List of spiders associated with cutaneous reactions

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There are a number of spiders that can bite human skin and result in a cutaneous reaction, as well as cause other diseases of or affecting the human integumentary system.

Spiders associated with cutaneous reactions
Scientific name Common name Venom Condition(s) caused
Atracinae (subfamily) spp Funnel-Web atracotoxins fatal neurotoxin
Latrodectus spp Black widow Alpha lactrotoxin Latrodectism
Lycosidae spp Wolf Histamine
Phidippus spp Jumping Hyaluronidase
Loxosceles spp Brown recluse Sphingomyelinase Loxoscelism
Cheiracanthium spp Sac Lipase
Theraphosidae spp Tarantula
Tegenaria agrestis Hobo

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