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Small modular reactors are approximately one-third the size of the current nuclear plants (about 350 MWe or less), have compact and scalable designs which propose to offer a host of safety, construction and economic benefits by offering great potential for lower initial capital investment and scalability.

Sortable table
Name Power (in MWe) Technology Producer
a 0 a a
CAREM 27 PWR CNEA & INVAP, Argentina
mPower 180 PWR Babcock & Wilcox, USA
SMR-160 140 PWR Holtec International, USA
Fuji MSR 100–200 MSR ITHMSO, Japan-Russia-USA
Hyperion Power Module[1] 25 LFR Hyperion Pwr Gen - Santa Fe, NM USA
KLT-40 35 PWR OKBM, Russia
MRX 30–100 PWR JAERI, Japan
IRIS-100 100 PWR Westinghouse-led, international
NP-300 100–300 PWR Areva TA, France
Flexblue 50–250 PWR Areva TA / DCNS group, France
VK-300 300 BWR Atomstroyexport, Russia
PBMR 165 HTGR Eskom, South Africa, et al.
GT-MHR 285 HTGR General Atomics (USA), Minatom (Russia) et al.
BREST[2] 300 LFR RDIPE (Russia)
4S 10–50 FNR Toshiba - Japan
S-PRISM 311 FBR GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy
TerraPower 10 TWR Intellectual Ventures - Bellevue, WA USA
Westinghouse SMR 225 PWR Westinghouse Electric Company, USA
SVBR[3] 10–100 LFR OKB Gidropress (Russia)
WAMSR 500 MSR Transatomic Power, USA
NuScale 45 LWR NuScale Power LLC, USA
IMSR 25 MSR Terrestrial Energy, Inc., Canada
z 9999 z z

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