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Below is a list of notable high-schools in Kuwait. Most schools in Kuwait are public schools which educate in the Arabic language. There are however a few schools which run under Indian CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education), British, American and French systems, or a combination of languages.

Private American schools[edit]

Bilingual schools[edit]

 * Kuwait Academy Bilingual School ( K.A.B.S )
  • Canadian Bilingual school (C.B.S) * American Bilingual School (A.B.S)
  • Al-Ma'alee Bilingual School
  • Orbit International
  • Pioneers Bilingual School (PBS)
  • Alzabne school
  • The Rainbow Playgroup
  • Ajial Bilingual School
  • Al-Nibras International Bilingual School (N.I.S.)
  • Jahra Bilingual Academy
  • Hayat Universal Bilingual School (H.U.B.S.)

British schools[edit]

Al Quabandhi bilingual school

French school[edit]

  • Lycée Francais Du Koweït (L.F.K.)

Indian schools[edit]

 Integrated Indian School,Abbasiya

Egyptian schools[edit]

  • Kuwait Egyptian Embassy School - Jabriya (works at late afternoon timings)

Iranian schools[edit]

  • Iranian School of Kuwait

Pakistani schools[edit]

Private schools[edit]

  • Al-Jamil Private School, Salmya
  • Al Manhal Private School, Salmya
  • Al-Wataniya Private School, Hawally
  • Pakistan English Academy (Farwaniya)
  • Al Shahin school ( Medan hawally)
  • Al Najat School (Al najah)
  • Pakistan Academy School Ahmadi
  • AlQutoof private school

Public schools[edit]

  • Amer bin omar (Boys Elementary)
  • Sif al dawla (Boys Elementary)
  • Qis bin abi as (Boy Elementary)
  • Al ridifa (Girls Elementary)
  • Fatima bin al yaman (Girls Elementary)
  • Zaitona school
  • Al-Asmaey (Boys high school)
  • Al-jeel aljaded (Girls)
  • Qortuba high school (Girls high school)
  • Jaber Al-Ahmed (Secondary School)

Special needs schools[edit]

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