List of submissions to the 56th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film

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The following 26 films, all from different countries, were submitted for the 56th Academy Awards in the category Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The bolded titles were the five nominated films, which came from Algeria, France, Hungary, Spain and the eventual winner, Fanny and Alexander, from Sweden.[1]

The Dominican Republic submitted a film for the first time.

Country Film title used in nomination Language Original name Director -
 Algeria The Ball none Le Bal Ettore Scola [1]
 Austria Tramps German Die Letzte Runde Peter Patzak [2]
 Canada The Tin Flute French Bonheur d'occasion Claude Fournier [3]
 China My Memories of Old Beijing Chinese 城南旧事 Wu Yigong [4]
 Czechoslovakia Incomplete Eclipse Czech Neúplné zatmění Jaromil Jireš [5]
 Denmark Zappa Danish Zappa Bille August [6]
 Dominican Republic Guaguasi Spanish Guaguasi Jorge Ulla [7]
 France Entre Nous French Coup de foudre Diane Kurys [8]
 East Germany The Turning Point German Der Aufenthalt Frank Beyer [9]
 West Germany A Woman in Flames German Die Flambierte Frau Robert van Ackeren [10]
 Hungary Job's Revolt Hungarian Jób lázadása Imre Gyöngyössy and Barna Kabay [11]
 Iceland The House Icelandic Húsið Egill Eðvarðsson [12]
 Israel A Married Couple Hebrew זוג נשוי Yitzhak Yeshurun [13]
 Italy And the Ship Sails On Italian E la nave va Federico Fellini [14]
 Japan Antarctica Japanese 南極物語 Koreyoshi Kurahara [15]
 Mexico Erendira Spanish Eréndira Ruy Guerra [16]
 Netherlands The Fourth Man Dutch De vierde man Paul Verhoeven [17]
 Peru Maruja in Hell Spanish Maruja en el infierno Francisco José Lombardi [18]
 Portugal No Trace of Sin Portuguese Sem Sombra de Pecado José Fonseca e Costa [19]
 Romania Return from Hell Romanian Intoarcerea din iad Nicolae Mărgineanu [20]
 Spain Carmen Spanish Carmen Carlos Saura [21]
 Sweden Fanny and Alexander Swedish Fanny och Alexander Ingmar Bergman [22]
  Switzerland In the White City French Dans la ville blanche Alain Tanner [23]
 Taiwan Growing Up Chinese 小畢的故事 Chen Kunhou [24]
 Soviet Union Vassa Russian Васса Gleb Panfilov [25]
 Yugoslavia Great Transport Serbo-Croatian Veliki transport Veljko Bulajić [26]


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