List of ships present at International Fleet Review, 2005

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International Fleet Review seen from Fort Blockhouse in Gosport.

List of ships present at the International Fleet Review, Portsmouth, July 2005. None of the photographs were taken at the Review unless otherwise noted.

Navy representatives[edit]

Royal Navy[edit]


Landing-craft ships[edit]

Trafalgar-class submarine[edit]

Type 42 destroyers[edit]


Type 22s[edit]
Type 23s[edit]
HMS Iron Duke at the review

Survey vessels[edit]

Coastal survey vessels[edit]
Ocean survey vessels[edit]
Echo-class survey vessel[edit]
Antarctic patrol vessel[edit]
HMS Endurance passing the Charles de Gaulle during the review

Patrol Vessels[edit]

River-class patrol vessel[edit]
Archer-class fast patrol vessel[edit]


Hunt-class MCMVs[edit]
Sandown-class minehunters[edit]
HMS Bangor sweeping Southampton Water in preparation for the review

Royal Fleet Auxiliary[edit]

A picture taken from the wheelhouse of HMS Example just before the International Fleet Review.

Royal Navy harbour tugs[edit]

Foreign Navies[edit]

US Navy[edit]

US Coast Guard[edit]

European Navies[edit]

HMCS Montreal (FFH 336) at the review
INS Tarangini
Baltic States and Russia[edit]

African navies[edit]

South American navies[edit]

Commonwealth Navies[edit]

Australian Navy[edit]
Canadian Navy[edit]

Middle East and Asian navies[edit]

Non-navy ships[edit]

Training ships and tall ships[edit]

Grand Turk at the Review
*Sloop Pickle, a reconstruction of HMS Pickle



MV Balmoral, SS Shieldhall, MV John Jerwood (SCC), MV Princess Caroline, MV Sand Harrier, Tug Challenge

By company[edit]


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