List of ships of the Indian Navy

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This is a list of ships of the Indian Navy. It covers both the pre-independence Royal Indian Navy[1] and the post-independence Indian Navy. Prior to the abolition of the monarchy in 1950 ships carried the prefix HMINS, standing for His/Her Majesty's Indian Navy Ship. After the beginning of the republic in 1950, the prefix became simply INS.

Commissioned ships[edit]

Centaur class aircraft carrier
Modified Kiev Class
Rajput-class destroyers
Godavari-class frigates
Veer-class corvettes
Abhay-class corvettes
Khukri-class corvettes
Delhi-class destroyers
Kora-class corvettes
Brahmaputra-class frigates
Talwar-class frigates
Shivalik-class frigates
Kumbhir-class landing ships
Trinkat-class patrol vessels
Bangaram-class patrol vessels
Car Nicobar-class patrol vessels
Sandhayak-class survey ships
Makar-class survey vessels

Decommissioned Ships[edit]

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