List of television series produced by Paramount Television

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This is a list of television show series produced by Paramount Television, once the television division of U.S. film studio Paramount Pictures, and by related firms like Desilu Productions, which Paramount acquired.

Following Viacom's split into (new) Viacom and CBS Corporation, these shows are now owned by CBS Corporation's CBS Television Studios (via CBS Studios, Inc.).


Title Network Original running Notes
The Lucy Show CBS 1962-1968 1962-1967 produced by Desilu
Mission: Impossible CBS 1966-1973 1966-1967 produced by Desilu
Star Trek NBC 1966-1969 1966-1967 produced by Desilu
Mannix CBS 1967-1975 1967 produced by Desilu
Here's Lucy CBS 1968-1974 Co-production of Season 1 only; series was produced by Lucille Ball Productions
The Brady Bunch ABC 1969-1974
Love American Style ABC 1969-1974


Title Network Original running Notes
The Young Lawyers ABC 1970-1971
Barefoot in the Park ABC 1970 Based on the 1967 film by Paramount Pictures
The Immortal ABC 1970-1971
The Odd Couple ABC 1970-1975 Based on the 1968 film by Paramount Pictures
Longstreet ABC 1971-1972
The Sandy Duncan Show CBS 1971-1972
Me and the Chimp CBS 1972
The Brady Kids ABC 1972-1974 Co-production with Filmation Associates
Catch-22 ABC 1973 Based on the 1970 film by Paramount Pictures
The Magician NBC 1973-1974
Star Trek NBC 1973-1974 Co-production with Filmation Associates
Happy Days ABC 1974-1984
Petrocelli NBC 1974-1976 Based on the 1970 film by Paramount Pictures
Paper Moon ABC 1974-1975 Based on the 1973 film by Paramount Pictures
Archer NBC 1975
Kate McShane CBS 1975
Barbary Coast ABC 1975-1976
When Things Were Rotten ABC 1975
The Lost Islands Network Ten 1976 co-production with Network 10
Laverne & Shirley ABC 1976-1983
Serpico NBC 1976-1977 Based on the 1973 film by Paramount Pictures
Mulligan's Stew NBC 1977
Dog and Cat ABC 1977
Szysznyk CBS 1977-1978
Grandpa Goes to Washington NBC 1978-1979
Taxi ABC, NBC 1978-1983
Mork & Mindy ABC 1978-1982
The Ted Knight Show CBS 1978
Who's Watching the Kids NBC 1978
Brothers and Sisters NBC 1979
Angie ABC 1979-1980
The Bad News Bears CBS 1979-1980 Based on the 1976 film by Paramount Pictures
Working Stiffs CBS 1979
Struck by Lightning CBS 1979


Title Network Original running Notes
Solid Gold Syndication 1980-1988
Goodtime Girls ABC 1980
The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang ABC 1980-1982 Co-production with Hanna-Barbera
Bosom Buddies ABC 1980-1982
Nero Wolfe NBC 1981
Foul Play ABC 1981 Based on the 1978 film by Paramount Pictures
Best of the West ABC 1981-1982
Entertainment Tonight Syndication 1981-
Police Squad! ABC 1982 Later adapted into The Naked Gun film franchise.
Joanie Loves Chachi ABC 1982-1983
The Powers of Matthew Star NBC 1982-1983
Family Ties NBC 1982-1989
Cheers NBC 1982-1993
Webster ABC, Syndication 1983-1989
Mr. Smith NBC 1983
Hometown CBS 1985
MacGyver ABC 1985-1992
Gung Ho ABC 1986 Based on the 1986 movie by Paramount Pictures
Star Trek: The Next Generation Syndication 1987-1994 An update of the 1966 TV series by Desilu Productions
Friday the 13th: The Series Syndication 1987-1990
War of the Worlds Syndication 1988-1990 Based on the 1953 movie by Paramount Pictures
The Arsenio Hall Show Syndication 1989-1994


Title Network Original running Notes
Down Under NBC 1990-1991
Wings NBC 1990-1997 Co-production with Grub Street Productions
Ferris Bueller NBC 1990-1991 Based on the 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off by Paramount Pictures
American Dreamer NBC 1990-1991
E.A.R.T.H. Force CBS 1990
Sons and Daughters CBS 1991
Verdict CBS 1991
Maury Syndication 1991–present Paramount stopped distributing Maury in 1998; Studios USA assumed production afterward
The Royal Family CBS 1991-1992
Flesh 'n' Blood NBC 1991
Brooklyn Bridge CBS 1991-1993 Co-production with UBU Productions
The Montel Williams Show Syndication 1991-2008 Paramount succeeded Viacom as distributor following merger
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles ABC, USA Network 1992-1996 Based on the film Raiders of the Lost Ark and its sequels by Lucasfilm Ltd. and Paramount Pictures
Sightings Fox 1992-1997
Grapevine CBS 1992
Flying Blind Fox 1992-1993
Bob CBS 1992-1993
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Syndication 1993-1999 Based on the 1966 series and its spin off by Desilu and Paramount Television
The Untouchables Syndication 1993-1994 Based on the 1987 movie by Paramount Pictures
Big Wave Dave's CBS 1993
Frasier NBC 1993-2004 Co-production with Grub Street Productions
The Mommies NBC 1993-1995
The Jon Stewart Show MTV 1993-1995 Paramount produced the series for syndication
South of Sunset CBS 1993
Viper NBC, Syndication 1994-1999
Leeza NBC 1994-2000
Duckman USA Network 1994-1997 Co-production with Klasky Csupo
The Busy World of Richard Scarry Showtime 1994-1997 Co-production with Cinar, France 3, BBC, Family Channel, Beta Film (Germany), and Telefilm Canada
Sister, Sister ABC, The WB 1994-1999
Star Trek: Voyager UPN 1995-2001
The Watcher UPN 1995
Pig Sty UPN 1995
Platypus Man UPN 1995
The Marshal ABC 1995
Marker UPN 1995
Legend UPN 1995
Almost Perfect CBS 1995-1996
The Pursuit of Happiness NBC 1995
JAG NBC, CBS 1995-2005 co-production with Bellisarius Productions and NBC Productions for season 1 only
The Home Court NBC 1995-1996
Moesha UPN 1996-2001 produced by Big Ticket Television and syndicated by Paramount
Good Company CBS 1996
The Sentinel UPN 1996-1999
Nash Bridges CBS 1996-2001 Produced from 1999-2001
7th Heaven The WB, The CW 1996-2007 co-produced by Spelling Television
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch ABC, The WB 1996-2003 Produced by Viacom Productions and Hartbreak Films, distributed in off-network syndication by Paramount
Orleans CBS 1997
Fired Up NBC 1997 Co-production with Gramment Productions
Hitz UPN 1997
Jenny NBC 1997-1998 Produced by MTV
LateLine NBC 1998-1999
The Howie Mandel Show Syndication 1998-1999
Maggie Lifetime 1998-1999
DiResta UPN 1998-1999
Charmed The WB 1998-2006 produced by Spelling Television, distributed in off-network syndication by Paramount
Seven Days UPN 1998-2001
Becker CBS 1998-2004


Post-2006 episodes of certain series produced by CBS Paramount Television, CBS Television Distribution, and/or CBS Television Studios, based on program.
Title Network Original running Notes
Soul Food Showtime 2000-2004 Based on the 1997 film by 20th Century Fox
Seasons 1 & 2 co-production with Fox Television Studios, seasons 3-5 co-production with 20th Century Fox Television
One on One UPN 2001-2006
Some of My Best Friends CBS 2001 Based on the 1997 film Kiss Me, Guido by Paramount Pictures
Big Apple CBS 2001 Co-production with Red Board Productions and Yerkovich Productions
Enterprise UPN 2001-2005
Philly ABC 2001-2002 Co-production with Steven Bochco Productions
Special Unit 2 UPN 2001-2002
Andy Richter Controls the Universe Fox 2002-2003 Co-production with Garfield Grove Productions and 20th Century Fox Television
Dr. Phil Syndication 2002-present Co-distributed with King World Productions
Bram & Alice CBS 2002
Kingpin NBC 2003 Produced by Knee Deep Productions, NBC Studios and Spelling Television
NCIS CBS 2003-present Spin-off of JAG
The 4400 USA Network 2004-2007 Season one produced by Viacom Productions, co-produced by American Zoetrope
The Insider Syndication 2004-present
Everybody Hates Chris UPN, The CW 2005-2009
Sex, Love & Secrets UPN 2005
Criminal Minds CBS 2005-present co-production with Touchstone Television
South Beach UPN 2006