List of television stations in Alaska

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This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities/towns in the U.S. state of Alaska.

Full-power stations[edit]

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.

Area served City of license VC RF Callsign Network Notes
Anchorage Anchorage 2 10 KTUU-TV NBC (Alaska's initial TV station, first air date, as KFIA: October 16, 1953)
Anchorage Anchorage 4 20 KTBY Fox (first air date: December 2, 1983)
Anchorage Anchorage 5 5 KYES-TV MNT (first air date: January 21, 1990)
Anchorage Anchorage 7 8 KAKM PBS (first air date: May 7, 1975)
Anchorage Anchorage 11 28 KTVA CBS (first air date: December 11, 1953)
Anchorage Anchorage 13 12 KYUR ABC (first air date, as KHAR: October 31, 1967)
Anchorage Anchorage 33 32 KDMD ION (Alaska's sole UHF station, first air date: October 1, 1989)
Fairbanks Fairbanks 2 18 KATN ABC (first air date, as KFAR: March 1, 1955)
Fairbanks Fairbanks 4 20 KJNP-TV TBN (first air date: December 7, 1981)
Fairbanks Fairbanks 7 7 KFXF Fox (first air date, as low-power station K07UU: April 20, 1992)
Fairbanks Fairbanks 9 9 KUAC-TV PBS part of the AlaskaOne network (first air date: December 22, 1971)
Fairbanks Fairbanks 11 26 KTVF NBC (first air date: February 3, 1955)
Juneau Juneau 3 10 KTOO-TV PBS part of the AlaskaOne network (first air date: October 1, 1978)
Juneau Juneau 8 11 KJUD ABC (first air date, as KINY: February 19, 1956)
Ketchikan Ketchikan 4 13 KUBD CBS (first air date, as KNEB: April 1, 1995)
Sitka Sitka 13 7 KTNL-TV CBS (started broadcasting, as KIFW in 1966)

Defunct full-power stations[edit]

LPTV stations[edit]

Area served City of license ch Callsign Network Notes
Juneau Juneau 5 KATH-LP NBC (first air date: August 17, 1998)
Sitka Sitka 5 KSCT-LP NBC
Kodiak Kodiak 11 KUBD-LP CBS, ION
Fairbanks Fairbanks 13 K13XD-D CBS (first air date: August 7, 1996)
Juneau Juneau 17 K17HC MyNetworkTV (first air date: August 25, 2004)
Anchorage Anchorage 18 KYEK-LP MyNetworkTV (first air date: January 21, 1990)
Anchorage Anchorage 35 KCFT-CD FamilyNet (started broadcasting in 1984)
Anchorage Anchorage 38 KACN-LP Independent (started broadcasting in 2008)
Anchorage Anchorage 41 K41DP TBN
Fairbanks Fairbanks 32 KDMD-LP ION
Homer-Seldovia Homer-Seldovia 9 PSIP 5 K09XO-D MyNetworkTV
Kenai Kenai 22 K22HN-D MyNetworkTV
Soldotna Soldotna 8 K08LW-D MyNetworkTV

Microwave service[edit]

ARCS: The Alaska Rural Communications Service, which provides some original programming and also "cherry-picks" retransmissions from among the broadcast stations in Anchorage, though usually not KYUR except in very rare occasions (such as Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race coverage), to provide television service to remote areas.