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This is a list of broadcast television networks by country.

Note: This list should include only television networks. Individual stations should be included instead on the lists of television channels.


 Åland Islands[edit]




 American Samoa[edit]

El Djazairyia TV


  • ATV (Andorra Televisió)



 Antigua and Barbuda[edit]






  • ORF1 Österreichischer Rundfunk 1, public broadcaster
  • ORF2 Österreichischer Rundfunk 2, public broadcaster
  • 3 Sat — in association with ARD, ZDF and SF
  • ATV Austria TV, first and biggest private broadcaster
  • Puls 4 Second biggest private broadcaster
  • Servus TV Private broadcaster
  • Austria 9 TV Private broadcaster
  • LT1 Linz Television, local broadcaster for Upper Austria
  • Inn-Sat Local broadcaster for Tyrol
  • TW1/ORF Sport Plus Österreichischer Rundfunk Sport Plus, Sportschannel, public broadcaster
  • Go TV Music Television Station


Regional networks






See: Television in Belarus


See: List of television channels in Belgium





  • BBS-TV (Bhutan Broadcasting Service)


Bolivian Public-Access TV Channels

List of Channels by City La Paz Cochabamba Santa Cruz

Several Cable Channels available in Spanish and English.

  • CNN
  • FOX
  • ESPN


  • FBN (TV11 Flamingo Broadcasting Network N.V)

 Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]



See: Television in Brazil

 British Indian Ocean Territory[edit]

 British Virgin Islands[edit]



See: List of television stations in Bulgaria

 Burkina Faso[edit]


  • RTNB (Radiodiffusion et Télévision Nationale du Burundi)




See: List of Canadian television channels

 Cape Verde[edit]

  • RTC (Rádio e Televisão de Cabo Verde)

 Cayman Islands[edit]

 Central African Republic[edit]



See: List of Chilean television channels


See: List of Chinese-language television channels



  • ORTC (Office de Radio Télévision des Comores)
  • Parabole Comores
  • GRTV (Office de Radio Télévision des mbeni Comores)

 Democratic Republic of the Congo[edit]

 Republic of the Congo[edit]

 Cook Islands[edit]

  • CITV (Cook Islands Television)

 Costa Rica[edit]

 Ivory Coast[edit]


See: Television in Croatia




 Czech Republic[edit]

Other see there: List of TV networks in the Czech Republic




 Dominican Republic[edit]



 El Salvador[edit]

 Equatorial Guinea[edit]



See: Television in Estonia


 Falkland Islands[edit]

 Faroe Islands[edit]




See: List of television stations in France

 French Guiana[edit]

 French Polynesia[edit]

 French Southern and Antarctic Lands[edit]



  • GRTS (Gambia Radio & Television Service)



See: List of television stations in Germany




See: Television in Greece









Guatemala don't have a digital terrestrial standard yet, but it seems that ISDB-T it will be the norm. Albavision used to broadcast for 4 years in the ATSC norm on channel 19 HDTV, but is back to analog on that same frequency.


  • RTG (Radio Télévision Guinéenne)


  • EM TV (EM TV Guinea-Bissau)


  • Guyana TV
  • Btv 2
  • Cns 6
  • Wrhm 7
  • Hbtv 9
  • Ncn 11
  • Rbs13
  • Mtv14
  • Hgptv 16
  • Ntn 18
  • Hjtv 21
  • Tvg 25
  • Wrhm 38
  • Mbc 42
  • Skartv 46



 Hong Kong[edit]

See: List of television stations in Hong Kong


See: List of television stations in Hungary


See: List of Icelandic television channels



See: List of TV Stations in Indonesia

National free-to-air television channel:



See: List of Persian-language television channels



All channels from the  United Kingdom are available in Ireland.

note: BBC NI and UTV are based in Northern Ireland, RTÉ and TV3 in the Republic of Ireland. However all four are available to most viewers throughout the island of Ireland, with UTV now accepting advertising from the Republic and targeting some of its programmes specifically at viewers in the Republic. Access to the Republic's stations (but in particular TG4) in Northern Ireland was a requirement of the Good Friday Agreement peace deal in 1998, but this has yet to be fully implemented (mainly due to frequency spectrum issues).


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See also: Television in Japan and List of SKY PerfecTV! channels





 North Korea[edit]

 South Korea[edit]

See: List of Korean broadcasting networks



  • AsoSat
  • Çira TV
  • Gali Kurdistan
  • Hawler TV
  • Jamawar Kurdistan
  • Kanal 4
  • KNN TV
  • Kirkuk TV
  • Komala TV
  • Komar TV
  • Korek TV
  • Kurd 1
  • Kurd Channel
  • Kurdistan TV
  • KurdMax
  • Kurdistan Parliament Channel
  • Kurdsat
  • Med Muzik
  • Newroz TV
  • NRT TV
  • Pelistank TV
  • Payam TV
  • Roj TV
  • Rojhelat TV
  • Ronahi TV
  • Rudaw TV
  • Speda TV
  • Sterk TV
  • Tishk TV
  • Vin TV
  • Zagros TV


Al-Watan TV



  • LNTV (Lao National TV)


See: List of Latvian television channels


Plus, a wide variety of pay television channels from Orbit Showtime, ADD, Cablevision, Econet, Digitek...


  • LTV (Lesotho Television)


  • LBS (Liberian Broadcasting System)



See: List of German-language television channels


See: List of Lithuanian television channels



  • Alsat M(Albanian-language TV channel)
  • Balkanika Music TV
  • BOM (Best of Macedonia)
  • BTR Sat (roma-language TV channel broadcasting in Skopje)
  • Channel 5 (third most watched channel who got the national concession just in 2005)
  • K-15 TV
  • MKTV Sat
  • MTV - Parliament Channel
  • MTV 1 and MTV2 (the national channels, until 2003/2004 MTV2 used to be just about the same like MTV1 and the Parliament Channel used to be titled MTV3 and was intended for the minorities living in Macedonia. Back in 2003/2004 MTV3 transformed into MTV2 and MTV2 was retitled as Parliament Channel, having broadcast only the National Parliament discussions).
  • MTV Adria
  • Orbis TV (local TV station from Bitola)
  • SITEL (second most watched channel)
  • Telma (Telma is fourth privately owned national channel in R. of Macedonia)
  • TV Koha Macedonia (Albanian-language TV channel)
  • TV Sutel (roma-language TV channel broadcasting in Skopje)
  • TV Intel Strumica


In 1-flagship free-to-air terrestrial television stations and 2-flagship analog free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Hong Kong such
  1. Teledifusão de Macau (TDM; 澳門廣播電視股份有限公司 (澳門廣播電視, 澳門廣視)) is a Macau flagship free-to-air terrestrial television stations and 2-flagship analog free-to-air terrestrial television channels in Macau such:
    1. TDM-1 (澳視1台華文頻道) in Cantonese flagship free-to-air terrestrial television channel on UHF in normally tuned to 30 by the analog & 91 by the digital.
    2. TDM-2 (澳視2台葡文頻道) in Portuguese flagship free-to-air terrestrial television channel on UHF in normally tuned to 32 by the analog & 92 by the digital.
Channel № (Analog) Channel № (Digital) Channel Name (English) Channel Name (Chinese) Channel content Language Transmission Format Status Launch Date Licence
30 (UHF) 91 TDM-1 澳視1台華文頻道 Cantonese Free-to-air Cantonese Analog & Digital SDTV Terrestrial (1990-09-17) 17 September 1990 (age 23) TDM
32 (UHF) 92 TDM-2 澳視2台葡文頻道 Portuguese Free-to-air Portuguese

Premium channels[edit]


  • MaTV (Maeva 7 TV)
  • MBS (Malagasy Broadcasting System)
  • RTA (Radio Television Analamanga)
  • TV Malagasy (Radio Télévision Malagasy)
  • TVF (Televiziona Fialamboly)
  • OTV
  • Viva (Viva television)
  • Record(Radio television record )



See: List of Malaysian television stations




 Marquesas Islands[edit]

 Marshall Islands[edit]

  • MBC-TV (Marshall Broadcasting Company)






Pay TV[edit]




 Federated States of Micronesia[edit]

 Midway Islands[edit]


See: Television in Moldova




See: List of television stations in Montenegro







  • NTV (Nauru Television)



In the Netherlands, the television market is divided between a number of commercial networks and a system of public broadcasters sharing three channels.

From Netherlands Public Broadcasting:

From ProSiebenSat.1 Media:

From RTL Nederland:

 Netherlands Antilles[edit]

 New Caledonia[edit]

 New Zealand[edit]

National Channels

Local Channels


National channels[edit]

Local channels[edit]




  • NBN (Niue Broadcasting Network)

 Northern Mariana Islands[edit]

  • WSZE 10 (Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands)




See: List of Pakistani television stations




 Papua New Guinea[edit]




See: List of Philippine television networks and Template:Philippine cable channels

 Pitcairn Islands[edit]


See: List of Polish-language television channels


See: List of television stations in Portugal

 Puerto Rico[edit]




See: List of Romanian-language television channels


See: List of Russian-language television channels



 Saint Barthélemy[edit]

 Saint Kitts and Nevis[edit]

 Saint Lucia[edit]

 Sint Maarten[edit]

  • LBC (Leeward Broadcasting Corporation)

 Saint Pierre and Miquelon[edit]

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines[edit]


 San Marino[edit]

 São Tomé and Príncipe[edit]

 Saudi Arabia[edit]

Middle East Information



See: List of television stations in Serbia


  • SBC (Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation)
  • INTV One (Available on IntelVision Cable TV Service)
  • Intelvision Cable TV
  • TV5 Monde (Available on Analog Terrestrial and Intelvision Cable TV)

 Sierra Leone[edit]

  • SLBS (Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service)


See: List of Singaporean television channels

 Sint Eustatius[edit]



See: List of television stations in Slovenia

 Solomon Islands[edit]


 South Africa[edit]

 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands[edit]

See: Telecommunications in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands


See: List of television stations in Spain

 Sri Lanka[edit]

See: List of television networks in Sri Lanka


 South Sudan[edit]







See: List of channels in Taiwan


  • TVT (Televidenye Tajikistana)
  • TVS (TV Safina)
  • TVB (TV Bakoristan)



See: List of Channels in Thailand




  • TVT (Télévision Togolaise)


  • TBS (Tokelau Broadcasting System)
  • LCF


 Trinidad and Tobago[edit]

 Tristan da Cunha[edit]



See: List of television stations in Turkey


 Turks and Caicos Islands[edit]


  • TBC (Tuvaluan Broadcasting Company)



See: List of Ukrainian-language television channels

 United Arab Emirates[edit]

 United Kingdom[edit]

See: List of television stations in the United Kingdom

 United States[edit]


See List of United States over-the-air television networks

Cable & Satellite[edit]

See List of United States cable and satellite television networks

 United States Virgin Islands[edit]

See: List of television stations in the U.S. Virgin Islands




  Vatican City[edit]


See List of Venezuelan television channels


 Wake Island[edit]

See: Telecommunications in Wake Island

 Wallis and Futuna[edit]

 Western Sahara[edit]



  • ZNBC (Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation)

Muvi tv


  • TVZ (Television Zanzibar)


See: List of television stations in Africa


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