List of speech recognition software

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Open source acoustic models and speech corpus[edit]

The following list presents notable speech recognition software with a brief synopsis of characteristics.

Application name Description Website Open Source License Operating System Note
CMU Sphinx CMU: Sourceforge Yes Linux
HTK HTK Web Site Yes HTK Specific License Multi-platform
Julius Julius Sourceforge license Yes
Kaldi Kaldi Sourceforge Yes Apache Multi-platform
simon SimonSimon(new) Yes
RWTH ASR RWTH Aachen University RWTH ASR Yes RWTH ASR License Linux


Application name Description Website Open Source License Price Note
Dragon Dictate Mac OS No Proprietary
MacSpeech Dictate Medical Medical dictation product
Macspeech Dictate Legal Legal-focused dictation
MacSpeech Scribe Transcription from recorded text
iListen PowerPC Macintosh
Speakable items Included with Mac OS
ViaVoice IBM Product. Support ended 2007.
Voice Navigator Original GUI voice control (1989)
Power Secretary[1]
Vestec Inc. ASR, NLU, TTS, VSLIC [2]

Mobile devices and smartphones[edit]

Many cell-phone handsets have basic dial-by-voice features built in. Smartphones such as iPhone or Blackberry also support this. A number of third-party apps have implemented natural-language speech-recognition support, including: