List of states in the Holy Roman Empire (Q)

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This is a list of states in the Holy Roman Empire beginning with the letter Q:







Quadt Siebmacher123 - Rheinland.jpg Quadt
Count of Quadt in Wykradt and Isny
1752: HRE County Low Rhen WF 1502: Acquired Wykradt
1803-1806: Acquired Isny
1814: Annexed to Prussia
Wappen Quedlinburg.svg Quedlinburg 931: HRE Abbacy
1465: HRE Princess-Abbacy
Upp Sax 1793: Council of Princes
1801: Secularized
1803: To Prussia
1807: To Westphalia
1815: To Prussia
Wappen Querfurt.png Querfurt Lordship 950 1466: Annexed to Bayer-Naumburg
Wappen Landkreis Querfurt.svg Querfurt 1137: Lordship
1663: HRE Principality of Saxe-Querfurt
Upp Sax 950: 1st mention of Lords of Querfurt
979: 1st mention of Querfurt castle
1137: Fief of Magdeburg
Acquired County of Mansfeld
Acquired County of Seeburg
Acquired Lordship of Schraplau
1496: Lords of Querfurt died out; fief passed to Magdeburg
1635: To the Electorate of Saxony
1656: To Saxe-Weissenfels
1746: Saxe-Querfurt line died out; passed to Saxony
1815: To Prussia