7 2655 (WC)
Escuela Tanumé 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 5 2644 (WC)
Escuela La Aguada 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 22 2646 (WC)
Escuela La Villa 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 12[4] 2641 (WC)
Escuela Padre Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 10 2643 (WC)
Escuela Cardonal de Panilonco 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 47 11283 (WC)
Escuela Pueblo de Viudas 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 104 2636 (WC)
Liceo Agustín Ross Edwards 9–12 Pichilemu Municipal 504 [5] 2635 (WC)
Escuela Cóguil 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 16 2642 (WC)
Escuela Rodeíllo 1–8 Pichilemu Municipal 4 2647 (WC)


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