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The individual, wild species of lizards, snakes, and turtles extant in the U.S. state of Colorado:


Family Species Common Name
Crotaphytidae Crotaphytus collaris Collared lizard
Crotaphytidae Gambelia wislizenii Longnose leopard lizard
Phrynosomatidae Holbrookia maculata Lesser earless lizard
Phrynosomatidae Phrynosoma cornutum Texas horned lizard
Phrynosomatidae Phrynosoma hernandesi Short-horned lizard
Phrynosomatidae Phrynosoma modestum Round-tail horned lizard
Phrynosomatidae Sceloporus graciosus Sagebrush lizard
Phrynosomatidae Sceloporus magister Desert spiny lizard
Phrynosomatidae Sceloporus undulatus Prairie lizard / Plateau lizard
Phrynosomatidae Urosaurus ornatus Tree lizard
Phrynosomatidae Uta stansburiana Side-bloched lizard
Scincidae Eumeces gaigeae Variable skink
Scincidae Eumeces multivirgatus Many-lined skink
Scincidae Eumeces obsoletus Great Plains skink
Teiidae Cnemidophorus neotesselatus* Triploid Colorado checkered whiptail
Teiidae Cnemidophorus sexlineatus Six-lined racerunner
Teiidae Cnemidophorus tesselatus Diploid Colorado checkered whiptail
Teiidae Cnemidophorus tigris Western whiptail
Teiidae Cnemidophorus velox* Plateau striped whiptail

*Article exists for this genus, but not the individual species.


Family Species Common Name
Colubridae Arizona elegans Glossy snake
Colubridae Coluber constrictor Racer
Colubridae Diadophis punctatus Ringneck snake
Colubridae Elaphe guttata Corn snake
Colubridae Heterodon nasicus Western hognose snake
Colubridae Heterodon platirhinos Eastern hognose snake
Colubridae Hypsiglena torquata Night snake
Colubridae Lampropeltis getula Common kingsnake
Colubridae Lampropeltis triangulum Milk snake
Colubridae Opheodrys vernalis Smooth green snake
Colubridae Masticophis flagellum Coachwhip
Colubridae Masticophis taeniatus Striped whipsnake
Colubridae Nerodia sipedon Northern water snake
Colubridae Pituophis catenifer Bullsnake or Gopher snake
Colubridae Rhinocheilus lecontei Longnose snake
Colubridae Sonora semiannulata Ground snake
Colubridae Tantilla hobartsmithi Southwestern blackhead snake
Colubridae Tantilla nigriceps* Plains blackhead snake
Colubridae Thamnophis cyrtopsis* Blackneck garter snake
Colubridae Thamnophis elegans Western Terrestrial Garter snake
Colubridae Thamnophis proximus Redstripe Ribbon Snake
Colubridae Thamnophis radix* Plains garter snake
Colubridae Thamnophis sirtalis Common garter snake
Colubridae Tropidoclonion lineatum Lined snake
Leptotyphlopidae Leptotyphlops dulcis Texas blind snake
Viperidae Crotalus oreganus concolor Midget Faded rattlesnake
Viperidae Crotalus viridis Western Rattlesnake
Viperidae Sistrurus catenatus Massasauga

*Article exists for this genus, but not the individual species.


Family Species Common Name Ref Comment
Chelydridae Chelydra serpentina Snapping turtle [1]
Kinosternidae Kinosternon flavescens Yellow mud turtle [1]
Emydidae Chrysemys picta Painted turtle [1]
Emydidae Terrapene ornata Ornate Box turtle [1]
Emydidae Trachemys scripta elegans Red-eared slider [1] Introduced
Trionychidae Apalone spinifera Spiny softshell [1]


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