List of sovereign states in 1800

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Sovereign states by year
List of sovereign states in 1799 Events of 1800 List of sovereign states in 1801

Sovereign states[edit]


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of the Aceh Sultanate.png
Aceh Aceh Sultanate
Ahom insignia plain.svg
Ahom Ahom Kingdom
Drapeau Ajaigarh.png
Ajaigarh Ajaigarh State
A blank flag.png
Drapeau AliRajpur.png
Alwar flag.svg
A blank flag.png
Andorra Principality of Andorra
A blank flag.png
Flag of Anhalt Duchies.png
Anhalt-Bernburg Principality (Duchy) of Anhalt-Bernburg
Flag of Ankole.svg
Ankole Kingdom of Ankole
Annam Empire of Annam
A blank flag.png
Anziku Anziku Kingdom
Omu Aro flag.jpg
Aro Aro Confederacy
Ashanti Empire Flag.svg
Ashanti Empire Asante Union
A blank flag.png
Flag of Austria.svg
Austria Archduchy of Austria


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Baguirmi Kingdom of Baguirmi
A blank flag.png
Bambara Bambara Empire
A blank flag.png
Baol Kingdom of Baol
Flag of the Benin Empire.svg
Benin Benin Empire
A blank flag.png
Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan
Flag of Bohemia.svg
Bohemia Kingdom of Bohemia
Bornu flag of vallseca 1439.jpg
Bornu Bornu Empire
Old Flag of Brunei.svg
Brunei Sultanate of Brunei
Flag of Buganda.svg
Buganda Kingdom of Buganda
Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara.svg
Bukhara Emirate of Bukhara
Flag of Bunyoro, Uganda.svg
Bunyoro Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara
Flag of the Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myanmar.svg
Burma Kingdom of Burma
A blank flag.png
Burundu Kingdom of Burundu


Flag Name Full Name
Ancient flag of Cambodia.png
Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia
A blank flag.png
Cayor Kingdom of Cayor
A blank flag.png
Champasak Kingdom of Champasak
A blank flag.png
China Great Qing Empire
Flag of Cospaia.svg
Cospaia Republic of Cospaia
Flag of the Couto Misto.svg
Couto Misto
Flag of Croatia Landesfarben.gif
Croatia Kingdom of Croatia


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Dahomey Kingdom of Dahomey
Flag of Denmark.svg
Denmark-Norway United Kingdoms of Denmark and Norway
Flag of Herat until 1842.svg
Durrani Durrani Empire


Flag Name Full Name
Ethiopian Pennants.svg
Ethiopia Ethiopian Empire


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Fiji Tui Viti
Flag of France.svg
France French Republic
A blank flag.png
Futa Jallon Imamate of Futa Jallon
A blank flag.png
Futa Toro Imamate of Futa Toro


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Garo Kingdom of Garo
A blank flag.png
Gomma Kingdom of Gomma
A blank flag.png
Gozo Independent State of Gozo (to September 4)
Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg
Great Britain Kingdom of Great Britain


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of Hamburg.svg
Hamburg Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors).svg
Hawaii Kingdom of Hawaii
Hessen HG flag.svg
Hesse-Homburg Landgraviate of Hesse-Homburg
Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor (after 1400).svg
Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy.svg
Hungary Kingdom of Hungary


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Janjero Kingdom of Janjero
Tokugawa family crest.svg
Japan Tokugawa shogunate
A blank flag.png
Jimma Kingdom of Jimma
A blank flag.png
Johor Johor Sultanate
A blank flag.png
Jolof Jolof Kingdom


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Kaabu Kingdom of Kaabu
A blank flag.png
Kaffa Kingdom of Kaffa
A blank flag.png
Kénédougou Kénédougou Kingdom
A blank flag.png
Khasso Kingdom of Khasso
Bandera de Khiva abans 1917.svg
Khiva Khanate of Khiva
Bandera de Kokand.svg
Kokand Khanate of Kokand
A blank flag.png
Kong Kong Empire
Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo.svg
Kongo Kingdom of Kongo
Flag of the King of Joseon (Fringeless).svg
Korea Kingdom of Joseon
A blank flag.png
Koya Temne Kingdom of Koya
A blank flag.png
Kuba Kingdom of Kuba


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of Liechtenstein (1719-1852).svg
Liechtenstein Principality of Liechtenstein
Kingdom of Loango Flag.jpg
Loango Kingdom of Loango
A blank flag.png
Luba Luba Empire
Flag of the Free City of Lübeck.svg
Lübeck Free and Hanseatic City of Lübeck
A blank flag.png
Lunda Lunda Empire


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Maldives Sultanate of Maldives
A blank flag.png
Manipur Kingdom of Manipur
Flag of Maguindanao.svg
Mindanao Sultanate of Maguindanao
A blank flag.png
Massina Empire
Lozenge flag of Monaco.svg
Flag of Monaco.svg
Monaco Principality of Monaco
Flag of the Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro2.svg
Montenegro Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro
Scissors flag of Morocco.gif
Morocco Kingdom of Morocco
A blank flag.png
Mthethwa Paramountcy


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of Nepal (19th century-1962).svg
Nepal Kingdom of Nepal
Flag of the Repubblica Cisalpina.svg
Northern Itality Cisalpine Republic


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1517).svg
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1517-1844).svg
Ottoman Empire Sublime Ottoman State
A blank flag.png
Ouaddai Ouaddai Empire
A blank flag.png
Oyo Oyo Empire


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of Pahang.svg
Pahang Sultanate of Pahang
Flag of the Papal States (pre 1808).svg
Papal States States of the Church
Flag of Perak.svg
Perak Sultanate of Perak
Amir Kabir Flag.svg
Persia Persian Empire
Portugal Kingdom of Portugal
Flag of the Kingdom of Prussia (1750-1801).svg
Prussia Kingdom of Prussia
Nishan Sahib.svg
Punjab Sikh Empire


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Rapa Nui Kingdom of Rapa Nui
Flagge Fürstentum Reuß ältere Linie.svg
Reuss Elder Line Principality of Reuss Elder Line
Flag of Russia.svg
Russia Russian Empire
Flag Rwanda 1959.svg
Rwanda Kingdom of Rwanda
Flag of Ryukyu.svg
Ryūkyū Kingdom of Ryūkyū


Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Samoa Kingdom of Samoa
Old Flag of San Marino.svg
San Marino Template:Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino
Flag of the Kingdom of Sardinia (1728-1802).gif
Sardinia Kingdom of Sardinia
Schleswig Arms.svg
Schleswig Duchy of Schleswig
Flag of Selangor.svg
Selangor Sultanate of Selangor
Flag of the Septinsular Republic.svg
Septinsular Republic
Flag of Thailand (1782).svg
Siam Kingdom of Siam (Rattanakosin)
A blank flag.png
Sikkim Chogyalate of Sikkim
Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931).svg
Spain Kingdom of Spain
Flag of Sweden.svg
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden
18th Century Flag of Sulu.svg
Sulu Sultanate of Sulu


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of the Kingdom of Tahiti.svg
Tahiti Kingdom of Tahiti
A blank flag.png
Tonga Tu'i Tonga
Flag of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.svg
Tuscany Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Flag of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (1816).svg
Two Sicilies Kingdom of the Two Sicilies


Flag Name Full Name
US flag 15 stars.svg
United States United States of America
Flag of Upper Yafa.png
Upper Yafa Sultanate of Upper Yafa


Flag Name Full Name
Flag of Wallachia.svg
Wallachia Principality of Wallachia
A blank flag.png
Welayta Kingdom of Welayta

States claiming sovereignty[edit]

Flag Name Full Name
A blank flag.png
Goust Republic of Goust
Flag of the Creek Nation.svg
Muskogee State of Muskogee