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Swimming is one of the most popular sports and activities in the world.[1][2] The following list of swimmers, each of whom has been covered in reliable sources from around the world, is divided up by country, and arranged alphabetically by surname. This list is by no means complete.

Albania Albania[edit]

Algeria Algeria[edit]

Argentina Argentina[edit]

Australia Australia[edit]

Austria Austria[edit]

Belarus Belarus[edit]

Belgium Belgium[edit]

Brazil Brazil[edit]

Bulgaria Bulgaria[edit]

Canada Canada[edit]

China China[edit]

Colombia Colombia[edit]

Costa Rica Costa Rica[edit]

Croatia Croatia[edit]

Cuba Cuba[edit]

Czech Republic Czech Republic[edit]

Denmark Denmark[edit]

Egypt Egypt[edit]

Faroe Islands Faroe Islands[edit]

Finland Finland[edit]

France France[edit]

Germany Germany[edit]

United Kingdom Great Britain[edit]

Greece Greece[edit]

Guatemala Guatemala[edit]

Hong Kong Hong Kong[edit]

Hungary Hungary[edit]

Iceland Iceland[edit]

Republic of Ireland Ireland[edit]

Israel Israel[edit]

Italy Italy[edit]

Japan Japan[edit]

Kenya Kenya[edit]

Lithuania Lithuania[edit]

Luxembourg Luxembourg[edit]

Madagascar Madagascar[edit]

Malaysia Malaysia[edit]

Malta Malta[edit]

Mexico Mexico[edit]

Burma Myanmar[edit]

Netherlands Netherlands[edit]

New Zealand New Zealand[edit]

Norway Norway[edit]

Peru Peru[edit]

Poland Poland[edit]

Puerto Rico Puerto Rico[edit]

Romania Romania[edit]

Russia Russia[edit]

Serbia Serbia[edit]

Singapore Singapore[edit]

Slovakia Slovakia[edit]

Slovenia Slovenia[edit]

South Africa South Africa[edit]

South Korea South Korea[edit]

Spain Spain[edit]

Suriname Suriname[edit]

Switzerland Switzerland[edit]

Sweden Sweden[edit]

Tunisia Tunisia[edit]

Turkey Turkey[edit]

Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad & Tobago[edit]

Ukraine Ukraine[edit]

United States United States[edit]

Uruguay Uruguay[edit]

Venezuela Venezuela[edit]

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe[edit]

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