List of scientists whose names are used in chemical element names

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Fourteen of the chemical elements are named after scientists. Below is the list of those scientists whose names are used in element nomenclature.[1] Gadolinium, the first element in the list, is a naturally occurring element. The rest are synthetic elements.


Name of the scientist Birth and death dates Nationality Name of the element Symbol Atomic no.
Johann Gadolin 1760–1852 Finnish Gadolinium Gd 64
Marie Skłodowska-Curie
Pierre Curie
Curium Cm 96
Albert Einstein 1879–1955 German-American Einsteinium Es 99
Enrico Fermi 1901–1954 Italian-American Fermium Fm 100
Dmitri Mendeleev 1834–1907 Russian Mendelevium Md 101
Alfred Nobel 1833–1896 Swedish Nobelium No 102
Ernest Lawrence 1901–1958 American Lawrencium Lr 103
Ernest Rutherford 1871–1937 New Zealander-English Rutherfordium Rf 104
Glenn T. Seaborg 1912–1999 American Seaborgium Sg 106
Niels Bohr 1885–1962 Danish Bohrium Bh 107
Lise Meitner 1878–1968 Austrian-Swedish Meitnerium Mt 109
Wilhelm Röntgen 1845–1923 German Roentgenium Rg 111
Nicolaus Copernicus 1473–1543 Polish-German Copernicium Cn 112
Georgy Flyorov 1913–1990 Soviet Flerovium Fl 114

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