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Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, 1857

This is a list of shipwrecks located off the coast of Massachusetts.

Barnstable County[edit]

Due to its dangerously hidden and constantly moving shoals located just off-shore, Cape Cod's coastline from Chatham to Provincetown – a mere fifty-mile stretch of sea – has been called an "ocean graveyard", containing over 3,000 shipwrecks.[1]

Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates
Alva 25 July 1892 A luxury yacht that was rammed in fog by the steamer H. F. Dimock off Chatham.
Aransas 7 May 1905 A passenger steamer that collided with the schooner barge Glendower in fog, off Chatham.
USS Bancroft July 1945 A Clemson-class destroyer that sank in a collision off Cape Cod.
Dixie Sword 12 February 1942 A cargo ship that foundered in a storm off Monomoy Island, and is thought to have been torpedoed. 41°32′58″N 69°58′50″W / 41.54944°N 69.98056°W / 41.54944; -69.98056 (Dixie Sword)
General Greene 6 March 1960 A USCG Cutter that was blown onto a beach at Sandwich while disabled in storm.
Horatio Hall 10 March 1909 A steamship that collided in fog with the freighter H. F. Dimock, 3 miles east of Chatham.
James Longstreet A Liberty ship that ran aground in 1943, and was used as a target ship until 1971. 41°49′53.27″N 70°02′39.28″W / 41.8314639°N 70.0442444°W / 41.8314639; -70.0442444 (SS James Longstreet)
Kate Harding 30 November 1892 A barque that was beached in a storm, near Cape Cod Light.
USS Merrimack A ship that served in the Quasi-War and was wrecked off Cape Cod. 42°07′34″N 69°44′56″W / 42.126°N 69.749°W / 42.126; -69.749 (USS Merrimack (1798))
Montclair 4 March 1927 A schooner that ran aground off Nauset Light in a storm.
Paul Palmer 15 June 1913 A schooner that caught fire and sank off Provincetown.
Pendleton 18 February 1952 A tanker that broke in half in a storm, 1 mile east of Monomoy Island. 41°35′10″N 69°57′45″W / 41.58611°N 69.96250°W / 41.58611; -69.96250 (Pendleton)
HMS Somerset 2 November 1778 A third-rate ship of the line that ran aground in a storm off Provincetown. 42°4′34″N 70°8′53″W / 42.07611°N 70.14806°W / 42.07611; -70.14806 (HMS Somerset)
Whydah Gally 26 April 1717 The flagship of the pirate "Black Sam" Bellamy, which sank in a storm off Marconi Beach, claiming the lives of Bellamy and most of his crew. 41°53′31″N 69°57′34″W / 41.89194°N 69.95944°W / 41.89194; -69.95944 (Whydah Gally)

Bristol County[edit]

Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates
Angela 4 March 1971 A cement barge that broke its towline in a storm and grounded on a reef off Westport. 41°27′40″N 71°02′02″W / 41.46111°N 71.03389°W / 41.46111; -71.03389 (Angela)
City of Taunton 1930s A steamship that was beached at Somerset and abandoned. 41°42′39″N 71°10′33″W / 41.71083°N 71.17583°W / 41.71083; -71.17583 (City of Taunton (ship))
Colonel William B. Cowin 17 December 1941 A ferry that struck Hens and Chickens Reef off Westport and sank quickly. 41°28.3′N 70°58.8′W / 41.4717°N 70.9800°W / 41.4717; -70.9800 (Colonel Willam B. Cowlin)
Hilda Garston 20 February 1961 A dredger that struck a reef off Westport. 41°16.4′N 71°02.1′W / 41.2733°N 71.0350°W / 41.2733; -71.0350 (Hilda Garston)

Dukes County[edit]

Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates
Ardandhu 23 January 1900 A cargo ship that collided in fog with the steamer Herman Winter in Vineyard Sound. 41°26′30″N 70°48′00″W / 41.44167°N 70.80000°W / 41.44167; -70.80000 (Ardandhu)
SS City of Columbus 18 January 1884 A steamboat that ran aground on Devil's Bridge, off Aquinnah. 41°21′36″N 70°50′55″W / 41.36000°N 70.84861°W / 41.36000; -70.84861 (SS City of Columbus)
Dynafuel 15 November 1963 A tanker that collided with Norwegian freighter Fernview northwest of Pasque Island. 41°28′18″N 70°51′12″W / 41.47167°N 70.85333°W / 41.47167; -70.85333 (Dynafuel)
Herman Winter 7 March 1944 A steamship that was stranded on Devils Bridge reef, off Martha's Vineyard. 41°20′57″N 70°50′50″W / 41.34917°N 70.84722°W / 41.34917; -70.84722 (Herman Winter)
John S. Dwight 6 April 1923 A rum runner that was scuttled south of Nashawena Island. 41°23′26″N 70°52′36″W / 41.39056°N 70.87667°W / 41.39056; -70.87667 (John S. Dwight)
Mertie B. Crowley 23 January 1910 A schooner that ran aground on Wasque Shoal, off Martha's Vineyard.
Nantucket 7 August 1859 A whaler that was wrecked on Nashawena Island.
USS Valor 29 June 1944 An Accentor-class minesweeper sunk by USS Richard W. Suesens off Cuttyhunk. 41°28′N 70°57′W / 41.467°N 70.950°W / 41.467; -70.950 (USS Valor (AMc-108))

Essex County[edit]

Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates
Jennie M. Carter April 13, 1894 A schooner smashed into one of the jetties in a storm off Salisbury.
USS Albert Gallatin 6 January 1892 A cutter that grounded on Boo Hoo Ledge off Manchester. 42°33′50″N 70°44′52″W / 42.56389°N 70.74778°W / 42.56389; -70.74778 (USS Albert Gallatin (1871))
Alice M. Colburn 3 January 1923 A schooner that ran aground and broke up in a storm off Manchester.
Alma A. E. Holmes 10 October 1914 A schooner that collided with the steamer Belfast off Marblehead. 42°26′6″N 70°44′54″W / 42.43500°N 70.74833°W / 42.43500; -70.74833 (Alma A. E. Holmes (ship))
California 15 September 1955 A fishing trawler that ran aground on a ledge off Rockport. 42°40′25″N 70°34′19″W / 42.67361°N 70.57194°W / 42.67361; -70.57194 (California (trawler))
Charles S. Haight 1946 A cargo ship that was stranded on a ledge off Rockport. 42°40′38″N 70°35′03″W / 42.67722°N 70.58417°W / 42.67722; -70.58417 (Charles S. Haight)
Chelsea 10 February 1957 A tanker that was grounded on the Sandy Bay Breakwater northeast of Thatcher Island. 42°38′52″N 70°34′11″W / 42.64778°N 70.56972°W / 42.64778; -70.56972 (Chelsea (ship))
Chester A. Poling 10 January 1977 An oil tanker that broke in half in a storm, southwest of Eastern Point Light.
Edward Rich 30 August 1899 A schooner that struck the Sandy Bay Breakwater off Rockport in fog. 42°40′39″N 70°35′25″W / 42.67750°N 70.59028°W / 42.67750; -70.59028 (Edward Rich)
Ellenora Van Dusen 20 September 1900 A schooner that caught fire and sank in Gloucester Harbor.
Frank A. Palmer 17 December 1902 A schooner that collided with the Louise B. Crary off Gloucester.
USS Grouse (AMS-15) 21 September 1963 A YMS-1-class minesweeper that ran aground off Rockport. 42°40′24″N 70°34′29″W / 42.67333°N 70.57472°W / 42.67333; -70.57472 (USS Grouse (AMS-15))
Herbert 5 August 1924 A lighter that was rammed in fog by the steamer City of Gloucester while at anchor off Nahant. 42°25′05″N 70°51′25″W / 42.41806°N 70.85694°W / 42.41806; -70.85694 (Herbert)
Louise B. Crary 1902 A schooner that collided with the Frank A. Palmer off Gloucester.
Monohansett June 1904 A paddle steamer that sank off Salem Harbor.
Nina T September 1997 A fishing trawler that was scuttled off Gloucester. 42°34.133′N 70°40.522′W / 42.568883°N 70.675367°W / 42.568883; -70.675367 (Nina T)
Northern Voyager 1997 A factory ship that foundered during sea trials after refit, 2.5 miles east of Eastern Point Light. 42°34.451′N 070°36.295′W / 42.574183°N 70.604917°W / 42.574183; -70.604917 (Northern Voyager)
Portland 27 November 1898 A steamship that sank off Cape Ann in the Portland Gale.
Ada K. Damon 26 December 1909 A Grand Banks schooner that wrecked on Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts. 42°41′28.14″N 70°46′58.14″W / 42.6911500°N 70.7828167°W / 42.6911500; -70.7828167 (Ada K. Damon (1871))

Nantucket County[edit]

Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates
Alice M. Lawrence 5 December 1914 A schooner that was grounded on Tuckermuck Shoal, in Nantucket Sound. 41°24′13″N 70°13′00″W / 41.40361°N 70.21667°W / 41.40361; -70.21667 (Alice M. Lawrence)
MV Argo Merchant December 1976 An oil tanker that ran aground 25 miles southeast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, causing an oil spill. 41°01′59″N 69°27′00″W / 41.033°N 69.45°W / 41.033; -69.45 (MV Argo Merchant)
Barge & Crane 1 November 1963 A crane barge that foundered in Nantucket Sound. 41°26′03″N 70°13′28″W / 41.43417°N 70.22444°W / 41.43417; -70.22444 (Barge & Crane)
Edward E. Briry 15 December 1917 A schooner that foundered in a gale 6 miles northeast of Great Point Light.
Fort Mercer 18 February 1952 A tanker that broke in half in heavy seas southeast of Nantucket.
French Van Gilder 29 March 1885 A schooner that was grounded on Tuckermuck Shoal in Nantucket Sound. 41°24.1′N 70°13′W / 41.4017°N 70.217°W / 41.4017; -70.217 (French Van Gilder)
Jennie French Potter 18 May 1909 A schooner that was grounded on Halfmoon Shoal in Nantucket Sound. 41°28′28″N 70°16′38″W / 41.47444°N 70.27722°W / 41.47444; -70.27722 (Jennie French Potter)
Kershaw 1 June 1928 A cargo ship that collided with the liner President Garfield northeast of East Chop Light. 41°28.9′N 70°31.9′W / 41.4817°N 70.5317°W / 41.4817; -70.5317 (Kershaw)
LV-117 15 May 1934 A lightvessel that was rammed by RMS Olympic off Nantucket. 40°37′2″N 69°37′6″W / 40.61722°N 69.61833°W / 40.61722; -69.61833 (United States lightship LV-117)
LV-58 11 December 1905 A lightvessel that started to leak and sank while being towed off Nantucket.
SS North American 4 September 1967 A steamboat that sank under tow off Nantucket. 42°11′00″N 87°39′00″W / 42.18333°N 87.65000°W / 42.18333; -87.65000 (SS North American)
Pemberton 13 February 1907 A schooner that caught fire and sank northeast of Nobska Light. 41°30′59″N 70°37′41″W / 41.51639°N 70.62806°W / 41.51639; -70.62806 (Pemberton)
RawFaith 8 December 2010 A wheelchair-accessible galleon that sank off Nantucket.
U-550 16 April 1944 A Type IXC/40 U-boat sunk by USS Joyce off Nantucket. 40°09′N 69°44′W / 40.150°N 69.733°W / 40.150; -69.733 (German submarine U-550)

Plymouth County[edit]

Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates
Columbia 26 November 1898 A schooner that was blown onto the beach at Scituate in a storm.
Delaware 27 November 1898 A barge that sank off Scituate in the Portland Gale.
Edna G. June 1988 A fishing vessel that sank near Stellwagen Bank.
Forest Queen 29 February 1853 A cargo ship that grounded off Second Cliff Beach, Scituate, in a storm.
Henry Endicott 18 September 1939 A schooner that foundered southeast of Manomet while under tow in heavy seas. 41°54′30″N 70°29′08″W / 41.90833°N 70.48556°W / 41.90833; -70.48556 (Henry Endicott)
Kenwood 4 February 1926 A schooner that was blown onto rocks in a gale, north of Cedar Point, Scituate.
Mars 13 September 1942 A tug that collided with the tanker Bidwell east of Manomet. 41°56′16″N 70°29′33″W / 41.93778°N 70.49250°W / 41.93778; -70.49250 (Mars)
USS Mohave (AT-15) 13 February 1928 An Arapaho-class fleet tug that struck a submerged ledge near Nantasket Beach. 42°18′18″N 70°50′52″W / 42.30500°N 70.84778°W / 42.30500; -70.84778 (USS Mohave (AT-15))
Nancy 20 February 1927 A schooner that dragged her anchor onto Nantasket Beach in a storm.

Suffolk County[edit]

Ship Sunk date Notes Coordinates
Baleen 1 November 1975 A tug that foundered in Boston Harbor, northeast of The Graves Light, while in tow after a fire on board. 42°23′05″N 70°44′02″W / 42.38472°N 70.73389°W / 42.38472; -70.73389 (Baleen (ship))
City of Salisbury 22 April 1938 A cargo ship that struck a ledge in fog and broke up in Boston Harbor. 42°22′26″N 70°51′35″W / 42.37389°N 70.85972°W / 42.37389; -70.85972 (City of Salisbury (ship))
Coyote 1932 A steamboat that was scuttled outside Boston Harbor. 42°22′06″N 70°43′06″W / 42.36833°N 70.71833°W / 42.36833; -70.71833 (Coyote)
Davis Palmer 26 December 1909 A schooner that struck Graves Ledge in Boston Harbor. 42°22′19″N 70°55′29″W / 42.37194°N 70.92472°W / 42.37194; -70.92472 (Davis Palmer)
King Philip 7 April 1935 A steamboat that sank at dock, and was raised and scuttled in Boston Harbor.
Kiowa 26 December 1903 A cargo ship that was rammed by the steamer Admiral Dewy in a snowstorm, while anchored southeast of Boston Light. 42°19′19″N 70°51′52″W / 42.32194°N 70.86444°W / 42.32194; -70.86444 (Kiowa)
Mary E. O'Hara 21 January 1941 A fishing vessel that collided with the barge Winifred Sheridan in Boston Harbor. 42°23′00″N 70°55′00″W / 42.38333°N 70.91667°W / 42.38333; -70.91667 (Mary E. O'Hara)


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