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  • Nagauta – Japanese music that accompanies kabuki theater
  • Nakasi – Japanese and Taiwanese folk music
  • Nangma - Tibetan EDM
  • Nanguan - Chinese classical music that is heavily influenced by Western styles
  • Narcocorrido - Mexican polka-influenced folk music with lyrics focusing on illegal activity
  • Nardcore - hardcore and skate punk subgenre based in Oxnard, California
  • Narodna muzika - Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, and Serbian folk music
  • Nashville sound - a slick, pop-informed 'radio friendly' form of American country music that began in Nashville, Tennessee
  • National socialist black metal - black metal with lyrics supporting national socialism, fascism, and other far-right ideologies
  • Nederpop - Dutch pop music
  • Neoclassical - orchestral music of the early 20th century
  • Neoclassical dark wave - fusion of neoclassical and dark wave music
  • Neo-classical metal - fusion of neoclassical and heavy metal music
  • Neoclassical New Age - fusion of neoclassical and new age music
  • Neo kyma - style of classical Greek music from the 1960s with French influences
  • Neofolk - fusion of folk rock and post-industrial music
  • Neo-Medieval - music that attempts to imitate Medieval and earlier periods of classical music
  • Neo-progressive rock - highly theatrical, emotional, and clean subgenre of progressive rock
  • Neo-psychedelia - loose term for alternative rock inspired by psychedelic and acid rock
  • Neo soul - alternative form of hip hop soul that focused on more soulful and emotive vocals and lyrics
  • Neotraditional country - alternative country music that attempts to imitate pre-Nashville 'traditional' country
  • Nerdcore - hip hop with lyrics concerning typically 'nerdy' subjects
  • Neue Deutsche Härte - German fusion style that mainly takes elements of industrial and groove metal, as well as techno and alternative rock
  • Neue Deutsche Welle - German punk and new wave music
  • Neue Deutsche Todeskunst - German dark wave and Gothic rock
  • Neurofunk - more advanced form of techstep
  • New-age - form of ambient music intended for use during meditation
  • New Beat - Belgian downtempo and acid house
  • New jack swing - slickly produced fusion of soul, pop, dance, and hip hop music
  • New Orleans blues - Dixieland- and Caribbean-informed style of blues from New Orleans
  • New prog - more ambitious and alternative rock-inspired form of progressive rock
  • New rave - fusion of alternative rock and EDM
  • New school hip hop - hip hop music made after the mid-80s
  • New Taiwanese Song - Taiwanese pop music
  • New wave - early form of punk-informed synthpop
  • New Wave of British Heavy Metal - style of heavy metal that came with the decline of Led Zeppelin-esque early hard rock
  • New wave of new wave - 1990s British revival of new wave music
  • New Weird America - term for the, often psychedelic-informed, indie folk music of the 2000s
  • New York blues - a jazz-influenced style of blues from New York, New York


  • Nintendocore - fusion of chiptune and metalcore
  • Nisiotika - Greek folk music from the Agean Islands
  • No wave - avant-garde punk subgenre created as a reaction to the commercial new wave
  • Noh - long, highly dramatic Japanese opera
  • Noise - trend in orchestral, rock, and electronic music where harsh, non-melodic, and often random sounds are used alongside or in place of conventional sounds
  • Noise pop - derivative of noise rock in which noises and feedback are used, but made into a melodic, often relaxing sound
  • Noise rock - loud, atonal, dissonant, and unconventional rock music
  • Nordic folk - folk music of the Nordic people
  • Nordic folk dance - upbeat style of Nordic folk
  • Nortec - Mexican EDM
  • Norteño - Mexican folk music
  • Northern soul - soul music made by northern English
  • Nu-disco - modern house music that draws inspiration from disco
  • Nu gaze - new form of Shoegaze
  • Nu jazz - modern jazz music that borrows from funk and EDM
  • Nu metal - fusion of thrash, groove, and alternative metal that also borrows elements from punk, industrial, grunge, and hip hop
  • Nu skool breaks - a more abstract and drum & bass-inspired style of breakbeat










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