List of semiconductor IP core vendors

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The following is a list of major vendors in the business of licensing IP cores.

Analog-to-Digital Converters[edit]

Broadband modem and error correction[edit]

Digital to Analog Converters[edit]

Memory Interfaces[edit]

DRAM controllers[edit]

DRAM PHYs[edit]

Hybrid Memory Cube - HMC Controllers[edit]

Hybrid Memory Cube - HMC PHYs[edit]

Ethernet PHYs[edit]

General purpose microprocessors[edit]



I/O pad libraries[edit]

On-chip SRAMs[edit]

Peripheral Interconnect Controllers[edit]

Phase Locked Loops (PLLs)[edit]

Power Management[edit]

Serial ATA (SATA) controllers[edit]

Standard cell libraries[edit]

Storage Controllers[edit]

Video processors and computer graphics[edit]