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State Route System
State Route 1 marker
Highway marker for SR 1
Map of Alabama State Route System
Highway names
Interstates: Interstate nn (I-nn)
US Routes: U.S. Route nn (US-nn)
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The State Route System in Alabama uses the standard numbering convention: odd numbers signify a north-south state route, and even numbers signify an east-west route. Often more than one route number shares the same roadway, so identifying which route the mile markers are for is often difficult.

In no case does a State Route number mirror a U.S. Highway number. As such, the following State Routes do not exist: 11, 29, 31, 43, 45, 72, 78, 80, 82, 84, 90, 98, 231, 278, 280, 331, 411 or 431.

Current State Routes[edit]

Lengths are from ADOT Milepost Maps[1] unless otherwise noted

Route Length
From To Notes
SR-1 352.958 568.031 Florida state line (US-231) Tennessee state line (US-231/US-431) Unsigned, concurrent with US-231 and US-431
SR-2 167.211 269.100 Mississippi state line (US-72) Tennessee state line (US-72) Unsigned, concurrent with US-72
SR-3 374.377 602.501 US-90/US-98 at Spanish Fort Tennessee state line (I-65) Unsigned, concurrent with US-31
SR-4 192.192 309.303 Mississippi state line (US-78/I-22) Georgia state line Mostly unsigned, concurrent with US-78
SR-5 197.775 318.288 US-43 at Thomasville US-278 at Natural Bridge
SR-6 239.895 386.074 Mississippi state line (US-82) Georgia state line (US-82) Unsigned, concurrent with US-82
SR-7 250.671 403.416 Mississippi state line (US-11/US-80) Georgia state line (US-11) Unsigned, concurrent with US-11
SR-8 217.887 350.655 Exit 1 off I-20/I-59 near Cuba Georgia state line (US-80) Unsigned, concurrent with US-80
SR-9 273.069 439.462 Florida state line (US-331) Georgia state line (GA 20) Partly unsigned, concurrent with US-331, US-82, and US-231
SR-10 230.721 371.309 Mississippi state line (MS 19) Georgia state line (GA 37)
SR-12 231.682 372.856 Mississippi state line (US-84) Georgia state line (US-84) Unsigned, concurrent with US-84
SR-13 335.995 540.732 US-90 at Mobile Tennessee state line (US-43) Mostly unsigned, concurrent with US-43
SR-14 218.289 351.302 Mississippi state line (MS 69) SR-147 at Auburn
SR-15 226.550 364.597 US-31 at Brewton Georgia state line (US-29) Unsigned, concurrent with US-29
SR-16 77.031 123.969 Mississippi state line (US-90) Florida state line (US-90) Unsigned, concurrent with US-90
SR-17 346.562 557.737 US-98 at Mobile Tennessee state line (TN 13) Partly unsigned, concurrent with US-45
SR-18 61.591 99.121 Mississippi state line (MS 12) SR-69 south of Oakman
SR-19 35.834 57.669 SR-17 north of Detroit SR-24 at Red Bay
SR-20 73.978 119.056 Tennessee state line (TN 69) I-65
SR-21 279.296 449.483 Florida state line (FL 97) SR-9 at Piedmont
SR-22 168.543 271.244 SR-5 at Safford Georgia state line (GA 34)
SR-23 12.611 20.295 US-11 east of Springville US-231 at Ashville
SR-24 69.606 112.020 Mississippi state line (MS 23) US-31 at Decatur
SR-25 257.352 414.168 SR-5 west of Pine Hill Georgia state line (US-411) Partly unsigned, concurrent with US-411
SR-26 14.560 23.432 SR-51 at Hurtsboro 431 at Seale
SR-27 77.122 124.116 Florida state line (Holmes CR 185) SR-10 at Abbeville
SR-28 97.287 156.568 SR-17 north of Boyd SR-21 north of Oak Hill
SR-30 19.012 30.597 SR-51 at Clayton US-431 at Eufaula
SR-32 3.594 5.784 Mississippi state line (MS 14) SR-17 south of Cochrane
SR-33 50.609 81.447 US-278 at Double Springs Alternate US-72 at Courtland
SR-34 12.965 20.865 US-231 at Pell City SR-77 north of Talladega
SR-35 68.291 109.904 SR-9 US-72 at Woodville
SR-36 44.473 71.572 SR-33 at Wren US-231 at Lacey's Spring
SR-37 0.768 1.236 US-84 west of Daleville Fort Rucker
SR-38 138.025 222.130 I-20/59/US-31 at Birmingham Georgia state line (US-280) Unsigned, concurrent with US-280
SR-39 23.057 37.107 US-11 south of Epes SR-14 at Clinton
SR-40 21.184 34.092 SR-35 east of Scottsboro US-11 at Hammondville
SR-41 127.484 205.166 Florida state line (FL 87) SR-14 at Selma
SR-42 80.248 129.147 Mississippi state line (US-98) Florida state line (US-98) Unsigned, concurrent with US-98
SR-44 10.015 16.118 US-43 at Guin AL 129 at Brilliant
SR-46 21.074 33.915 US-78 at Heflin Georgia state line (GA 166)
SR-47 43.063 69.303 US-84 at Mexia SR-10 at Awin
SR-48 34.321 55.234 AL 9 at Lineville Georgia state line (GA 5)
SR-49 82.684 133.067 Exit 32 off I-85 south of Franklin AL 281 in Talladega National Forest
SR-50 54.261 87.325 SR-229 near Martin Dam US-29 at Lanett
SR-51 114.183 183.760 US-84 north of Enterprise I-85 Exit 60 at Opelika
SR-52 82.805 133.262 US-331 at Opp Georgia state line (GA 62)
SR-53 345.287 555.686 Florida state line (FL 71) I-65 west of Ardmore Mostly unsigned, concurrent with US-231
SR-54 15.995 25.741 US-331 at Florala SR-52 west of Samson
SR-55 49.431 79.551 Florida state line (FL 85) US-31 at McKenzie
SR-56 27.696 44.572 Mississippi state line (MS 42 US-43 at Wagerville
SR-57 16.127 25.954 Mississippi state line (US-45) SR-17 near Deer Park Unsigned, concurrent with US-45
SR-58 1.648 2.652 US-82/AL 25/AL 219 at Centreville US-82 at Centreville
SR-59 93.670 150.747 SR-182 at Gulf Shores SR-21 at Uriah
SR-60 11.310 18.202 SR-14 at Wedgeworth SR-69 South of Moundville
SR-61 18.311 29.469 US-80 at Uniontown SR-14 at Greensboro
SR-62 2.443 3.932 Monsanto Road off SR-227 north of Guntersville Lake Guntersville State Park entrance
SR-63 45.851 73.790 SR-14 at Claud SR-9 at Cleveland Crossroads
SR-64 18.230 29.338 US-43 north of Killen SR-207 north of Anderson
SR-65 27.540 44.321 US-72 north of Paint Rock Tennessee state line (TN 97)
SR-66 9.291 14.952 SR-28 at Consul SR-5 south of Safford
SR-67 47.107 75.811 US-231 south of Summit Alternate US-72 at Decatur
SR-68 52.926 85.176 SR-75 near Albertville Georgia state line (GA 114)
SR-69 280.599 451.580 SR-177 at Jackson US-431 at Guntersville
SR-70 8.290 13.341 US-31 north of Calera SR-25 at Columbiana
SR-71 32.024 51.538 SR-35 at Section Georgia state line (GA 136)
SR-73 11.219 18.055 SR-71 at Higdon Tennessee state line (TN 377)
SR-74 170.856 274.966 Exit 7 off US-78/I-22 Georgia state line (US-278) Mostly unsigned, concurrent with US-278
SR-75 113.220 182.210 US-11 at Birmingham Georgia state line (GA 301)
SR-76 16.641 26.781 SR-25 near Wilsonville Winterboro
SR-77 112.334 180.784 US-431 at LaFayette US-431 north of Attalla
SR-79 117.605 189.267 I-20/I-59 at Birmingham Tennessee state line (TN 16)
SR-81 10.432 16.789 US-80 at Tuskegee SR-14 at Notasulga
SR-83 24.274 39.065 US-31/US-84 at Evergreen SR-47 at Midway
SR-85 22.316 35.914 SR-27 at Geneva Fort Rucker
SR-86 27.396 44.090 Mississippi state line (MS 388) US-82 at Gordo
SR-87 61.552 99.058 Florida state line (FL 81) US-231 at Troy
SR-88 3.310 5.327 US-84 at Enterprise US-84 at Enterprise
SR-89 11.815 19.014 SR-21 south of Ackerville SR-41 at Elm Bluff
SR-91 38.161 61.414 SR-69 at Wilburn US-278 at Holly Pond
SR-92 11.019 17.733 SR-167 south of Enterprise US-84 north of Wicksburg
SR-93 8.398 13.515 US-231 at Brundidge US-29 at Banks
SR-94 19.143 30.808 US-331 at Ada US-231 north of Orion
SR-95 63.605 102.362 Florida state line (Jackson CR-164) US-431 south of Eufaula
SR-96 30.680 49.375 Mississippi state line (MS 50) US-43 at Fayette
SR-97 29.798 47.955 US-331 near Lapine US-80 at Lowndesboro
SR-99 21.914 35.267 US-31 at Athens SR-207 near Anderson
SR-100 1.670 2.688 US-29 at Andalusia US-84 at Andalusia
SR-101 39.107 62.937 CR-460 Tennessee state line (TN 227)
SR-102 24.281 39.076 US-43 north of Fayette SR-124 at Townley
SR-103 17.463 28.104 Florida state line (FL 171) SR-123 at Wicksburg
SR-104 10.769 17.331 US-98 at Fairhope SR-59 at Robertsdale
SR-105 18.905 30.425 SR-27 at Ozark SR-10 north of Clopton
SR-106 40.819 65.692 Conecuh County Road 106 west of Georgiana US-29 west of Brantley
SR-107 19.105 30.747 SR-18 west of Fayette US-278 at Guin
SR-109 9.907 15.944 Florida state line (FL 77) US-231 south of Dothan
SR-110 32.257 51.913 I-85 and US-80 near Montgomery US-82 west of Union Springs
SR-111 17.007 27.370 US-231 at Wetumpka SR-143 west of Coosa River
SR-113 15.457 24.876 Florida state line (US-29) I-65 Exit 69 south of Barnett Crossroads
SR-114 14.251 22.935 SR-10 at Lavaca SR-69 east of Myrtlewood
SR-115 3.250 5.230 SR-9 US-280 at Kellyton
SR-116 9.482 15.260 SR-17 between Emelle and Geiger SR-39 at Gainesville
SR-117 50.156 80.718 Georgia state line (GA 48) Tennessee state line (TN 56)
SR-118 57.461 92.475 Mississippi state line (US-278) SR-5 at Jasper Partially unsigned, concurrent with US-278
SR-119 39.625 63.770 SR-25 at Montevallo US-78 at Leeds
SR-120 4.160 6.695 SR-49 at Reeltown SR-14 at Liberty City
SR-122 3.777 6.078 US-84 at New Brockton, Alabama SR-51 at Clintonville
SR-123 45.750 73.627 SR-167 south of Hartford US-231 west of Ariton
SR-124 10.896 17.535 US-78 north of Townley SR-69 at Jasper
SR-125 25.646 41.273 US-84 at Elba US-231 south of Brundidge
SR-126 11.054 17.790 I-85/US-80 east of Montgomery SR-110 east of Montgomery
SR-127 13.510 21.742 SR-99 at Athens Tennessee state line (TN 166)
SR-128 1.518 2.443 SR-63 south of Alexander City Lake Martin
SR-129 41.191 66.290 US-43 north of Fayette SR-13 at Haleyville
SR-130 15.507 24.956 US-29 at Monticello SR-51 at Louisville
SR-131 27.124 44[2] SR-10 east of Clio US-431 at Eufaula
SR-132 17.438 28.064 SR-75 at Oneonta US-278 east of Walnut Grove
SR-133 16.976 27.320 Alternate US-72 west of Tuscumbia SR-20 west of Florence
SR-134 76.795 123.590 US-331 at Opp SR-95 at Columbia
SR-135 2.138 3.441 SR-182 at Gulf Shores SR-180 at Gulf Shores
SR-136 6.151 9.899 SR-21/SR-41 south of Monroeville US-84 east of Excel
SR-137 13.997 22.526 Florida state line (FL 189) US-29 south of Andalusia
SR-139 19.856 31.955 SR-22 at Maplesville SR-25 south of Wilton
SR-140 12.480 20.085 SR-41 at Selma SR-14 east of Burnsville
SR-141 14.430 23.223 SR-189 at Basin US-331 south of Brantley
SR-142 1.802 2.900 US-278 west of Guin US-43/US-278 at Guin
SR-143 28.598 46.024 Exit 176 off I-65 north of Montgomery US-31 at Mountain Creek
SR-144 26.663 42.910 US-231 north of Pell City US-431 near Alexandria
SR-145 26.996 43.446 US-31 at Clanton County Road 61 near Wilsonville
SR-146 6.334 10.194 SR-65 at Swaim SR-79 north of Skyline
SR-147 13 21[2] I-85 south of Auburn US-431 south of Lafayette
SR-148 20.025 32.227 SR-21 at Sylacauga SR-9 at Millersville
SR-149 8.145 13.108 US-280 in Mountain Brook US-31/US-280 in Downtown Birmingham
SR-150 11.833 19.043 US-11 at Bessemer US-31 at Hoover
SR-151 0.404 0.650 SR-79 SR-75 in Pinson
SR-152 6.605 10.630 I-65 Exit 173 at Montgomery US-231/SR-21 at Montgomery
SR-153 8.994 14.474 Florida state line (FL 83) SR-52 west of Samson
SR-154 29.480 47.443 SR-69 north of Coffeeville US-43 at Thomasville
SR-155 10.890 17.526 US-31 north of Jemison SR-119 at Montevallo
SR-156 7.186 11.565 SR-17 at Jachin SR-114 at Pennington
SR-157 91.061 146.548 US-278 east of Cullman Tennessee state line (TN 227)
SR-158 9.280 14.935 US-45 at Kushla US-43 at Saraland
SR-159 29.626 47.678 US-82 at Gordo SR-171 at Fayette
SR-160 18.415 29.636 US-31 north of Warrior US-231 at Cleveland
SR-161 1.716 2.762 SR-182 at Orange Beach SR-180 at Orange Beach
SR-162 14.080 22.660 SR-5 at Kimbrough SR-28 north of Millers Ferry
SR-163 11.104 17.870 SR-193 west of Hollingers Island US-90 at Mobile
SR-164 2.548 4.101 SR-10 west of Camden SR-28 at Camden
SR-165 32.384 52.117 US-431 south of Phenix City US-431 north of Eufaula
SR-166 4.726 7.606 SR-141 north of Curtis U.S. Highway 84 at Elba
SR-167 52.445 84.402 Florida state line (FL 79) SR-87 south of Spring Hill
SR-168 17.392 27.990 SR-75 at Douglas SR-68 at Kilpatrick
SR-169 26.325 42.366 SR-51 at Opelika US-431 north of Seale
SR-170 11.720 18.862 US-231 at Wetumpka SR-63 north of Eclectic
SR-171 73.355 118.053 US-43 north of Northport US-278 at Guin
SR-172 24.420 39.300 SR-19 east of Vina SR-13 at Bear Creek
SR-173 14.462 23.274 US-431 at Headland SR-27 south of Abbeville
SR-174 19.607 31.554 US-11 at Springville US-231 at Pell City
SR-175 5.382 8.661 SR-14/SR-183 west of Sprott SR-5 south Heiberger
SR-176 25.618 41.228 SR-68 east of Collinsville SR-35 north of Blanche
SR-177 5.160 8.304 US-43 at Jackson US-43 at Jackson
SR-178 1.956 3.148 US-43 west of Fulton Old SR-5 at Fulton
SR-179 10.434 16.792 US-278 at Howelton SR-168 west of Boaz
SR-180 32.184 51.795 Fort Morgan Orange Beach (Bear Point)
SR-181 18.235 29.346 US-90 east of Spanish Fort US-31 east of Spanish Fort
SR-182 17.046 27.433 Pine Beach FL 292 at Florida state line (FL 292)
SR-183 47.443 76.352 US-80 at Uniontown US-82 west of Maplesville
SR-184 14.891 23.965 South Montgomery Avenue in Sheffield SR-101 north of Town Creek
SR-185 23.129 37.223 US-31 south of Greenville US-31 at Logan
SR-186 3.829 6.162 I-85 Exit 42 east of Tuskegee US-29/80 east of Tuskegee
SR-187 22.995 37.007 US-43 north of Hamilton SR-24 at Belgreen
SR-188 19.686 31.682 I-10 Exit 4 north of Grand Bay SR-193 at Alabama Port
SR-189 32.857 52.878 SR-52 at Kinston US-331 south of Brantley
SR-191 13.942 22.437 SR-22 east of Maplesville US-31 at Jemison
SR-192 6.707 10.794 US-84 at Enterprise US-84 at Enterprise
SR-193 26.349 42.405 Dauphin Island US-90 south of Mobile
SR-195 42.179 67.881 SR-5 north of Jasper SR-13 at Haleyville
SR-196 1.690 2.720 SR-52 at Geneva SR-27 at Geneva
SR-197 1.023 1.646 US-29 at Union Springs US-82 at Union Springs
SR-198 1.686 2.713 SR-30 at Clayton SR-194 at Clayton
SR-199 10.218 16.444 SR-81 at Tuskegee SR-14 east Golddust
SR-200 1.011 1.627 SR-21 at Piedmont US-278 at Piedmont
SR-201 1.553 2.499 SR-93 south of Banks US-29 east of Banks
SR-202 9.100 14.645 US-78 east of Eastaboga US-431 at Anniston
SR-203 3.080 4.957 SR-189 at Elba SR-125 at Elba
SR-204 9.620 15.482 US-431 west of Laney SR-21 at Jacksonville
SR-205 15.185 24.438 US-431 south of Guntersville US-431 south of Boaz
SR-207 13.959 22.465 US-72 at Rogersville Tennessee state line (TN 11)
SR-208 0.839 1.350 SR-165 at Mahrt Georgia state line (GA 39 Spur)
SR-209 0.325 0.523 SR-58 at Centreville SR-25 at Centreville
SR-210 13.766 22.154 US-231 at Dothan US-231 at Dothan (Ross Clark Circle)
SR-211 4.607 7.414 US-278/431 at Gadsden US-11 northeast of Attalla
SR-212 1.145 1.843 SR-14 at Wetumpka SR-111 at Wetumpka
SR-213 5.753 9.259 US-45 at Eight Mile US-43 at Saraland
SR-215 12.100 19.473 US-82 south of Tuscaloosa US-11 at Cottondale
SR-216 21.158 34.051 SR-215 at Tuscaloosa I-20/I-59 near Bucksville
SR-217 26.119 42.034 US-45 at Eight Mile Mobile County Road 21 west of Citronelle
SR-219 47.590 76.589 SR-22 west of Selma SR-5 north of Centreville
SR-221 6.381 10.269 SR-28 at Canton Bend SR-41 south of Camden
SR-223 26.452 42.570 US-29 north of Banks US-82 at Union Springs
SR-225 23.910 38.479 US-31 at Spanish Fort SR-59 at Stockton
SR-227 39.256 63.176 DeKalb/Etowah County Line south of Crossville US-431 at Guntersville
SR-229 22.781 36.662 Exit 26 off I-85 south of Millstead SR-63 south of Martin Lake
SR-233 14.561 23.434 SR-129 at Glen Allen US-278 west of Natural Bridge
SR-235 9.093 14.634 US-231/U.S. Highway 280 at Childersburg Talladega County Road 190 at Grasmere
SR-237 4.597 7.398 SR-172 east of Hackleburg SR-13 at Phil Campbell
SR-239 24.311 39.125 SR-30 at Clayton US-29 south of Union Springs
SR-241 14.559 23.430 SR-237 south of Phil Campbell US-278 at Whitehouse
SR-243 19.353 31.146 SR-195 west of Rabbittown SR-24 at Russellville
SR-245 2.586 4.162 SR-10 at Greenville SR-185 at Greenville
SR-247 24.849 39.991 SR-24 east of Halltown US-72 east of Pride
SR-248 6.066 9.762 SR-27 at Enterprise Fort Rucker
SR-249 5.801 9.336 Fort Rucker SR-27 at Ozark
SR-251 16.681 26.845 US-31 at Athens SR-53 at Ardmore
SR-253 31.607 50.867 US-43 at Winfield US-43 at Hackleburg
SR-255 10.052 16.177 Redstone Arsenal entrance Bob Wade Lane in Huntsville
SR-257 9.193 14.795 SR-195 north of Jasper Winston County Road 41 near Duncan Bridge
SR-259 12.848 20.677 SR-9 at Equality SR-22 south of Alexander City
SR-261 5.897 9.490 Shelby County Road 17/52/91 at Helena US-31 at Pelham
SR-263 15.132 24.353 SR-185 north of Greenville SR-21 at Braggs
SR-265 20.048 32.264 SR-21/SR-47 at Beatrice SR-41 at Camden
SR-267 5.055 8.135 US-29 south of Auburn SR-147 north of Auburn
SR-269 41.524 66.826 I-20/I-59 at Birmingham SR-69 at Jasper
SR-271 5.437 8.750 US-82/US-231 at Barachias I-85 east of Montgomery
SR-273 15.836 25.486 SR-79 north of Leesburg SR-35 at Blanche
SR-275 3.495 5.625 SR-21 south of Talladega SR-77 north of Talladega
SR-277 9.350 15.047 US-72 south of Bridgeport US-72 north of Bridgeport
SR-279 9.258 14.899 SR-79 south of Scottsboro US-72 north of Scottsboro
SR-281 26.834 43.185 Talladega National Forest US-78 west of Heflin
SR-283 3.077 4.952 Business US-411 at Centre SR-9/SR-68 north of Centre
SR-285 1.293 2.081 US-431 at Lakepoint Resort State Park SR-165 north of Wylaunee
SR-287 6.370 10.252 US-31 at Bay Minette I-65 Exit 37 north of Bay Minette
SR-289 1.202 1.934 SR-5 and SR-183 at Marion SR-14 at Marion
SR-291 0.890 1.432 SR-759 at Gadsden US-278/US-431 at Gadsden
SR-293 2.500 4.023 SR-110 east of Montgomery SR-126 in eastern Montgomery County
SR-295 3.185 5.126 US-43 at Grove Hill US-43 in Grove Hill
SR-604 1.885 3.034 Auburn city limits US-280 northeast of Auburn
SR-605 23.420 37.691 US-231/SR-1 near Florida State Line[3] US-231/SR-53 near Midland City[4] newest Alabama State Route as of 12/2012
SR-759 0.866 1.394 I-759 and US-411 in Gadsden SR-291 in Gadsden

Decommissioned highways[edit]

Route Length
From To Year removed Notes
SR-112 31 50[2] US-31 at Bay Minette Florida state line (Escambia County Road 184) 2004 Currently Baldwin County Route 112
SR-121 1 2[2] US-280 at Camp Hill SR-50 at Camp Hill 2007 Decommissioned when US-280 bypass opened
SR-138 SR-225 at Crossroads US-31 at Bay Minette 1990
SR-194 1 2[2] US-45 at Prichard US-43 at Prichard 1984
SR-206 2.111 3.397 US-82 west of Prattville SR-14 at Prattville 2013
SR-299 3 5[2] US-84 near Babbie SR-9 near Opp 2010[1] Reassigned to SR-9 and SR-12[1]

Under construction or proposed[edit]

Route Length
SR-108 40 64[2] Number assigned to proposed and under construction southern outer bypass running from Interstate 85 east of Montgomery to US-80 west of Montgomery
SR-297 Currently open between Jack Warner Parkway and Rice Mine Road (Tuscaloosa County CR 30) in Tuscaloosa; will eventually will connect Interstate 20/Interstate 59 east of Tuscaloosa and US-82 west of Tuscaloosa
SR-959 50.08 80.60[5] Birmingham Northern Beltline

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