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This is a list of songs about County Louth, Ireland.

  • "Dear Dundalk" - Written and recorded by Dundalk-born musician Des Wilson (1943–1990).[1]
  • "The Town of Dundalk" - Written by George Elliot and Michael Byron, recorded by Michael Bracken.
  • "The Wee County" - Written and recorded by Annie Mc.
  • "The Blackbird of Slane" - Song by T. Smith about the WW1 poet Francis Ledwidge, recorded by Seán Donnelly.[2]
  • "Football Final 1957" - By Nicholas Craven. Collected by Pat Hillen and Tom Kindlon from the singing of Jemmy Dowdall. Air: "The Mountains of Mourne"
  • "Grand Old County Louth" - Written by John Nestor and Bobby O'Driscoll.
  • "Victorious Roche" - Victory of Roche Emmets, 3 January 1954. Written by Jack Sands. Air: "The Soirée on Skull Hill"
  • "Wren Boys Song" - A local song.[3]
  • "The Soiree at Skull Hill" - written by Willie Hynes, postman, 1912.
  • "The Turfman from Ardee"
  • "The Woods of County Louth" - written by Hugh McKitterick and Larry Magnier - recorded by Dermot O'Brien (1977)
  • "Farewell to Carlingford"
  • "The Rose of Ardee"
  • "The Hurling Match at Bavan, Omeath, 1750"
  • "Election Ballad of 1826"
  • "Liberty's Battle" (election song)
  • "Usurpation Conquered" (election song)
  • "The Mountains of Cooley" - written by Eilish Boland.
  • "Come sing a song for Louth" - written by Hugh McKitterick

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