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This is a list of symbolic uses of "star" ideograms.

In geometry[edit]

  • Star polygon, a star drawn with a number of lines equal to the number of points
    • Pentagram, a five-pointed star polygon
    • Hexagram, a six-pointed star polygon
    • Heptagram, a seven-pointed star polygon
    • Octagram, a eight-pointed star polygon
    • Enneagram, a nine-pointed star polygon
    • Decagram, a ten-pointed star polygon
    • Hendecagram, an eleven-pointed star polygon
    • Dodecagram, a twelve-pointed star polygon
    • Magic star, a star polygon in which numbers can be placed at each of the vertices and intersections, such that the four numbers on each line sum to the same "magic" constant

In typography[edit]

  • Star (glyph), any of a number of star-shaped glyphs in typography
    • Asterisk, a typographical symbol (*)
    • Arabic star, a typographical symbol developed to be distinct from the asterisk

Medals and awards[edit]

  • 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, or 5-star rank, officer ranks used in many armed services
  • Africa Star, awarded by the British Commonwealth for service in World War II
  • Award star, issued by the United States military for meritorious action in combat
  • Bronze Star Medal, a United States Armed Forces individual military decoration
  • Gold star, the highest state decoration in the Soviet Union and several post-Soviet states
  • Service star, an attachment to a military decoration which denotes participation in military campaigns or multiple bestowals of the same award
  • Silver Star, a military decoration which can be awarded to a member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces
  • Order of the White Star, an Estonian civilian public service award
  • Star Scout, a rank in the Boy Scouts of America

Religious and supernatural uses[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Star (classification), a scoring system for hotels, restaurants and movies
  • Star (football badge), representing trophies won by a football team
  • Barnstar, a decorative painted object or image often used to adorn a barn
  • Brunswick star, an eight- or sixteen-pointed star surrounding the British Royal Cypher, used on police badges
  • Hex sign, a form of Pennsylvania Dutch folk art
  • Mullet (heraldry), unconventional shapes of stars on coats-of-arms
  • Nautical star, a popular tattoo design
  • Red star, a political symbol of communism and socialism
  • Star of Life, representing emergency medical services units and personnel

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