List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (K)

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This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter K:







Wappen derer von Schwarzburg und derer von Kevernburg.png Käfernburg (Kafernburg) County 10th Century 1195: Partitioned into Schwarzburg and Schwarzburg-Käfernburg
1302: Counts of Kafenburg died out
Wappen Kaisheim.png Kaisheim (Kaisersheim) Abbacy
Swab 1133 1757: Imperial immediacy recognized by Bavaria
1793: Council of Princes
1803: Annexed to Bavaria
Wappen Braunschweig.svg Kalenberg
(see Brunswick-Calenberg)
DEU Kall COA.svg Kall County 1488: Partitioned from Manderscheid 1742: Annexed to Blankenheim
1803: Annexed to France
Kammin-Bistum1.PNG Kammin 1176: Bishopric
1628: Principality
Upp Sax 1274: Acquired Lübeck city rights
1556: Secularized to Pomerania-Wolgast
1648: To Sweden
1679: Brandenburg
Wappen Kappel SIG.png Käppel (Kappel) 1390?: Abbey 1803: To Nassau
1866: To Prussia
Wappen Kappel SIG.png Kastelberg Lordship
Blason Eberhard VI de Katznellenbogen.svg Katzenelnbogen 1095: County
1138: HRE County
1090 1138: 1st mention of Counts of Katzenelnbogen
1260: Division into Upper and Lower Katzenelnbogen
1402: Reunited with marriage of Anna of Lower Katzenelnbogen and Johann IV of Upper Katzenelnbogen
1453: Acauired part of County of Diez and Lordship of Eppstein
1479: Line extinct; passed by female succession to Hesse-Marburg
Wappen von Kaufbeuren.png Kaufbeuren Imperial City Swab c1250 1803: Annexed to Bavaria
Wappen saarbruecken.PNG Kaufmanns-Saarbrücken Imperial Free City To Bishopric of Metz
To Lorraine
1661: To France
Wappenkaunitzrietberg.png Kaunitz
HRE Prince of Kaunitz, Count of Rietberg & East Frisia, Lord of Esens, Stadesdorf, Wittmund & Melrich
1848: Kaunitz-Rietberg line died out
Blason68.PNG Kaysersberg (Kaisersberg) Imperial City Upp Rhen 1648: Annexed to France
Wappen Kempten.png Imperial Ducal Abbey of Kempten c752: Abbacy
1348/1360: Prince-Abbot
Swab SW 1348 1793: Council of Princes
1803: Secularized and annexed to Bavaria
Wappen Kempten.png Kempten im Allgäu 1289: Imperial Free City Swab SW 1289 1803: Mediatized to Bavaria
Wappen von Kerpen.png Kerpen Acquired by Schasberg
Wappen von Kettershausen.png Kettershausen Lordship 1803: To Principality of Babenhausen for Fugger house
Coats of arms of None.svg Khevenhüller-Metsch
Prince of Khevenhüller-Metsch, Count of Hochosterwitz, Baron of Landskron and Wernberg, etc.
1763: HRE Prince (Personalist) n/a SW 1763 1396: 1st mentioned
1519: Division into several lineages
Blason Nassau-Weilbourg.svg Kirchberg
Burgrave of Kirchberg, Count of Sayn and Wittgenstein, Lord of Farnrode
1090 1799: Annexed to Nassau-Weilburg
Wappen Klettgau.png Klettgau c1200: County
1325 Landgraviate
Swab 981; 1315; 1572 1040: Annexed to Habsburg
1282-1408: To Counts of Habsburg-Laufenburg
1408: Passed to Counts of Sulz by marriage
1698: Annexed to Stephanswald-Franconia
Wappen von Klingenmünster.png Klingenmünster RA
Wappen von Klingenmünster.png Klosters High Jurisdiction
Blason Grand-duché d'Oldenbourg (Grandes armes).svg Knyphausen Lordship
1588: Imperial Baron
1658: Imperial County
17th century: Part of Friesland
1738: To Bentinck
1808: To Kingdom of Holland
1810: To France
1813: To Oldenburg
Wappen Koblenz.svg Koblenz Ballei of the Teutonic Order 1512: Electoral Rhenish Circle
1793: Council of Princes
Koevorden (Coevorden) Lordship
Wappen Koenigsbronn.png Königsbronn Imperial Abbey
Coats of arms of None.svg Königseck
Wappen Königseggwald.svg Königsegg (Konigsegg)
HRE Count of Königsegg & Rothenfels, Baron of Aulendorf & Stauffen, Lord of Ebenweiler & Wald in Swabia
1629: HRE County
Swab 1192 1622: Partitioned into Königsegg-Aulendorf and Königsegg-Rothenfels
1663:Reunited with extinction of Konigsegg-Rothenfels.
Aulendorf Wappen.png Königsegg-Aulendorf 1622:Barony
1622: Partitioned from Königsegg 1500: Aulendorf joined Swabian Circle
1806: Mediatised to Wurttemberg
Grafschaft Koenigsegg-Rothenfels coat of arms.png Königsegg-Rothenfels
HRE Count of Königsegg & Rothenfels, Baron of Aulendorf & Stauffen
1629: County
1622: Partitioned from Königsegg 1804: Annexed to Austria
Wappen Koenigsfeld im Schwarzwald.png Königsfeld (Black Forest)
Wappen Bistum Konstanz.svg Bishopric of Konstanz
(Bishopric of Constance)
13th century: Prince-Bishopric
Swab EC 911 1793: Council of Princes
1802: Divided between Baden and Switzerland
1803: Secularized and annexed to Baden
Area: 482 sq. mi.; Pop. 50,000
Wappen Konstanz.svg Konstanz (Constance) 1192: Imperial Free City 1192 780: Constance received municipal rights
1548: Deprived of its privileges as a free and imperial city and given to Austria by Emperor Charles V
1805: Annexed to Baden
Wappen Landkreis Guenzburg.png Konzenberg Lordship
Kornelimünster Wappen.jpg Kornelimünster
Wappen Krautheim Jagst.png Krautheim Lordship
1804: HRE Principality of Krautheim and Gerlachsheim
To Salm-Reifferscheid
Kreuzlin.GIF Kreuzlingen HRE Abbey
Coats of arms of None.svg Kriechingen (Criechingen) HRE County 1697: Line died out
To Wied-Runkel
Wappen von Kronburg.png Kronburg Lordship 1460: Partitioned from Aichen 1540: Partitioned into Osterberg, Schwabeck and Weissenstein
Wappen at kufstein.png Kuefstein (Kufstein) 13th century: 1st mentioned
Wappen at kufstein.png Kuefstein-Greillenstein
Count of Kuefstein, Baron of Greillenstein, of Hohenkraen, etc.
1709: HRE Count (Personalist) n/a FR 1709
Wappen Landkreis Kulmbach.png Kulmbach Lordship 1057-1234: To Andechs-Meran
1248: To Counts of Orlamunde
1340: To Hohenzollern Burgraves of Nuremberg
1792: To Prussia
1807: French occupation
1810: To Bavaria
Wappen Vogtei Thurgau.svg Kyburg (Kiburg) County 11th century 1414: Annexed to Switzerland