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This is a list of songs of any genre that take a significant portion of their lyrics from poems or poetic works. This is not intended to cover poetry readings with musical backdrops, songs that allude to poems, or works always intended to be songs.

Rachel Bluwstein[edit]

  • "I Know to Speak Only of Myself"
  • "Date, half a date (Peguisha, Chatzi peguisha)"
    • By Hanan Yovel, Dorit Reuveni & Danny Katz

Robert Burns[edit]

Federico García Lorca[edit]

George Gordon Byron[edit]

Ronny Someck[edit]

Emily Dickinson[edit]

Pablo Neruda[edit]

Edgar Allan Poe[edit]

Christina Rossetti[edit]

William Shakespeare[edit]

Hannah Szenes[edit]

Phillip Brady[edit]

William Butler Yeats[edit]

Patrick Kavanagh[edit]


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