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G-Dragon is a South Korean rapper, musician, and leader of the hip-hop boy group Big Bang. G-Dragon started in the entertainment industry at 5 years old as part of a kids singing group Little Roora. When Little Roora disbanded, he spent over 11 years in total bouncing around different labels in Korea until he found fame with Big Bang in 2006. G-Dragon is widely known to be the main composer and producer of the group, penning almost all of the group's major hits, including "Lies", "Last Farewell", and "Haru Haru" - the most digitally downloaded song in Korean music history.[1] Korea Times has called him a "genius singer-songwriter", citing his songs became instant hits and an anthem for young people around the country.[2] In 2008, at age 20, G-Dragon was the youngest to be awarded The 10 Greatest Korean Composers.[3] As of October 2013, the Korea Music Copyright Association has 145 songs listed under his name.[4]

Big Bang albums[edit]

Year Album Song Lyrics Music Notes
Credited With Credited With
2006 First Single Intro (Put Your Hands Up!) Yes Yes Brave Brothers
We Belong Together ft. Park Bom Yes T.O.P. Yes
This Love Yes Yes Maroon 5 cover
Second Single La La La Yes Big Bang Perry
Ma Girl Yes Israel Dwaine Cruz
V.I.P. Yes Big Bang Yes Kim Do-hyung
Third Single Victory (Intro) Yes Yes Brave Brothers
Big Bang Yes Perry
Forever With You ft. Park Bom Yes T.O.P. Yes
Goodbye Baby Yes Taeyang, T.O.P Perry, Brave Brothers
Since 2007 Shake It Yes Yes Brave Brothers
2007 Always We Are Big Bang Yes Big Bang Perry
Lies Yes Yes
Oh Ma Baby Yes Yes Brave Brothers
Always Yes Teddy Park Teddy Park, Perry
Hot Issue Hot Issue (Intro) Yes Yes
Fool Yes Yes
But I Love U Yes Yes S-Kush sampling Redd Holt Unlimited's "Rhu"
I Don't Understand Yes Choi Pil Kang
Crazy Dog Yes Yes Perry, Brave Brothers Sampling from Seo Taiji & Boys's "In My Fantasy"[5]
Last Farewell Yes Yes Brave Brothers
2008 For the World How Gee Yes Perry, Big Bang Yes Perry, Big Bang
With U Intro Yes Perry Yes Perry
With U Yes Perry Yes Perry
Stand Up Intro (Stand Up) Yes T.O.P. Yes KUSH, Teddy
Haru Haru Yes Yes Daishi Dance
Heaven Yes Yes Daishi Dance
Lady Yes Yes Teddy
Oh My Friend Yes Yes No Brain
Remember Everybody Scream (Intro) Yes Yes KUSH
Oh, Ah, Oh Yes Yes Teddy
Sunset Glow Yes Lee Hyunghon Yes Lee Hyunghon, Teddy
Twinkle Twinkle Yes KUSH, T.O.P. KUSH
Strong Baby Yes Yes Bae Jin Yeol
Wonderful Yes T.O.P. Yes Brave Brothers
Foolish Love Yes Choi Kyusung, KUSH
2009 My Heaven Emotion Yes Komu Jimmy Thornfeldt, Mohombi, Perry Borja
Gara Gara Go! Gara Gara Go! Shion, Ritchii, Big Ron Yes Jimmy Thornfeldt, Mohombi
Big Bang Intro Yes Jimmy Thornfeldt instrumental
Bringing You Love Yes Jimmy Thornfeldt
Love Club Yes Jimmy Thornfeldt
2011 Tonight Intro (Thank You & You) Yes Yes Choice37
Hands Up Yes Yes e.knock
Tonight Yes T.O.P. Yes e.knock
Somebody to Love Yes Yes Ham Seung-chun, Kang Wook-jin
What is Right Yes T.O.P. Yes D.J Murf, PEEJAY
Cafe Yes T.O.P. Yes D.J Murf, PEEJAY
Big Bang Special Edition Love Song Yes Teddy, T.O.P. Yes Teddy
Stupid Liar Yes T.O.P. Yes Choi Pil-kang
2012 Alive Intro (Alive) Yes Teddy Yes Teddy, Dee.P
Blue Yes Teddy, T.O.P. Yes Teddy
사랑먼지 (Love Dust) Yes Teddy, T.O.P. Yes Teddy
Bad Boy Yes T.O.P. Yes Choice37
재미없어 (Ain't No Fun) Yes T.O.P. Yes DJ Murf, Peejay
Fantastic Baby Yes T.O.P. Yes Teddy
날개 (Wings) Yes Daesung Yes Choi Pil-kang
Alive (Japanese) Ego Yes Sunny Boy Yes Ham Seung Cheon, Kang Wook Jin
Feeling Yes Yes Boys Noize
Still Alive[6] Still Alive Yes Teddy, T.O.P. Yes Teddy, Dee.P
Monster Yes Yes Choi Pil-kang
Bingle Bingle Yes Yes Teddy, So Won-jin

Solo albums[edit]

Year Album Song Lyrics Music Notes
Credited With Credited With
2009 Heartbreaker A Boy (소년이여) Yes Yes Choice37
Heartbreaker Yes Yes Jimmy Thornfelt
Breathe Yes Yes Jimmy Thornfelt
Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung) Yes Yes Choice37
Hello (feat. Sandara) Yes Yes KUSH
Gossip Man (feat. Kim Gun-mo) Yes Yes Teddy
Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang) Yes Yes Jimmy Thornfelt
The Leaders (feat. Teddy & CL) Yes Teddy, CL Teddy
She's Gone (feat. KUSH) Yes Yes KUSH
1 Year Station (1년 정거장) Yes Yes KUSH
2010 GD & TOP Intro Yes T.O.P. Yes T.O.P., e.knock
High High Yes Teddy, T.O.P. Yes Teddy
Oh Yeah (ft. Park Bom) Yes T.O.P., Teddy Yes Teddy, Sunwoo Jungah
집에 가지마 (Don't Leave) Yes T.O.P. Yes Teddy, e.knock
Baby Goodnight Yes T.O.P. Yes T.O.P., e.knock, 1 ON
뻑이가요 (Knock Out) Yes T.O.P. Yes T.O.P., Diplo
악몽 Akmong (Obsession) Yes Yes e.knock
어쩌란 말이냐? (What Do You Want?) Yes Yes e.knock
2012 One of a Kind One of a Kind Yes Yes Choice37
That XX Yes Teddy Yes Teddy Mature content 19+[7]
Crayon (크레용) Yes Teddy Yes Teddy
결국 Yes Yes 함승천 Ham Seung-chon, 강욱진 Kang Wook-jin
Missing You Yes Teddy Yes Choi Pil-kang
Today Yes Yes Choice37
불 불 여봐라 Yes Tablo, Dok2 Yes Teddy
2013 Coup D'etat Coup D'Etat Yes Yes Diplo, Baauer
Niliria (feat. Missy Elliott) Yes Missy Elliot Yes Teddy, Missy Elliot
Niliria Yes Teddy Yes Teddy, Missy Elliot
R.O.D (feat. Lydia Paek) Yes Teddy, Choice37 Teddy
Who You Yes Yes KUSH
Black (feat. Jenny Kim) Yes Teddy Teddy
Black (feat. Sky Ferrira) Yes Teddy Teddy
Shake the World Yes Yes Choice37
MichiGO Yes Yes Ham Seung-Cheon, PK
Crooked Yes Teddy Yes Teddy
Runaway Yes Yes Dee. P
I Love It (feat. Zion T) Yes Yes Boys Noize, Siriusmo
You Do (Outro) Yes Yes Choice37
Window Yes Teddy Yes Choice37, Teddy

Other work[edit]

Year Album Song Lyrics Music Notes
Credited With Credited With
2008 Look At Me, Gwisun Look At Me, Gwisun Yes Yes KUSH Daesung's digital single[8]
FILA Limited Edition with BIGBANG Stylish (The FILA) Perry Yes digital single for FILA sponsorship[9]
Hot Intro Yes Yes Brave Brothers Taeyang's solo album
Baby, I'm Sorry Yes Jeon Seung Woo
2009 대박이야! Daebagiya 대박이야 ! (A Big Hit !) Yes Yes Daesung's digital single[10]
Iris (Part 3) 할렐루야 Hallelujah Yes Yes Teddy, Kush OST song[11]
2010 Lollipop Pt. 2 Lollipop Pt. 2 Yes Teddy, T.O.P. Teddy digital LG promotional single[12]
Solar After You Fall Asleep Yes Swings Yes Choice37 Taeyang's solo album
2011 Infinite Challenge (West Coast Highway Music Festival) I Cheated ft. Park Myung Soo & Park Bom Yes Yes recorded for a television music contest[13]
VVIP 창문을 열어 Yes Choi Pil-kang Choi Pil-kang Seungri's solo album
The North Face Song Yes Yes Kush The North Face Korea promotional song[14]
2012 Psy: 싸이6甲 part1 청개구리 (Tree frog) Yes Psy Psy, Yoo Gun Hyung
2014 Crush Good To You Yes Teddy Teddy, Choice 37 2NE1 Album
Rise Ringa Linga Yes Dok2 Yes Shockbit Taeyang's solo album
Stay with Me Yes Yes The Fliptones, JHart
GD x Taeyang (GDYB) Good Boy Yes Yes The Fliptones, Freedo YG Hip Hop Project


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