List of television stations in the United States by call sign (initial letter K)

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This is a list of full-power television stations in the United States having call signs beginning with the letter K. Most low-power TV stations, those with designations such as KAGN-LP or K11XQ, have not been included in this list.

See also the list of TV stations beginning with W and the list of TV stations beginning with X.


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KAAH-TV 27 PSIP 26 TBN Honolulu, Hawaii K All American TV Honolulu
33.2This TV
Austin, Minnesota Austin-Albert Lea
KAAS-TV 17 Fox Salina, Kansas Satellite of KSAS-TV Wichita
KABB 30 PSIP 29 Fox San Antonio, Texas
Los Angeles, California American Broadcasting Company
KABE-CD 39 Univision Bakersfield, California
KABH-LP 15 Univision Bend, Oregon Rebroadcasts KPOU LaGrande, Oregon
KABY-TV 9 ABC Aberdeen, South Dakota Satellite of KSFY Sioux Falls
KACN-LP 32.3 Independent Anchorage, Alaska
KACV-TV 8 PSIP/cable 2 PBS Amarillo, Texas Amarillo College Voice
KADN-TV 15 15.1Fox
Lafayette, Louisiana
KADO-LP 40 religious independent Shreveport, Louisiana Refers to Caddo Parish, Louisiana
KAEF-TV 22 PSIP 23 ABC Arcata, California Arcata-Eureka-Fortuna. Semisatellite of KRCR Redding
KAEP-LP 42 Azteca America Las Cruces, New Mexico Branded by its digital subchannel assignment on 7.4
KAET 8 PBS Phoenix, Arizona Arizona Educational Television
KAFT 9 PSIP 13 PBS Fayetteville, Arkansas Arkansas Fayetteville Television
KAGN-LP 31 Religious Independent Crowley, Louisiana Rebroadcasts KAJN Lafayette, Louisiana
KAGS-LD 23 23.1NBC Bryan, Texas 'AGgies. Semisatellite of KCEN Temple, Texas
KAID 21 PSIP/cable 4 PBS Boise, Idaho Ada County, Idaho
KAII-TV 7 Fox Wailuku, Hawaii
KAIL 7 7.1MyNetworkTV
7.2Cozi TV
Fresno, California Also branded by its cable channel assignment on 13
KAIT 8 ABC Jonesboro, Arkansas Sounds like eight
KAJJ-CD 39 PSIP 18 CBS Kalispell, Montana Semisatellite of KPAX-TV Missoula
KAJB 36 PSIP 54 Telefutura Calipatria, California
KAJN-CD 40 Religious Independent Lafayette, Louisiana
KAKE 10 10.1ABC
Wichita, Kansas Sounds like cake
KAKM 8 PSIP 7 PBS Anchorage, Alaska Alaska M
KAKW-DT 13 PSIP 62 Univision Killeen, Texas Austin/Killeen/Waco
Alexandria, Louisiana Know Alexandria Better; Digital subchannel 35.2 branded as cable channel 2 and under call sign NALB-TV
KALO 38 religious Honolulu, Hawaii Named after the kalo (taro) plant, traditionally a staple of Hawaiian life and nourishment
KAMC 27 PSIP 28 ABC Lubbock, Texas
KAME-TV 20 PSIP 21 MyNetworkTV Reno, Nevada
Amarillo, Texas AMaRillo
KAMU-TV 12 PBS College Station, Texas Texas A&M University
KAPP 14 PSIP 35 35.1ABC
Yakima, Washington K Apple Valley Broadcasting; Semisatellite is KVEW Kennewick, Washington
KAQC-LP 22 FamilyNet Atlanta, Texas
KAQY 11 ABC Columbia, Louisiana
KARD 36 PSIP 14 Fox West Monroe, Louisiana
KARE 11 NBC Minneapolis, Minnesota Meant to sound like the word care
KARK-TV 32 PSIP/cable 4 NBC Little Rock, Arkansas ARKansas
KARZ-TV 44 PSIP 42 MyNetworkTV Little Rock, Arkansas
KASA-TV 27 PSIP/cable 2 Fox Santa Fe, New Mexico Sounds like casa, Spanish for "house"
KASN 39 PSIP 38 The CW Pine Bluff, Arkansas
KASW 49 PSIP 61 The CW Phoenix, Arizona Brands by cable channel number, 6
KASY-TV 45 PSIP 50 MyNetworkTV Albuquerque, New Mexico
KATA-CD 50 Tr3s Mesquite, Texas
3.2The CW
Lafayette, Louisiana Digital subchannel 3.2 also brands as cable channel 10
KATH-LD 35 PSIP 5 NBC Juneau, Alaska Owner's wife's name is Kathy
KATN 18 PSIP 2 ABC Fairbanks, Alaska Alaska Television Network
KATU 43 PSIP 2 ABC Portland, Oregon Sounds like two (Channel 2)
KATV 22 PSIP/cable 7 ABC Little Rock, Arkansas Arkansas TeleVision
KAUN-LP 42 RTV Sioux Falls, South Dakota
KAUT-TV 40 PSIP 43 Independent Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Gene Autry (former owner)
6.2The CW
Wichita Falls, Texas Digital subchannel 6.2 branded by its cable channel numbers, 5 and 20
KAVU-TV 15 PSIP 25 25.1ABC
Victoria, Texas
KAWB 28 PSIP 22 PBS Brainerd, Minnesota
KAWE 9 PBS Bemidji, Minnesota
KAXT-CD 42 PSIP 56 Crossings TV San Jose, California
KAYU-TV 28 28.1Fox
28.2This TV
Spokane, Washington
KAZA-TV 47 PSIP 54 Azteca America Avalon, California Azteca America
KAZD 39 PSIP 54 Azteca America Lake Dallas, Texas Azteca Dallas
KAZQ 17 PSIP 32 Religious Independent Albuquerque, New Mexico
KAZT-TV 7 7.1Independent
Prescott, Arizona Brands as AZ TV: has various repeaters, including satellite with same call letters on Channel 7 in Phoenix, and also brands by its cable channel assignment on 13
KAZV-LP 14 America One Modesto, California Azevedo (family which owns the station)


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KBAK-TV 33 PSIP 29 29.1CBS
Bakersfield, California K Bakersfield
KBAX-LD 27 PSIP 27 RTV Twin Falls, Idaho
KBBV-CD 19 Estrella TV Bakersfield, California
KBCA 41 The CW Alexandria, Louisiana Also branded as cable channel 6.
KBCB 19 PSIP 24 ShopHQ Bellingham, Washington
KBCW (TV) 43 PSIP 44 The CW San Francisco, California Bay Area CW; also branded by its cable channel assignment on 12
KBDI-TV 13 PSIP 12 PBS Broomfield, Colorado
KBEH 24 PSIP 63 Televisa Oxnard, California Robert BEHar (former owner)
KBFD-DT 33 PSIP 32 Independent (Asian) Honolulu, Hawaii
KBFK-LP 36 HSN Bakersfield, California
KBFX-CD 29 PSIP 58 58.1Fox
29.2This TV
Bakersfield, California Bakersfield's Fox
KBHE-TV 26 PSIP 9 PBS Rapid City, South Dakota Black Hills Educational; rebroadcasts KUSD Vermillion, SD
KBIM-TV 10 CBS Roswell, New Mexico Semisatellite of KRQE Albuquerque, New Mexico
KBIN-TV 33 PSIP 32 PBS Council Bluffs, Iowa
KBJO-LD 16 PSIP 21 The CW St. Joseph, Missouri Branded by its cable channel number, 6.
Superior, Wisconsin Digital subchannel 19.2 by its cable channel number, 9
KBLM-LP 25 Tr3s Riverside, California Broadcasting Louis Martinez (station owner)
KBLN-TV 30 3ABN Grants Pass, Oregon Better Life Network
KBLR-TV 40 Telemundo Paradise, Nevada
KBME-TV 22 PSIP/cable 3 PBS Bismarck, North Dakota Bismarck-Mandan Educational
KBMT 12 12.1ABC
Beaumont, Texas
KBMY 16 PSIP 17 ABC Bismarck, North Dakota Bismarck-Mandan Y
KBNS-CD 36 Independent Branson, Missouri Branson
KBNT-CD 17 Univision San Diego, California
KBNZ-LD 7 CBS Bend, Oregon
Boise, Idaho Boise; the station was known as KBCI-TV from 1974 until 2010; the call sign was changed after KBOI radio was sold off (due to regulations in effect at the time); KBCI was chosen to save money on new signage by simply cutting off the O's right end
KBRR 10 Fox Thief River Falls, Minnesota
KBSC-LP 49 Independent Brookings, Oregon Brands by its cable channel assignment on channel 9
KBSD-DT 6 CBS Ensign, Kansas Satellite of KWCH Wichita
KBSE-LP 33 HSN Boise, Idaho Boise
KBSH-DT 7 CBS Hays, Kansas Semisatellite of KWCH Wichita
KBSI 22 PSIP 23 Fox Cape Girardeau, Missouri
KBSL-DT 10 CBS Goodland, Kansas Satellite of KWCH Wichita
KBSV 15 PSIP 23 Assyrian Independent Ceres, California
KBTC-TV 27 PBS Tacoma, Washington Bates Technical College
KBTF-CD 31 UniMas Bakersfield, California See KTFB (of which station is satellite) for meaning
KBTR-CA 41 This TV Baton Rouge, Louisiana Baton Rouge
KBTU-LP 23 MundoFox Salt Lake City, Utah Bustos Television Utah (former owners)
KBTV-CD 51 Ethnic Independent Sacramento, California
KBTV-TV 40 PSIP 4 4.1Fox
40.2Bounce TV
Port Arthur, Texas
3.2The CW
Bryan, Texas Bryan, TX; Semi-satellite of KWTX Waco, Texas; KBTX-DT2 is also branded by its cable channel number, 8, and rebroadcasts KWTX-DT2
KBVO 27 PSIP 14 MyNetworkTV Llano, Texas Bevo (University of Texas at Austin mascot); shares call sign with Class A satellite on Channel 51 in Austin
KBVR Cable channel 26 Independent / College (OSU) Corvallis, Oregon
KBVU-TV 28 PSIP 29 Fox Eureka, California Satellite of KCVU in Chico, California
KOFY-TV 19 PSIP 20 20.1Independent
San Francisco, California Also brands by its cable channel assignment on 13
KBYU-TV 44 PSIP 11 PBS Provo, Utah Brigham Young University
KBZK 13 PSIP 7 CBS Bozeman, Montana Semisatellite of KXLF-TV Butte, Montana
KBZO-LD 51 PSIP 51 Univision Lubbock, Texas


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KCAB-LP 28 America One Coolidge, Arizona Central Arizona Broadcasting (station owner)
KCAL-TV 9 independent Los Angeles, California California
KCAU-TV 9 ABC Sioux City, Iowa
KCBA 13 PSIP 35 Fox Salinas, California
KCBB-LP 51 Azteca America Boise, Idaho Cocola Broadcasting of Boise
KCBD 11 11.1NBC
11.2This TV
Lubbock, Texas
KCBS-TV 43 PSIP/cable 2 CBS Los Angeles, California Columbia Broadcasting System
KCBT-LD 34 MundoFox Bakersfield, California Cocola Broadcasting )(station owners)
KCBY-TV 11 CBS Coos Bay, Oregon Coos Bay; semisatellite of KVAL, Eugene, Oregon
Des Moines, Iowa Cowles Communications, Inc. (former owner) or
Capital City of Iowa
KCCO-TV 7 CBS Alexandria, Minnesota Affiliated with WCCO
KCCW-TV 12 CBS Walker, Minnesota Affiliated with WCCO
KCDO-TV 23 PSIP/cable 3 Independent Sterling, Colorado ColoraDO
KCDT 45 PSIP 26 PBS Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
KCEB 51 PSIP 54 Me-TV Longview, Texas
KCEC 51 PSIP 50 Univision Denver, Colorado Colorado Entravision Communications
Temple, Texas
KCET 28 Educational Independent (then a PBS member station) Los Angeles, California California Educational Television
KCFT-CD 35 FamilyNet Anchorage, Alaska
Kalispell, Montana Semi-satellite of KECI Missoula
KCGE-DT 16 PBS Crookston, Minnesota Crookston-Grand Forks Educational
KCHF 10 Religious Santa Fe, New Mexico
KCIB-LD 5 FamilyNet/Worship El Dorado, Arkanasas
KCIT 15 PSIP 14 14.1Fox
15.2This TV
Amarillo, Texas Call signs are pronounced C(see) it.
KCJY-LP 55 JCTV Twin Falls, Idaho
KCKA 19 PSIP 15 PBS Centralia, Washington Rebroadcasts KBTC Tacoma
KCLG-LD 32 ION Television Neosho, Missouri
KCLO-TV 16 PSIP 15 CBS Rapid City, South Dakota Repeats KELO
KCLP-CA 18 TCT Boise, Idaho
KCNC-TV 35 PSIP/cable 4 CBS(then an NBC affiliate) Denver, Colorado
KCNS 39 PSIP 38 MundoFox San Francisco, California
KCOP-TV 13 13.1MyNetworkTV
13.2Bounce TV
Los Angeles, California Copley Publishing Company (a newspaper chain)
KCOS (TV) 13 PBS El Paso, Texas
KCOY 19 PSIP 12 12.1CBS
Santa Maria, California
KCPM 27 MyNetworkTV Grand Forks, North Dakota Central Plains Media (station owner)
KCPQ 13 Fox Tacoma, Washington Clover Park Quality (?); was formerly owned by the Clover Park School District and run as a PBS station
KCPT 18 PSIP 19 PBS Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Public Television
Sacramento, California Sacramento
Cedar Rapids, Iowa Cedar Rapids Gazette (newspaper)
KCRP-CA 41 UniMas Corpus Christi, Texas Corpus Christi
KCRT-TV Cable Channel 28 Independent Hayward, California
KCSD-TV 24 PSIP 23 PBS Sioux Falls, South Dakota
KCSG 14 Me-TV Cedar City, Utah Cedar City–St. George
KCSI-TV Cable Channel 10 Independent Jamestown, North Dakota Cable Systems, Inc. (Station owner)
KCSM-TV 43 PSIP 60 EducationalIndependent San Mateo, California College of San Mateo
KCSO-LD 3 PSIP 33 Telemundo Sacramento, California
KCTF-LP 45 religious independent Twin Falls, Idaho
KCTS-TV 9 PBS Seattle, Washington Community Television of Seattle
KCTU-LD 43 43.1This TV
43.2Ebru TV
43.3Untamed Sports TV
43.4TV Scout
43.5AMG TV
43.7Mi Casa TV
Wichita, Kansas
KCTV 24 PSIP/cable 5 CBS Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City Television
KCTV-LP 58 America One Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
KCVB-CD 26 ION Television Logan, Utah
KCVU 20 Fox Paradise, California
KCWC-DT 8 PSIP/cable 4 PBS Lander, Wyoming Central Wyoming College
KCWE 31 PSIP 29 29.1The CW
31.2This TV
Kansas City, Missouri
KCWI 23 The CW Des Moines, Iowa CW Iowa
KCWQ-LP 2 The CW Palm Springs, California Brands by its cable channel number, 5.
KCWT-CD 23 PSIP 21 The CW McAllen, Texas CW Texas. Branded by its cable channel number, 21.
KCWV 27 AMGTV Duluth, Minnesota
KCWX 5 PSIP 2 2.1MyNetworkTV
5.2This TV
Fredericksburg, Texas Formerly KBEJ (2000–2006) CW Network Texas
KCWY-DT 12 PSIP 13 NBC Casper, Wyoming Casper, Wyoming
KCYU-LD 41 Fox Yakima, Washington Low-power semisatellite of KFFX, Pendleton, Oregon


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KDAF 32 PSIP 33 33.1The CW
33.2Antenna TV
32.3This TV
Dallas, Texas Dallas And Fort Worth
KDAO-LP 45 RTV Marshalltown, Iowa
4.2MyNetworkTV/This TV
El Paso, Texas
KDCG-CD 22 Antenna TV Opelousas, Louisiana
KDCK 21 PBS Dodge City, Kansas Dodge City, Kansas
KDCU-DT 31 Univision Derby, Kansas
KDEN-TV 29 PSIP 25 Telemundo Longmont, Colorado
KDEO-LD 50 PSIP 23 EWTN Denver, Colorado Deo is Latin for God.
KDFI 36 PSIP 27 MyNetworkTV Dallas, Texas Sister station of KDFW, Dallas
KDFS-CA 30 Azteca America Santa Maria, California Rebroadcasts KSBO-CA San Luis Obispo
KDFW 35 PSIP/cable 4 Fox Dallas, Texas Dallas–Fort Worth
KDFX 33 Fox Palm Springs, California Brands by its cable channel number, 11.
KDIN-TV 11 PBS Des Moines, Iowa
KDJT-CA 33 Unimas Salinas, California
KDKA-TV 25 PSIP/cable 2 CBS Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Taken from sister radio station
KDKF 29 PSIP 31 ABC Klamath Falls, Oregon Rebroadcasts KDRV Medford
33.2The CW
Duluth, Minnesota Digital subchannel 33.2 branded by its cable channel assignment on 2.
Florence, South Dakota (See KCLO)
KDLT-TV 47 PSIP 46 46.1NBC Sioux Falls, South Dakota Dakota-Land Television
KDLV-TV 26 PSIP 5 5.1NBC Mitchell, South Dakota Dakota-Land V(Roman numeral for 5). Rebroadcasts KDLT Sioux Falls
KDMD 32 PSIP 33 33.1ION Television
Anchorage, Alaska
KDMD-LP 32 ION Television Fairbanks, Alaska Sister station of KDMD Anchorage
KDMI 19 This TV/MyNetworkTV Des Moines, Iowa Des Moines, Iowa
KDNL 31 PSIP 30 30.1ABC St. Louis, Missouri Originally an independent station (1969–86), later a Fox affiliate (1986–95).
KDOC-TV 32 PSIP 56 56.1Independent
Anaheim/Los Angeles, California Digital subchannel 32.3 rebroadcasts KVME Orange, California
KDOR-TV 17 TBN Bartlesville, Oklahoma
KDRV 12 ABC Medford, Oregon
KDSD-TV 17 PSIP 16 PBS Aberdeen, South Dakota
KDSE 9 PBS Dickinson, North Dakota Dickinson Educational
KDSM-TV 16 PSIP 17 17.1Fox
Des Moines, Iowa Des Moines (DSM is also the local IATA airport code)
KDTN 43 PSIP/cable 2 Daystar Denton, Texas Daystar Television Network
KDTP 11 Daystar Television Network Holbrook, Arizona DaysTar Phoenix; shares call sign with satellite on Channel 48 in Phoenix
KDTS-CA 52 Daystar Stockton, California Rebroadcasts KRJR Sacramento
KDTV-DT 51 PSIP 14 Univision San Francisco, California
KDTX-TV 45 PSIP 58 TBN Dallas, Texas Dallas Texas (or possibly Denton Texas)
KDUH-TV 7 PSIP/cable 4 ABC Scottsbluff, Nebraska K DuHamel Broadcasting Co. Semi-satellite of KOTA Rapid City, South Dakota
KDVR 32 PSIP 31 Fox Denver, Colorado Denver


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KECI-TV 13 13.1NBC(then a CBS affiliate)
Missoula, Montana Flagship of NBC Montana
KECY-TV 9 9.1Fox
9.3The CW
El Centro, California K El Centro, California–Yuma, Arizona; digital subchannel 9.2 brands by its cable channel assignment on 5, and digital subchannel 9.3 by its cable channel number, 6
KEDT 23 PBS Corpus Christi, Texas
KEEN-CD 17 TLN Las Vegas, Nevada
KEET 11 PSIP/cable 13 PBS Eureka, California
KEFB 34 Religious Independent/TBN Ames, Iowa
KEJR-LD 40 MundoFox Phoenix, Arizona Rebroadcast on KMOH Kingman, AZ
KEJT-LP 50 Telemundo Salt Lake City, Utah
KELO-TV 11 11.1CBS
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
KELV-LD 15 PSIP 27 UniMas Las Vegas, Nevada Entravision Las Vegas (station owner)
KEMO-TV 32 PSIP 50 Azteca America Santa Rosa, California Formerly KFTY
KEMV 13 PSIP 6 PBS Mountain View, Arkansas
KENS 39 PSIP/cable 5 CBS San Antonio, Texas K Express-News Service (Former and present partner)
KENV-DT 10 NBC Elko, Nevada Semisatellite of KRNV Reno, Nevada
KENW 32 PSIP/cable 3 PBS Portales, New Mexico
KEPB-TV 29 PSIP 28 PBS Eugene, Oregon Eugene Public Broadcasting; satellite of KOPB Portland
KEPR-TV 18 PSIP 19 19.1CBS
18.2The CW
Pasco, Washington KEnnewick, Pasco and Richland. Semi-satellite station of KIMA Yakima, Washington; digital subchannel 18.2 rebroadcasts KIMA DT2
KERA-TV 13 PBS Dallas, Texas A new era in broadcasting
KERO-TV 10 PSIP 23 23.1ABC
Bakersfield, California KERn COunty
KESD-TV 8 PBS Brookings, South Dakota
KESE-LP 35 Telemundo El Centro, California Sister station of KESQ Palm Springs; branded by its cable channel number, 3.
KESQ-TV 42 42.1ABC
Palm Springs, California K Esquire Magazine (former owner)
KETA-TV 32 PBS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KETC 39 PSIP/cable 9 PBS St. Louis, Missouri K Educational Television Channel
KETD 46 PSIP 53 Estrella TV Castle Rock, Colorado Estrella TV Denver
KETF-CD 31 UniMas Laredo, Texas
KETG 13 PSIP 9 PBS Arkadelphia, Arkansas
KETH 14 TBN Houston, Texas
KETK-TV 22 PSIP 56 NBC Jacksonville, Texas
KETK-LP 53 NBC Nacogdoches, Texas Semi-satellite of KETK Jacksonville, Texas
KETM-LP 17 Fox Emporia, Kansas Rebroadcasts KTMJ-CD Topeka, Kansas
KETS 7 PSIP 2 PBS Little Rock, Arkansas
Omaha, Nebraska
KETZ 10 PSIP 12 PBS El Dorado, Arkansas
KEUS-CD 41 Univision San Angelo, Texas Entravision (station owner) Univision
KEUV-LP 31 Univision Eureka, California EUreka UniVision (call letters overlap)
KEVC-CA 5 UniMas Indio, California EntraVision Communications (station owner)
KEVN-TV 7 Fox Rapid City, South Dakota
KEVU-CD 23 MyNetworkTV Eugene, Oregon
KEYC-TV 12 12.1CBS(then an NBC affiliate)
Mankato, Minnesota
KEYE-TV 43 PSIP 42 42.1CBS
Austin, Texas K-Eye (CBS logo)
Santa Barbara, California Your Key-Television Station (slogan)
KEYU 41 Univision Borger, Texas
KEZI 9 ABC Eugene, Oregon


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KFAM-CD 14 Religious Independent Lake Charles, Louisiana Rebroadcasts KAJN Lafayette, Louisiana
KFAZ-CA 8 Azteca America Visalia, California Rebroadcasts KMSG-LD Fresno
Great Falls, Montana
KFBI-LD 48 48.1MyNetworkTV Medford, Oregon
KFCT 22 Fox Fort Collins, Colorado Fort Collins Television; satellite of KDVR Denver
KFDA-TV 10 10.1CBS
Amarillo, Texas
KFDF-CD 44 MundoFox Fort Smith, Arkansas
25.2The CW
Beaumont, Texas
Wichita Falls, Texas
KFFS-CD 36 MundoFox Fayetteville, Arkansas Rebroadcasts KFDF-CD Fort Smith
KFFV 44 Infomercials Seattle, Washington
KFFX-TV 11 Fox Pendleton, Oregon
KFJX 13 PSIP 14 Fox Pittsburg, Kansas
KFLA-LD 8 8.1FilmOn TV
8.4Biz TV
8.5Jewelry TV
Los Angeles, California
San Diego, California
KFME 13 PBS Fargo, North Dakota Fargo-Moorhead Educational
KFNB 20 Fox Casper, Wyoming Satellite of KLWY Cheyenne, Wyoming
KFNE 10 Fox Riverton, Wyoming Satellite of KLWY Cheyenne, Wyoming
KFNR 11 Fox Rawlins, Wyoming Satellite of KLWY in Cheyenne, Wyoming
KFOL-CD 30 Independent Houma, Louisiana Brands by its cable channel number, 10
KFOR-TV 27 PSIP/cable 4 NBC Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KFOX-TV 15 PSIP 14 Fox El Paso, Texas Fox
KFPH-DT 13 UniMas Flagstaff, Arizona Satellite on Channel 35 in Phoenix has same call sign
KFPX-TV 39 ION Television Newton, Iowa
KFQX 15 PSIP 4 Fox Grand Junction, Colorado
KFRE-TV 36 PSIP 59 The CW Sanger, California Fresno
KFSF-DT 34 PSIP 66 UniMas Vallejo, California
KFSM-TV 18 PSIP 5 5.1CBS(then an NBC affiliate)
Fort Smith, Arkansas Fort Smith (Note: FSM is also the local airport designation)
KFSN-TV 30 ABC Fresno, California FreSno
KFTA-TV 27 PSIP 24 Fox Fort Smith, Arkansas Fort Smith, Arkansas
KFTC 26 MyNetworkTV Bemidji, Minnesota Repeater of WFTC
KFTH-DT 36 UniMas Alvin, Texas
KFTL-CD 28 ZUUS Latino San Francisco, California Family TeLevision
KFTR-DT 29 PSIP 46 UniMas Ontario, California Telefutura
KFTS 33 PBS Klamath Falls, Oregon
KFTU-DT 36 UniMas Douglas, Arizona Shares call sign with satellite on Channel 18 in Tucson
KFTV-DT 20 PSIP 21 Univision Hanford, California
KFVE 23 PSIP/cable 9 MyNetworkTV Honolulu, Hawaii Five (the station's former channel number)
KFVS-TV 12 12.1CBS
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
KFWD 9 PSIP 52 MundoFox Fort Worth, Texas Fort Worth and Dallas
KFXA 27 PSIP 28 Fox Cedar Rapids, Iowa
KFXB-TV 43 PSIP 40 CTN Dubuque, Iowa
KFXF 7 7.1Fox
Fairbanks, Alaska
KFXK-TV 31 PSIP 51 51.1Fox
Longview, Texas
KFXL 51 Fox Lincoln, Nebraska Fox Lincoln
KFXO-LD 39 Fox Bend, Oregon
KFXV-LD 20 PSIP 67 Fox/MyNetworkTV/Tr3s McAllen, Texas Fox for the Valley. Simulcast on a digital subchannel of XHRIO Reynosa, Mexico, and branded by both its cable and XHRIO's over-the-air channel assignment, 2.
Bismarck, North Dakota "Fire". Digital subchannel 5.2 was previously KNDX from 1999 until 2014 and brands by its former over-the-air channel number, 26.


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KGAN 29 PSIP 2 2.1CBS Cedar Rapids, Iowa Guy Gannett Communications (former owner)
KGBS-CA 32 Tr3s Austin, Texas
KGBT-TV 31 PSIP/cable 4 CBS Harlingen, Texas
KGCS-LD 22 America One Joplin, Missouri
KGCW 41 PSIP 26 26.1The CW
41.2This TV
Burlington, Iowa Grant (station owner) CW
KGEB 49 PSIP 53 GEB Tulsa, Oklahoma
KGEC-LD 26 RTV Redding, California
KGET-TV 25 PSIP 17 17.1NBC
25.2The CW
Bakersfield, California Kern Golden Empire Television
KGFE 15 PSIP 2 PBS Grand Forks, North Dakota Grand Forks Educational
KGHB-CD 27 Univision Colorado Springs, Colorado
KGIN 11 11.1CBS
Grand Island, Nebraska Rebroadcasts KOLN Lincoln(DT1) and KSNB (DT2) Superior
KGJT-CD 27 MyNetworkTV Grand Junction, Colorado
KGLA-DT 42 Telemundo Hammond, Louisiana
KGMB 22 Cable/PSIP 5 CBS Honolulu, Hawaii George M. Bowls (first chief engineer)
KGMC 43 MundoFox Clovis, California K Gary M. Cocola Broadcasting (owner)
KGMD-TV 9 CBS Hilo, Hawaii
KGMV 24 CBS Wailuku, Hawaii
KGNG-LP 47 HSN Las Vegas, Nevada King Kong; digital subchannels include A Viva, RTV47.4, Movies+, My Family 47.6
Laredo, Texas Good Neighbor Station. Digital subchannel 8.2 branded as NGNS and by its cable/satellite channel number, 12.
7.2Channel 7.2(LWN)
San Francisco, California
KGPE 34 PSIP 47 CBS Fresno, California Grow, Protect, Enjoy (mission statement established by new owner; historically bore KJEO)
KGPT-CA 26 26.1Cozi TV
26.2Bounce TV
26.4NewsMax TV
26.6Azteca America
Wichita, Kansas Kansas Great Plains Television
KGPX-TV 34 ION Television Spokane, Washington
KGTV 10 10.1ABC
San Diego, California Call signs were previously KOGO-TV
KGUN-TV 9 ABC Tucson, Arizona
KGW 8 NBC Portland, Oregon Key to theGreat West
KGWC-TV 14 CBS Casper, Wyoming Great Western Casper
KGWL-TV 7 CBS Lander, Wyoming Great Western Lander - Satellite of KGWC Casper, WY
5.3The CW
Cheyenne, Wyoming Great Western Network Digital subchannel 5.3 is branded by its cable channel numbers, 2 and 18.
KGWR-TV 13 CBS Rock Springs, Wyoming Great Western Rock Springs - Satellite of KGWC Casper, WY


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KHAW-TV 11 Fox Hilo, Hawaii Hilo is located on the "Big Island" of Hawaii; rebroadcasts KHON Honolulu
Hilo, Hawaii Hawaiian Broadcasting Company, the original owners before it was purchased by KHNL. Digital subchannel 22.2 rebroadcasts KGMB Honolulu.
KHBS 21 PSIP 40 40.1ABC
21.2The CW
Fort Smith, Arkansas Hernreich Broadcasting System (previous owners)
KHCE-TV 16 PSIP 23 TBN San Antonio, Texas
KHDF-CD 19 Azteca America Las Vegas, Nevada
KHET 11 PBS Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaiian Educational Television
KHGI-TV 13 13.1ABC
Kearney, Nebraska Digital subchannel 13.1 rebroadcast on Channel 13 in North Platte; digital subchannel 13.2 rebroadcasts KFXL Lincoln
KHIN 35 PSIP 36 PBS Red Oak, Iowa
KHLU-LP 46 Univision Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu
KHMM-CD 23 Tr3s Hanford, California
KHMP-LD 18 America One Pahrump, Nevada
KHMT 22 PSIP/cable 4 Fox/Jewelry TV Hardin, Montana
KHNE-TV 28 PSIP 29 PBS Hastings, Nebraska
KHNL 35 PSIP 13 NBC Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu; HNL is also the airport designation for Honolulu International Airport
KHOG-TV 15 PSIP 29 29.1ABC
15.2The CW
Fayetteville, Arkansas Hog for the University of Arkansas (at Fayetteville) Razorbacks, commonly known locally as The Hogs
KHON-TV 8 PSIP 2 2.1Fox
8.2The CW
Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu; digital subchannel 8.2 brands by its cable channel number, 93
KHOU 11 CBS Houston, Texas Houston
15.2SWX Right Now
Spokane, Washington
Hannibal, Missouri Keokuk-Hannibal-Quincy Area
KHPB-CA 45 The CW Bastrop, Texas Rebroadcsts KNVA Austin
KHPL-CA 40 The CW La Grange, Texas Rebroadcasts KNVA Austin
KHPM-CA 40 The CW San Marcos, Texas Rebroadcasts KNVA Austin
KHPX-CA 28 The CW Georgetown, Texas Rebroadcasts KNVA Austin
KHPZ-CA 15 The CW Round Rock, Texas Rebroadcasts KNVA Austin
KHRR 40 Telemundo Tucson, Arizona
KHSC 16 HSN Fresno, California
KHSD-TV 11 ABC Lead, South Dakota Satellite of KOTA Rapid City, South Dakota
KHSL-TV 43 PSIP 12 12.1CBS
43.2The CW
Chico, California Digital subchannel 43.2 by its cable channel number, 10
KHTV-CD 27 27.1 HSN
Los Angeles, California Digital subchannel 27.2 rebroadcasts KVME Orange, California
KHVO 13 13.1ABC
Hilo, Hawaii Hawaiian volcanoes; rebroadcasts KITV Honolulu


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KIAH 38 PSIP 39 The CW Houston, Texas IAH = Houston's IATA airport code
KICU-TV 36 Independent San Jose, California "I See You"
Idaho Falls, Idaho IDaho Falls
KIDT-CD 44 MyNetworkTV Stamford, Texas Satellite of KIDZ-LD Abilene
KIDV-CD 34 MyNetworkTV Albany, Texas Satellite of KIDZ-LD Abilene
KIDY 19 PSIP 6 6.1Fox
San Angelo, Texas
KIDZ-LD 42 MyNetworkTV Abilene, Texas
KIEM-TV 3 NBC Eureka, California Keep Informed Every Minute
8.3The CW
8.4 Local News Now
Idaho Falls, Idaho Idaho Falls, Idaho
Corpus Christi, Texas Roman numeral 3 III
KIIN 12 PBS Iowa City, Iowa
KIIT-CA 11 Fox North Platte, Nebraska derived from former K11TW call sign
KIKU 19 PSIP 20 Independent, ethnic Honolulu, Hawaii The station broadcasts some Japanese shows; kiku () is the Japanese verb for listening
KILM 44 PSIP 64 infomercials Barstow, California Film'
KIMA-TV 33 PSIP 29 29.1CBS
33.2The CW
Yakima, Washington Yakima; digital subchannel 33.2 brands by its cable channel number 9
KYUR 12 PSIP/cable 13 ABC Anchorage, Alaska
Mason City, Iowa Iowa-Minnesota Television
KINC 16 15.1Univision
Las Vegas, Nevada In Spanish, the letters phonetically spell out "quince" (fifteen), the PSIP channel number
KING-TV 48 PSIP/cable 5 NBC Seattle, Washington King County
KINT-TV 25 PSIP 26 Univision El Paso, Texas
KION-TV 32 PSIP 46 46.1CBS
32.2The CW
Monterey, California Digital subchannel 32.2 brands as cable channel 14.
KIPT 22 PSIP 13 PBS Twin Falls, Idaho Rebroadcasts KAID Boise
KIRO-TV 39 PSIP 7 7.1CBS Seattle, Washington
KISU-TV 17 PSIP 10 PBS Pocatello, Idaho Idaho State University; rebroadcaster of KAID Boise
KITU-TV 33 PSIP 34 TBN Beaumont, Texas
Honolulu, Hawaii Island Television
KIVI-TV 24 PSIP 6 6.1ABC Nampa, Idaho Idaho VI (Roman numeral six)
KIVV-TV 5 Fox Lead, South Dakota Rebroadcasts KEVN Rapid City
KIXE-TV 9 PBS Redding, California


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KJAC 12.2/Cable 11 NBC Beaumont, Texas Call sign previously on KBTV
KJBO-LP 35 MyNetworkTV Wichita Falls, Texas
7.3The CW
Grand Junction, Colorado Grand JunCTion; digital subchannel 7.3 is branded by its cable channel number, 13
KJEF-CA 13 Independent Jennings, Louisiana JEnnings VHF
KJEO-LD 32 Independent Visalia, California Jack E. O 'Neill, founder of Channel 47 (now KGPE) in Fresno (call letters used by the owner of Channel 32 in tribute to O'Neill)
KJLA 49 PSIP 57 LATV Ventura, California
KJNP-TV 20 PSIP/cable 4 TBN North Pole, Alaska J North Pole
KJRE 20 PSIP 19 PBS Ellendale, North Dakota James River Educational
KJRH-TV 8 PSIP/cable 2 NBC Tulsa, Oklahoma Jack R Howard (longtime chairman of owner E. W. Scripps Company)
KJRR 7 Fox Jamestown, North Dakota Jamestown–Red River Broadcasting
KJST-LP 28 Spanish independent McAllen, Texas
KJTL 15 PSIP 18 18.1Fox
15.2Bounce TV
Wichita Falls, Texas
KJTV-TV 35 PSIP 34 Fox Lubbock, Texas
KJUD 11 PSIP/cable 8 8.1ABC
11.2The CW
Juneau, Alaska Digital subchannel 11.2 rebroadcasts KWBX/KYUR-DT2 Anchorage
KJUN-CD 7 Independent Morgan City, Louisiana pronounced "Cajun"; rebroadcasts KFOL-CA in Houma, Louisiana
KJWP 2 Me-TV Wilmington, Delaware
KJWY-LP 21 Religious Independent Salem, Oregon
KJYY-LD 26 Religious Independent Portland, Oregon Rebroadcasts KJWY-LP Salem, Oregon
KJZZ-TV 14 Independent Salt Lake City, Utah Jazz (Named for the Utah Jazz, which has the same owner as the station, and also broadcasts games)


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KKAI 50 RTV Kailua, Hawaii Kailua
KKAP 36 Daystar Television Network Little Rock, Arkansas
KKAX-LP 36 America One Kingman, Arizona
KKCO 12 PSIP/cable 11 NBC Grand Junction, Colorado
KKEI-CA 38 Telemundo Portland, Oregon
KKEY-LP 13 PSIP 13 Telemundo Bakersfield, California Branded by its digital subchannel number, 17.3.
KKFX 24 Fox Santa Maria, California Brands as cable channel 11
KKJB 39 39.1Daystar Boise, Idaho
KKPM-CD 28 ZUUS Latino Chico, California Rebroadcasts KFTL-CA San Francisco
KKPX-TV 41 PSIP 65 ION Television San Jose, California
KKTV 49 PSIP 11 11.1CBS
Colorado Springs, Colorado
KKYK-CD 16 PSIP 58 Univision Little Rock, Arkansas


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KLAF-LD 46 MyNetworkTV Lafayette, Louisiana LAFayette
KLAS-TV 7 PSIP/cable 8 8.1CBS
Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas
KLAX-TV 31 31.1ABC
Alexandria, Louisiana Louisiana AleXandria
KLBB-LP 48 Me-TV Lubbock, Texas Lubbock
KLBC Cable Channel 2 Independent Laughlin, Nevada Laughlin Broadcasting Company
KLBK-TV 40 PSIP 13 CBS Lubbock, Texas LubBocK
Colby, Kansas KLBY is phonetic abbreviation for "Colby"; simulcasts KAKE Wichita
KLCS 41 PSIP 58 PBS Los Angeles, California Los Angeles City Schools
KLCW-TV 43 43.1The CW
Lubbock, Texas Lubbock's CW
KLDF-CA 17 Azteca America Lompoc, California Rebroadcasts KSBO-CA San Luis Obispo; Lompoc XHDF (TV Azteca flagship)
KLDO-TV 19 PSIP 27 27.1Univision
Laredo, Texas LareDO
KLEI-TV 25 PSIP 6 The Family Channel Kailua Kona, Hawaii Lei is traditional Hawaiian wreath of flowers
KLEW-TV 32 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Lewiston, Idaho K LEWiston; semi-satellite of KIMA Yakima, Washington
KLFI-LP 35 FamilyNet Texarkana, Texas
KLFY-TV 10 CBS Lafayette, Louisiana LaFaYette
KLHO-LP 17 Spanish religious Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KLHU-CA 45 Independent Lake Havasu City, Arizona Lake Havasu
KLJB 49 PSIP 18 18.1Fox
Davenport, Iowa
KLKN 8 8.1ABC Lincoln, Nebraska LKN is phonetic abbreviation for "Lincoln"
KLMV-LD 15 Spanish Religious Laredo, Texas
KLNE-TV 26 PBS Lexington, Nebraska Lexington NEbraska
KLPA-TV 26 PBS Alexandria, Louisiana Louisiana Public Broadcasting Alexandria
KLPB-TV 23 PBS Lafayette, Louisiana Louisiana Public Broadcasting
KLPN-LD 47 PSIP 47 MyNetworkTV Longview, Texas
KLRA-CD 20 Me-TV Little Rock, Arkansas Rebroadcasts KMYA Camden, Arkansas
KLRN 9 PBS San Antonio, Texas Learn
KLRT-TV 30 PSIP 16 Fox Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock Television
KLRU 22 PSIP 18 PBS Austin, Texas
KLSR-TV 31 PSIP 34 34.1Fox
Eugene, Oregon
KLST 11 PSIP 8 CBS San Angelo, Texas Lone STar
KLTJ 23 Daystar Television Network Galveston, Texas Keep Looking To Jesus
KLTL-TV 20 PBS Lake Charles, Louisiana
KLTM-TV 13 PBS Monroe, Louisiana
KLTS-TV 24 PBS Shreveport, Louisiana
Tyler, Texas
KLUJ-TV 44 TBN Harlingen, Texas
KLUZ-TV 42 PSIP 41 Univision Albuquerque, New Mexico Luz is Spanish for "light"
KLVX 11 PSIP/cable 10 PBS Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas X (Roman numeral for "10")
KLWB 50 Me-TV Lafayette, Louisiana Lafayette WB (former affiliation)
KLWY 27 27.1Fox
Cheyenne, Wyoming Digital subchannel 27.2 rebroadcasts KTWO Casper


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KMAU 12 12.1ABC
Wailuku, Hawaii Wailuku is on the island of Maui; rebroadcasts KITV Honolulu
KMAX-TV 21 PSIP 31 The CW Sacramento, California
Kansas City, Missouri
KMBH 38 PBS Harlingen, Texas
KMBY-LD 19 MundoFox Monterey, California Monterey Bay
KMCA-LD 10 PSIP 2 America One Redding, California Mark C. Allen (station owner)
KMCB 23 NBC Coos Bay, Oregon Satellite of KMTR Eugene, Oregon
KMCC 32 MundoFox Laughlin, Nevada Meridian Communications Company, original licensee
KMCE-LP 43 Azteca America Monterey, California
KMCI 41 PSIP 38 Independent Lawrence, Kansas Station serves Kansas City, Missouri market; MCI is IATA airport code for Kansas City International Airport
KMCT-TV 38 religious West Monroe, Louisiana Monroe Christian Television
KMCY 14 ABC Minot, North Dakota Magic City; semisatellite of KBMY Bismarck, North Dakota
KMDE-DT 25 PBS Devils Lake, North Dakota Minnewaukan-Devils Lake Educational
KMEB 10 PBS Wailuku, Hawaii Maui Educational Broadcasting
KMEG 39 PSIP 14 CBS Sioux City, Iowa
KMEX-DT 34 Univision Los Angeles, California Mexico
Denver, Colorado McGraw-Hill (former owner)
KMID 26 PSIP/cable 2 ABC Midland, Texas Midland
KMIR-TV 46 PSIP 36 NBC Palm Springs, California Named for El Mirador Hotel, owned by station's original owners; brands as cable channel 6
KMIZ 17 17.1ABC
Columbia, Missouri Mizzou (Nickname for "Missouri")
KMJT-LP 15 Fox Ogden, Kansas Rebroadcasts KTMJ-CD Topeka, Kansas
KMLM-DT 42 God's Learning Channel Odessa, Texas
KMNE-TV 7 PBS Bassett, Nebraska
KMOH-TV 19 PSIP 6 MundoFox Kingman, Arizona Mohave County, Arizona (Kingman is county seat)
KMOL-LD 17 NBC Victoria, Texas
KMOS-TV 15 PSIP/cable 6 PBS Sedalia, Missouri MO Sedalia (MO is postal abbreviation for Missouri)
KMOT 10 10.lNBC
Minot, North Dakota Minot; semi-satellite of KFYR Bismarck, North Dakota. Digital subchannel 10.2 was previously KXND from 1999-2014 and brands by its former over-the-air channel number, 24, and is semisatellite of KFYR-DT2 (The former KNDX)
KMOV 24 PSIP/cable 4 4.1CBS
St. Louis, Missouri Missouri and Viacom (station owner, 1986–97) or from we're on the Move (late-1980s slogan); CBS O&O (1958-86) as KMOX-TV.
KMPH-TV 28 PSIP 26 26.1Fox
28.2This TV
Visalia, California
KMPX 30 PSIP 29 Estrella TV Decatur, Texas MetroPlex
KMSB 25 PSIP 11 11.1Fox
11.2This TV
Tucson, Arizona Mountain States Broadcasting (former licensee)
KMSG-LD 39 Azteca America Fresno, California
KMSP-TV 9 Fox Minneapolis, Minnesota Minneapolis St. Paul
KMSS-TV 34 PSIP 33 Fox Shreveport, Louisiana
KMST cable-only Educational Independent Monterey, California Monterey Schools Television
KMTF 29 PSIP/cable 10 The CW Helena, Montana MT Fox; "MT" is postal abbreviation for Montana; station was originally a Fox affiliate
KMTP-TV 33 PSIP 32 Ethnic Independent San Francisco, California Minority Television Project (current licensee)
KMTR 16 NBC Eugene, Oregon
KMTV-TV 45 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Omaha, Nebraska May Broadcasting (original owner) TV
KMTW 35 MyNetworkTV Hutchinson, Kansas My TV Wichita
KMUM-CD 15 Tr3s Sacramento, California
KMVT 11 11.1CBS
11.2The CW
Twin Falls, Idaho Magic Valley Television
KMVU-DT 26 26.1Fox
Medford, Oregon
KMYA-DT 49 Me-TV Camden, Arkansas Rebroadcast on Channel 31 in Fayetteville-Fort Smith
KMYL-LD 22 PSIP 14 MyNetworkTV Lubbock, Texas My Lubbock; simulcasts KUPT Hobbs, New Mexico
KMYS 32 PSIP 35 The CW Kerrville, Texas 'My San Antonio
KMYT-TV 42 PSIP 41 MyNetworkTV Tulsa, Oklahoma My Tulsa or My TV
KMYU 9 MyNetworkTV/This TV St. George, Utah My Utah


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KNAT-TV 24 PSIP 23 TBN Albuquerque, New Mexico
KNAZ-TV 22 PSIP/cable 2 NBC Flagstaff, Arizona Rebroadcasts KPNX Phoenix
KNBC 36 PSIP 4 4.1NBC Los Angeles, California National Broadcasting Company
KNBN 21 21.1NBC
Rapid City, South Dakota
KNBX-CD 14 MundoFox Las Vegas, Nevada Rebroadcasts KMCC Laughlin
KNCT 46 PBS Belton, Texas
KNDO 16 PSIP 23 NBC Yakima, Washington
KNDU 26 PSIP 25 NBC Richland, Washington Semi-satellite of KNDO; sounds like "can do"
KNEE-LD 10 Real estate Malaga, Washington Wenatchee
KNET-CD 25 Independent Los Angeles, California
KNEX-LP 55 Azteca America Laredo, Texas Branded by its cable channel number, 4
KNIC-DT 18 Telefutura San Antonio, Texas
KNIN-TV 10 PSIP 9 Fox Caldwell, Idaho
KNLA-CD 50 PSIP 20 HSN Los Angeles, California
KNLC 14 PSIP 24 religious independent St. Louis, Missouri New Life Evangelistic Center (founder and owner)
KNLJ 20 CTN Jefferson City, Missouri
KNMD-TV 9 PBS World Santa Fe, New Mexico
KNME-TV 35 PSIP/cable 5 PBS Albuquerque, New Mexico
KNMT 45 PSIP 24 TBN Portland, Oregon National Minority Television (founders and former owners)
8.2The CW
Monroe, Louisiana
North Platte, Nebraska North Platte
KNOV-CD 41 tourist New Orleans, Louisiana
KNPB 15 PSIP/cable 5 PBS Reno, Nevada
KNPL-LD 10 CBS North Platte, Nebraska
KNPN-LD 26 26.1 Fox
26.2News-Press 3 NOW
St. Joseph, Missouri News-Press Now. Digital subchannel 26.2 also branded under call sign NNPN.
KNRC-LD 14 Estrella TV Reno, Nevada
KNRR 12 Fox Pembina, North Dakota North-Red River Broadcasting; rebroadcasts KVRR Fargo
KNSD 40 PSIP 39 39.1NBC San Diego, California NBC San Diego; brands by its cable channel number, 7
KNSO 11 PSIP 51 Telemundo Merced, California
KNTS-LP 17 FamilyNet Natchitoches, Louisiana
KNTV 12 PSIP/cable 11 11.1NBC San Jose, California
KNVA 49 The CW Austin, Texas
KNVN 24 NBC Chico, California
KNVO 49 PSIP 48 48.1Univision
McAllen, Texas
KNWA-TV 50 PSIP 51 NBC Rogers, Arkansas Northwest Arkansas
KNWS-LP 64 Azteca America Brownsville, Texas News (warehoused from KYAZ, which previously aired an all-news format)
KNXT 50 PSIP 49 Religious independent Visalia, California Shares call sign with satellite on Channel 57 in Bakersfield; call sign previously on KCBS-TV Los Angeles
KNXV-TV 15 ABC Phoenix, Arizona New (original owner) XV


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KOAA-TV 42 PSIP/cable 5 NBC Pueblo, Colorado Former sister station of KOA, Denver
KOAB-TV 11 PBS Bend, Oregon
KOAC-TV 7 PBS Corvallis, Oregon
KOAM-TV 7 CBS Pittsburg, Kansas Kansas Oklahoma Arkansas Missouri (the station's signal reaches those 4 states)
KOAT-TV 7 ABC Albuquerque, New Mexico
KOB 26 PSIP 4 4.1NBC
4.2This TV
Albuquerque, New Mexico
KOBF 17 PSIP 12 12.1NBC
17.2This TV
Farmington, New Mexico satellite of KOB Albuquerque
KOBI 5 NBC Medford, Oregon
8.2This TV
Roswell, New Mexico satellite of KOB Albuquerque
KOCB 33 PSIP 34 The CW Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KOCE-TV 48 PSIP 50 50.1PBS
48.2OC Channel
Huntington Beach, California Orange County Educational Television
KOCM 46 Daystar Norman, Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KOCW 14 Fox Hoisington, Kansas Rebroadcasts KSAS Wichita
KODE-TV 43 PSIP/cable 12 ABC Joplin, Missouri
KODF-LD 27 PSIP 26 Mega TV Britton, Texas
KOED-TV 38 PSIP 13 PBS Tulsa, Oklahoma
KOET 31 PSIP 3 PBS Eufaula, Oklahoma
KOGG 16 PSIP 15 NBC Wailuku, Hawaii Rebroadcasts KHNL Honolulu
KOHC-CD 45 MundoFox Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma City
KOHD 9 ABC Bend, Oregon Oregon High Definition; brands as cable channel 9
KOIN 40 PSIP/cable 6 CBS Portland, Oregon
KOKH-TV 24 PSIP 25 Fox Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KOKI-TV 22 PSIP 23 Fox Tulsa, Oklahoma
KOLD-TV 32 PSIP 13 13.1CBS
Tucson, Arizona
KOLN 10 10.1CBS
Lincoln, Nebraska Digital subchannel 10.2 rebroadcasts KSNB Superior, Nebraska
KOLO-TV 8 ABC Reno, Nevada
KOLR 10 CBS Springfield, Missouri
KOMI-CD 34 PSIP 24 Pursuit Channel Woodward, Oklahoma
KOMO-TV 38 PSIP/cable 4 ABC Seattle, Washington
8.3The CW
Columbia, Missouri University of Missouri (also known as MU)
KONG-TV 31 PSIP 16 Independent Everett, Washington Sister station of KING, Seattle, also branded by its cable channel number, 6
KOOD 16 PSIP/cable 9 PBS Hays, Kansas
KOPB-TV 10 PBS Portland, Oregon Oregon Public Broadcasting
KOPX-TV 50 PSIP 62 ION Television Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KORO 27 PSIP 28 Univision Corpus Christi, Texas
KORS-CD 16 16.1HSN Salem, Oregon
KORX-CA 16 Univision Walla Walla, Washington Rebroadcasts KUNW Yakima
KORY-CA 41 America One Eugene, Oregon
Odessa, Texas Digital subchannel 7.2 branded by its cable channel number, 16, and under call sign NOSA
KOTA-TV 2 PSIP/cable 3 ABC Rapid City, South Dakota DaKOTA
KOTI 13 PSIP/cable 2 NBC Klamath Falls, Oregon Semisatellite of KOBI Medford
KOTR-LP 2 MyNetworkTV Gonzales, California Sea OTteR; brands by its cable and digital channel number, 11
KOTV 45 PSIP/cable 6 CBS Tulsa, Oklahoma
KOVR 25 PSIP/cable 13 CBS Stockton/Sacramento, California approximates cover, as in "covering Northern California"
KOXO-LD 44 UniMas Portland, Oregon
KOZJ 25 PSIP 26 PBS Joplin, Missouri
KOZK 23 PSIP 21 PBS Springfield, Missouri
KOZL-TV 28 PSIP 27 MyNetworkTV Springfield, Missouri OZarks Local (station branding)


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
7.2The CW
Missoula, Montana
KPAZ-TV 20 PSIP 21 TBN Phoenix, Arizona
KPBN-LP 11 America One/Untamed Sports/Pursuit Channel Baton Rouge, Louisiana
KPBS-TV 30 PSIP 15 PBS San Diego, California Public Broadcasting System
KPBT-TV 38 PBS Odessa, Texas
KPCB-DT 17 God's Learning Channel Snyder, Texas
KPDF-CA 41 Azteca America Phoenix, Arizona
KPDR-LD 19 America One Salt Lake City, Utah Branded as "K-PowDeR
KPDX 30 PSIP 49 MyNetworkTV Vancouver, Washington Branded by its cable channel assignment on 13
KPEJ-TV 23 PSIP 24 Fox Odessa, Texas
KPFW-LD 6 Spanish religious Dallas, Texas
KPHE-LD 16 PSIP 44 44.1CNN Latino/Telemax Phoenix, Arizona
KPHO-TV 24 PSIP/cable 5 CBS Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix
KPIC 19 PSIP/cable 4 CBS Roseburg, Oregon Semisatellite of KVAL Eugene
KPIX-TV 29 PSIP 5 CBS San Francisco, California
KPJR-TV 38 TBN Greeley, Colorado
7.2This TV
Lake Charles, Louisiana Digital subchannel 7.2 branded as the SLWA Channel
KPLE-CA 31 TBN Killeen, Texas
KPLO-TV 13 13.1CBS
Reliance, South Dakota
KPLR-TV 26 PSIP/cable 11 The CW St. Louis, Missouri Koplar (after its founder Ted Koplar)
KPMR 21 PSIP 38 38.1Univision
Santa Barbara, California
KPNE-TV 9 PBS North Platte, Nebraska
KPNX 12 NBC Mesa, Arizona Phoenix
KPNZ 24 Estrella TV Ogden, Utah
KPOB-TV 15 ABC Poplar Bluff, Missouri Poplar Bluff; simulcast of WSIL-TV
KPOM-LP 6 RTV Indio, California
KPPX-TV 51 ION Television Tolleson, Arizona
35.2This TV
Houston, Texas
KPRY-TV 19 PSIP/cable 4 ABC Pierre, South Dakota Rebroadcasts KSFY Sioux Falls
KPSD-TV 13 PBS Eagle Butte, South Dakota
KPSE 50 MyNetworkTV Palm Springs, California
KPSP-CD 38 CBS Cathedral City, California Branded by its cable channel number, 2
KPTB-DT 16 God's Learning Channel Lubbock, Texas
KPTF-DT 18 God's Learning Channel Farwell, Texas
KPTH 49 PSIP 44 44.1Fox
44.2MyNetworkTV/This TV
Sioux City, Iowa Sister station of KPTM Omaha, Nebraska
KPTM 43 PSIP 42 42.1Fox
42.2MyNetworkTV/This TV
Omaha, Nebraska
KPTS 8 PBS Hutchinson, Kansas
KPTV 12 Fox Portland, Oregon
KPVI-DT 23 PSIP 6 6.1NBC Pocatello, Idaho
KPVM-LP 41 Independent Pahrump, Nevada
KPWC-LD 37 Azteca America Salem, Oregon
KPXB-TV 32 PSIP 49 ION Television Conroe, Texas
KPXC-TV 46 PSIP 59 ION Television Denver, Colorado P'ax Colorado
KPXD-TV 42 PSIP 68 ION Television Arlington, Texas Pax Dallas
KPXE-TV 51 PSIP 50 ION Television Kansas City, Missouri
KPXG-TV 22 ION Television Salem, Oregon
KPXJ 21 21.1The CW
Minden, Louisiana
KPXL-TV 26 ION Television Uvalde, Texas
KPXM-TV 40 PSIP 41 ION Television St. Cloud, Minnesota Pax Minnesota
KPXN-TV 38 PSIP 30 ION Television San Bernardino, California Pax Network
KPXO-TV 41 PSIP 66 ION Television Kaneohe, Hawaii
KPXR-TV 47 PSIP 48 ION Television Cedar Rapids, Iowa


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KQCA 46 PSIP 58 58.1MyNetworkTV
46.2This TV
Stockton, California
Dickinson, North Dakota Queen City Dickinson; semi-satellite of KFYR Bismarck, North Dakota. Digital subchannel 7.2 rebroadcasts KFYR-DT2 and Digital subchannel 7.3 rebroadcasts KFYR-DT3
KQCK 11 PSIP 33 MundoFox Cheyenne, Wyoming
KQCW-DT 20 PSIP 19 The CW Tulsa, Oklahoma Brands by its cable channel assignment on 12
KQDF-LP 25 Azteca America Albuquerque, New Mexico
KQDK-CD 39 PSIP 39 MundoFox Aurora, Colorado Rebroadcasts KQCK Cheyenne, Wyoming
KQDS-TV 17 PSIP 21 Fox Duluth, Minnesota
KQED-TV 30 PSIP 9 PBS San Francisco, California Quod Erat Demonstratum (Latin for "which is to be proven")
KQEG-CA 23 ion/FamilyNet La Crescent, Minnesota Also branded by its cable channel number, 5.
KQET 25 PBS Watsonville, California Satellite of KQED-TV
KQFX-LD 22 Fox Columbia, Missouri
KQIN 34 PSIP 36 PBS Davenport, Iowa
KQSD-TV 11 PBS Lowry, South Dakota Quality South Dakota
KQSL 8 Independent Fort Bragg, California
KQTV 7 PSIP/cable 2 ABC Saint Joseph, Missouri
KQUP 24 Daystar Pullman, Washington
KQUX-LP 11 Independent Austin, Texas


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KRBC-TV 29 PSIP/cable 9 NBC Abilene, Texas Reporter Broadcasting Company (was once co-owned with KRBC radio)
KRBK 49 Fox Osage Beach, Missouri Branded by its cable channel number, 5.
KRCA 35 PSIP 62 Estrella TV Riverside, California Riverside, California
KRCB 23 PSIP 22 PBS Cotati, California
KRCG 12 PSIP/cable 13 CBS Jefferson City, Missouri Robert C. Goshorn (father of founder)
Redding, California Redding-Chico-Red Bluff
KRCW-TV 33 PSIP 32 32.1The CW
33.3This TV
Salem/Portland, Oregon
KRDO-TV 24 PSIP 13 ABC Colorado Springs, Colorado
KRDT-CD 47 ZUUS Latino Redding, California Redding Digital Television. Rebroadcasts KFTL-CA San Francisco
KREG-TV 23 PSIP/cable 3 CBS Glenwood Springs, Colorado Satellite of KREX
KREM (TV) 20 PSIP/cable 2 CBS Spokane, Washington
KREN-TV 26 PSIP 27 27.1Univision
Reno, Nevada RENo
KRET-CA 31 Me-TV Cathedral City, California RETro
Grand Junction, Colorado
KREY-TV 13 PSIP/cable 10 CBS Montrose, Colorado Satellite of KREX
KREZ-TV 15 CBS Durango, Colorado Semisatellite of KREX until 2/28/1995, Rebroadcasts KRQE Albuquerque
Weslaco, Texas Rio Grande Valley
KRHD-CD 40 ABC Bryan, Texas Robert H Drewry (family owns station); Semi-satellite of KXXV Waco, Texas
KRII 11 11.1NBC
Chisholm, Minnesota Semi-satellite of KBJR Duluth, Minnesota
KRIN 35 PSIP 32 PBS Waterloo, Iowa
13.2The CW
Corpus Christi, Texas Digital subchannel 13.2 branded by its cable channel number, 23
KRIV 26 Fox Houston, Texas
KRJR-LP 44 Daystar Sacramento, California
KRLB-LD 49 TBN Richland, Washington Radiant Light Broadcasting
KRMA-TV 18 PSIP/cable 6 PBS Denver, Colorado
KRMJ 18 PBS Grand Junction, Colorado Satellite of KRMA Denver
KRMT 40 Daystar Television Network Denver, Colorado
KRMU 20 PBS Durango, Colorado Satellite of KRMA Denver
KRMZ 10 PSIP 24 PBS Steamboat Springs, Colorado Satellite of KRMA Denver
KRNE-TV 12 PBS Merriman, Nebraska
KRNS-CD 46 The CW Reno, Nevada Also brands by its cable channel number, 6.
7.2This TV
Reno, Nevada
KRON-TV 38 PSIP 4 MyNetworkTV San Francisco, California Approximates Chronicle, for former owner the San Francisco Chronicle
KRPV-DT 27 God's Learning Channel Roswell, New Mexico
KRQE 13 CBS Albuquerque, New Mexico Approximates "Albuquerque"
KRSU-TV 36 independent, educational Claremore, Oklahoma
KRTN-TV 33 33.1Me-TV
Durango, Colorado RaTNer (family which owns station). Digital subchannel 33.1 rebroadcast on Channel 39 in Albuquerque and digital subchannel 33.2 rebroadcasts KTEL-LP Albuquerque
7.2The CW
Great Falls, Montana
KRVU-LD 22 MyNetworkTV Redding, California
KRWB-TV 21 The CW Roswell, New Mexico Rebroadcasts KWBQ Santa Fe, New Mexico
KRWF 27 PSIP 43 ABC Redwood Falls, Minnesota Rebroadcasts KSTP St. Paul, Minnesota
KRWG-TV 22 PBS Las Cruces, New Mexico Ralph Willis Goddard (founded KKOB in Las Cruces in the 1920s)
KRXI-TV 44 11.1Fox
Reno, Nevada Reno XI (Roman numeral 11, digital subchannel 44.1's PSIP/cable channel number)
KRZG-CA 35 Azteca America McAllen, Texas Rebroadcasts KBDF Brownsville


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KSAN-TV 16 PSIP/cable 3 NBC San Angelo, Texas SAN Angelo
KSAO-LD 49 MundoFox Sacramento, California
KSAS-TV 26 PSIP 24 Fox Wichita, Kansas
KSAT-TV 12 12.1ABC
San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas
KSAW-LD 51 ABC Twin Falls, Idaho Semisatellite of KIVI Boise
KSAX 42 ABC Alexandria, Minnesota From affiliated station KSTP (of which station is satellite) and Alexandria
KSAZ-TV 10 Fox Phoenix, Arizona Spirit of Arizona (former station slogan)
KSBI 23 PSIP 52 MyNetworkTV Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KSBO-CA 42 Azteca America San Luis Obispo, California San Luis Obispo
KSBT-LD 32 MundoFox Santa Barbara, California
Salinas, California Salad Bowl of the World
KSBY 15.1 PSIP/cable 6 NBC San Luis Obispo, California
KSCE 39 PSIP 38 religious El Paso, Texas
KSCI 18 ethnic/independent Long Beach, California
KSCT-LP 5 NBC Sitka, Alaska Satellite of KATH in Juneau
KSCW-DT 12 PSIP 33 The CW Wichita, Kansas KS (abbreviation for Kansas) CW
KSDI-LP 33 Mega TV Fresno, California
KSDK 35 PSIP/cable 5 NBC St. Louis, Missouri
KSDY-LD 50 50.1 Milenio TV
50.2 VeriaLiving
San Diego, California
KSEE 38 PSIP 24 NBC Fresno, California (pronounce "K-see")
KSEX-CD 42 Infomercials San Diego, California
KSFY-TV 13 13.1ABC
13.2The CW
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
KSGW-TV 12 ABC Sheridan, Wyoming Sheridan and Gillette Wyoming - Satellite of KOTA Rapid City, South Dakota
KSHB-TV 42 PSIP 41 NBC Kansas City, Missouri Scripps Howard Broadcasting (owner)
KSHV-TV 44 PSIP 45 MyNetworkTV Shreveport, Louisiana SHreveport
KSIN-TV 28 PSIP 27 PBS Sioux City, Iowa
KSKJ-CD 45 CoLours TV Van Nuys, California
KSKN 22 The CW Spokane, Washington Spokane
KSKT-CA 43 HSN San Marcos, California
KSL-TV 38 PSIP/cable 5 NBC Salt Lake City, Utah Salt Lake (City)
KSLA 17 PSIP/cable 12 CBS Shreveport, Louisiana
KSLM-LD 27 RTV Salem, Oregon Salem
KSMI-LD 51 PSIP 30 30.1 RTV
30.3My Family TV
30.5Tuff TV
Wichita, Kansas
KSMN 15 PSIP 20 PBS Worthington, Minnesota
KSMO-TV 47 PSIP 62 MyNetworkTV Kansas City, Missouri Kansas-Missouri
KSMQ-TV 20 PSIP 15 PBS Austin, Minnesota
KSMS-TV 31 PSIP 67 67.1Univision
Monterey, California
Superior, Nebraska Superior NeBraska or KS(postal abbreviation for Kansas)NeBraska. Digital subchannel 4.1 was KHAS-TV Hastings from 1956-2014 and brands by its Central Nebraska cable channel assignment on 5 (KHAS-TV's former over-the-air channel number.)
KSNC 22 PSIP/cable 2 NBC Great Bend, Kansas Kansas State Network (Central Kansas); semisatellite of KSNW Wichita
KSNF 46 PSIP 16 NBC Joplin, Missouri Kansas State Network (Four-States)
KSNG 11 NBC Garden City, Kansas Kansas State Network (Garden City); semisatellite of KSNW Wichita
KSNK 12 PSIP/cable 8 NBC McCook, Nebraska Kansas State Network (McCook); satellite of KSNW Wichita
KSNL-LD 47 NBC Salina, Kansas Kansas State Network (Salina); semisatellite of KSNW Wichita
KSNT 27 27.1NBC
Topeka, Kansas Kansas State Network (Topeka)
KSNV-DT 2 PSIP/cable 3 3.1NBC Las Vegas, Nevada Southern Nevada
KSNW 45 PSIP/cable 3 NBC Wichita, Kansas Kansas State Network (Wichita)
KSPK-LP 28 America One/FamilyNet Walsenburg, Colorado
KSPR 19 PSIP 33 33.1ABC
Springfield, Missouri
KSPS-TV 8 PSIP/cable 7 PBS Spokane, Washington
KSPX-TV 48 PSIP 29 ION Television Sacramento, California
KSQA 12 PSIP 22 ZUUS Country Topeka, Kansas
KSRE 40 PSIP/cable 6 PBS Minot, North Dakota Souris River Educational
KSST 18 FamilyNet Sulphur Springs, Texas
KSTC-TV 45 PSIP 5.2 Independent Minneapolis, Minnesota Probably derived from co-owned station KSTP and Twin Cities
KSTF 29 PSIP 10 CBS Scottsbluff, Nebraska Semisatellite of KGWN in Cheyenne, Wyoming
KSTP-TV 35 PSIP 5 5.1ABC St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul
KSTR-DT 48 PSIP 49 UniMás Irving, Texas
KSTS 49 PSIP 48 Telemundo San Jose, California
KSTU 28 PSIP/cable 13 Fox Salt Lake City, Utah
KSTW 11 The CW Tacoma, Washington Seattle-Tacoma, Washington
KSVI 18 PSIP/cable 6 ABC Billings, Montana
KSVN-CD 25 Azteca America Ogden, Utah Branded by its Salt Lake City translator's channel number, 39.
KSVT-LD 14 Fox/MyNetworkTV Twin Falls, Idaho Sun Valley Television
KSWB-TV 19 PSIP 69 69.1Fox
19.3This TV
San Diego, California San Diego's WB; references previous WB affiliation; station brands by its cable channel number, 5
KSWK 9 PBS Lakin, Kansas Rebroadcasts KOOD Hays, Kansas
KSWO-TV 11 PSIP/cable 7 ABC Lawton, Oklahoma SW(abbreviation for Southwest) OK(abbreviation for Oklahoma; letters rearranged)
KSWT 13 13.1CBS Yuma, Arizona SW(abbreviation for Southwest) Triangle
KSXF Cable only The CW Joplin, Missouri / Pittsburg, Kansas DMA Check local listings for channel assignment
KSYS 8 PBS Medford, Oregon


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KTAB-TV 24 PSIP 32 CBS Abilene, Texas
KTAJ 21 PSIP 16 TBN St. Joseph, Missouri
KTAL-TV 15 PSIP/cable 6 NBC Texarkana, Texas Texas, Arkansas Louisiana
KTAS 34 PSIP 33 Telemundo San Luis Obispo, California
KTAZ 39 Telemundo Phoenix, Arizona K Telemundo AriZona
KTBC 7 Fox Austin, Texas
KTBN-TV 33 PSIP 40 TBN Santa Ana, California
KTBO-TV 15 PSIP 14 TBN Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KTBS-TV 28 PSIP 3 ABC Shreveport, Louisiana
KTBU 42 PSIP 55 MegaTV Conroe, Texas
KTBW-TV 14 PSIP 20 TBN Tacoma, Washington
KTBY 20 PSIP 4 Fox Anchorage, Alaska
KTCA 34 PSIP/cable 2 PBS Minneapolis, Minnesota Likely from Twin Cities Area
KTCI 16 PSIP 2.3 PBS St. Paul, Minnesota Affiliated with KTCA above
KTCW 46 NBC Roseburg, Oregon Satellite of KMTR Eugene, Oregon
KTDO 47 PSIP 48 Telemundo Las Cruces, New Mexico
KTEH-TV 50 PSIP 54 PBS San Jose, California
KTEJ 20 PSIP 19 PBS Jonesboro, Arkansas Member of AETN
KTEL-TV 25 25.1Telemundo
Carlsbad, New Mexico Rebroadcasts KTEL-LP and KRTN-LP Albuquerque, New Mexico
KTEL-LP 47 PSIP 53 Telemundo Albuquerque, New Mexico
KTEN 26 PSIP 10 10.1NBC
26.2The CW
Ada, Oklahoma Ten is its channel number
KTES-LP 40 This TV Abilene, Texas TExaS
KTEW-LD 27 RTV Ponca City, Oklahoma
KTFB-CA 4 UniMas Bakersfield, California Telefutura Bakersfield
KTFD-DT 15 PSIP 14 UniMas Boulder, Colorado TeleFutura Denver
KTFF-DT 48 PSIP 61 UniMas Porterville, California
KTFK-DT 26 PSIP 64 UniMas Stockton, California
KTFN 51 PSIP 65 UniMas El Paso, Texas
KTFQ-DT 22 UniMas Albuquerque, New Mexico K Telefutura Albuquerque
KTFT-LD 20 PSIP 7 NBC Twin Falls, Idaho Twin Falls Television; semisatellite of KTVB Boise
KTFV-CD 48 PSIP 32 UniMas McAllen, Texas TeleFutura Valley
KTGM 14 ABC Hagåtña, Guam
KTHV 12 PSIP 11 11.1CBS
Little Rock, Arkansas
KTIN 25 PSIP 21 PBS Fort Dodge, Iowa
4.2The CW
Sioux City, Iowa
KTJA-CA 51 Azteca America Victoria, Texas Tejas (Spanish for Texas)
KTKA-TV 48 PSIP 49 49.1ABC
48.2The CW
Topeka, Kansas Digital subchannel 48.2 brands by its cable channel number, 5
KTKO-LP 8 ION Television Harrison, Arkansas
KTLA-TV 31 PSIP 5 The CW Los Angeles, California Klaus T; Lansberg (station founder); also Television Los Angeles
KTLE-LP 20 Telemundo Odessa, Texas Telemundo
KTLM 40 Telemundo Rio Grande City, Texas
KTLN-TV 47 TLN San Francisco, California
KTMD 48 Telemundo Galveston, Texas
KTMF 23 23.1ABC
Missoula, Montana Shares call sign with translator on Channel 42 in Kalispell, Montana
KTMJ-CD 43 Fox Topeka, Kansas Topeka, Manhattan, Junction City
KTMW 20 FamilyNet/Jewelry TV Salt Lake City, Utah The Mountain West or The Master's Way
KTNC-TV 14 PSIP 42 Estrella TV Concord, California
KTNE-TV 13 PBS Alliance, Nebraska
KTNL-TV 7 CBS Sitka, Alaska
KTNV-TV 13 ABC Las Vegas, Nevada
KTNW 38 PSIP 31 PBS Richland, Washington
KTOO-TV 10 PSIP 3 PBS Juneau, Alaska
KTOV-LP 21 MyNetworkTV Corpus Christi, Texas
KTPX-TV 28 PSIP 44 ION Television Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Lufkin, Texas TREes, located in Angelina National Forest; Digital subchannel rebroadcasts KLTV-DT3 Tyler
KTRK-TV 13 ABC Houston, Texas
KTRV-TV 13 PSIP 12 12.1MyNetworkTV
13.3This TV
Nampa, Idaho
KTSB-CA 35 UniMas Santa Maria, California Telefutura Santa Barbara
KTSC 8 PBS Pueblo, Colorado
KTSD-TV 10 PBS Pierre, South Dakota
KTSF 26 Ethnic Independent San Francisco, California
KTSM-TV 9 NBC El Paso, Texas Tri-State Media (or Music)
KTSS 50 ion Television Hope, Arkansas
KTTC 10 10.1NBC
10.2The CW
Rochester, Minnesota Total Tri-State Coverage
KTTM 12 Fox Huron, South Dakota Rebroadcasts KTTW Sioux Falls, SD
KTTU 19 PSIP 18 18.1MyNetworkTV
18.2Estrella TV
Tucson, Arizona Television Tucson
KTTV 11 Fox Los Angeles, California Times Television (for former owner, the LA Times)
KTTW 7 Fox Sioux Falls, South Dakota
KTTZ-TV 39 PSIP/cable 5 PBS Lubbock, Texas
KTUL 10 PSIP/cable 8 ABC Tulsa, Oklahoma Tulsa
KTUU-TV 10 PSIP/cable 2 NBC Anchorage, Alaska
KTUZ-TV 29 PSIP 30 Telemundo Shawnee, Oklahoma
KTVA 28 PSIP 11 CBS Anchorage, Alaska
7.224/7 Newschannel
Boise, Idaho
KTVC 18 3ABN Roseburg, Oregon
KTVD 19 PSIP 20 20.1MyNetworkTV
Denver, Colorado Television Denver
KTVE 27 PSIP/cable 10 NBC El Dorado, Arkansas
KTVF 26 PSIP/cable 11 NBC Fairbanks, Alaska
KTVH-DT 12 NBC Helena, Montana
KTVI 43 PSIP/cable 2 Fox St. Louis, Missouri Television Illinois (originally licensed to Belleville, IL)
KTVJ-LP 4 PSIP 39 Independent Petaluma, California
KTVK 24 PSIP 3 3.1Independent
42.2This TV
Phoenix, Arizona
KTVL 10 10.1CBS
10.2The CW
Medford, Oregon Digital subchannel 10.2 branded by its cable channel number, 11
Butte, Montana Semi-satellite of KECI Missoula. Is rebroadcast on Channel 42 in Bozeman, Montana.
KTVN 13 PSIP/cable 2 CBS Reno, Nevada
Kirksville, Missouri
KTVP-LD 22 3ABN/Hope Channel/LLBN Phoenix, Arizona TV Phoenix
10.2The CW
Billings, Montana
KTVR 13 PBS La Grande, Oregon
KTVS-LD 36 Independent Albuquerque, New Mexico Rebroadcaster of KAZQ Albuquerque
KTVT 11 CBS Fort Worth, Texas Television for Texans
KTVU 44 PSIP 2 Fox Oakland, California
KTVW-DT 33 Univision Phoenix, Arizona Shares calls with satellite on Channel 6 in Flagstaff
Salt Lake City, Utah
KTVZ 21 21.1NBC
21.2The CW
Bend, Oregon Digital subchannel 21.2 brands by its cable channel number, 12
KTWO-TV 17 PSIP/cable 2 ABC Casper, Wyoming
KTWU 11 PBS Topeka, Kansas
KTXA 18 PSIP 21 Independent Fort Worth, Texas Texas America (sometimes Texas/Arlington)
KTXD-TV 46 PSIP 47 Independent Greenville, Texas TeXas Dallas
KTXE-LP 38 ABC San Angelo, Texas Semisatellite of KTXS Sweetwater, Texas is branded by its cable channel number, 12
KTXH 20 MyNetworkTV Houston, Texas
KTXL 40 Fox Sacramento, California Television XL (Roman numerals for channel 40)
KTXS-TV 20 PSIP 12 12.1ABC
20.2The CW
Sweetwater, Texas Digital subchannel 20.2 branded as cable channel 8
KTXW Cable channel 19 The CW Laredo, Texas TX (postal abbreviation for Texas) CW. Former call sign of Laredo's CW.


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KUAC-TV 9 PBS Fairbanks, Alaska
KUAM-TV 8 Fox Hagåtña, Guam
KUAS-TV 28 PSIP 27 PBS Tucson, Arizona Satellite of KUAT
KUAT-TV 30 PSIP 6 PBS Tucson, Arizona University of Arizona Television
KUBD 13 CBS Ketchikan, Alaska Satellite of KTNL Sitka, Alaska
KUBD-LP 11 CBS/ION Television Kodiak, Alaska
KUBE-TV 41 PSIP 57 57.1Independent
Baytown, Texas
KUCL-LD 26 3ABN Salt Lake City, Utah Utah Christian Life
KUCO-LP 27 Univision Chico, California Univision Chico
KUCW 30 The CW Ogden, Utah Utah's CW
KUDF-LP 14 Azteca America Tucson, Arizona
KUED 42 PSIP/cable 7 PBS Salt Lake City, Utah Utah Education
KUEN 9 UEN Salt Lake City, Utah Utah Education Network
KUES 19 PBS Richfield, Utah A full power relay station of KUED[1]
KUEW 18 PBS St. George, Utah Rebroadcasts KUED
KUFM-TV 11 PBS Missoula, Montana K University of Montana
KUGB-CD 28 religious independent Houston, Texas
KUHT 8 PBS Houston, Texas University of Houston Television
KUID-TV 12 PBS Moscow, Idaho K University of Idaho
KUIL-LD 43 MyNetworkTV Beaumont, Texas Sounds like "oil"
KUKC-LP 43 Univision Kansas City, Missouri Univision Kansas City
KULC 9 independent, educational Ogden, Utah Former call letters of KUEN—Utah's Learning Channel
KULR-TV 11 PSIP/cable 8 NBC Billings, Montana
KULX-LP 51 Telemundo Ogden, Utah Rebroadcasts KEJT-LP Salt Lake City
KUMV-TV 8 NBC Williston, North Dakota Upper Missouri Valley; semi-satellite of KFYR Bismarck, North Dakota
KUNA-LP 15 Telemundo Indio, California UNA is Spanish for "one"
KUNP 16 Univision La Grande, Oregon Branded by its Portland translator's channel number, 47, and its cable channel number of 31
KUNS 50 PSIP 51 Univision Bellevue, Washington Univision Seattle; also brands by its cable channel number, 29
KUNU-LP 19 PSIP 21 Univision Victoria, Texas
KUNW-CD 30 PSIP 2 Univision Yakima, Washington UNivision Washington
KUOK 35 PSIP 36 Univision Woodward, Oklahoma
KUON-TV 12 PBS Lincoln, Nebraska University Of Nebraska
KUOT-CD 19 PSIP 19 Cornerstone Television Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KUPB 18 Univision Midland, Texas
KUPK 13 13.1ABC
Garden City, Kansas Kup Kake (Satellite of KAKE, Wichita)
KUPT 29 MyNetworkTV Hobbs, New Mexico
KUPU 15 Religious Independent Waimanalo, Hawaii
KUPX-TV 29 PSIP 16 ION Television Provo, Utah
KUQI 38 Fox Corpus Christi, Texas
KUSA 9 NBC Denver, Colorado
KUSD-TV 34 PSIP/cable 2 PBS Vermillion, South Dakota University South Dakota
KUSI-TV 18 PSIP 51 Independent San Diego, California
KUSM-TV 8 PBS Bozeman, Montana
KUTA-LD 8 America One/Telemundo Logan, Utah UTAh
KUTF 12 Daystar Logan, Utah
KUTH-DT 32 Univision Provo, Utah UTaH
KUTP 26 PSIP 45 MyNetworkTV Phoenix, Arizona United Television (Phoenix) (former owner)
KUTU-CD 25 Univision Tulsa, Oklahoma Univision Tulsa
34.2MyNetworkTV/This TV
Salt Lake City, Utah Utah Television; digital subchannel 34.2 rebroadcasts KMYU St. George, Utah
KUVE-DT 47 PSIP 46 Univision Green Valley, Arizona Shares call letters with satellite on Channel 38 in Tucson
KUVI-DT 45 45.1MyNetworkTV
Bakersfield, California
KUVM-CD 34 MundoFox DeWalt, Texas Una Vez Mas
KUVN-DT 23 Univision Garland, Texas
KUVS-DT 18 PSIP 19 Univision Modesto, California


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KVAL-TV 13 CBS Eugene, Oregon Willamette Valley
KVAT-LD 17 QVC Garland, Texas
KVBC-LP 26 PSIP 13 Tvida Vision Reedley, California
KVCR-DT 26 PSIP 24 PBS San Bernardino, California San Bernardino Valley College
KVCT 11 PSIP 19 19.1Fox
Victoria, Texas
KVCW 29 PSIP 33 The CW Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas' CW
KVDA 38 PSIP 60 Telemundo San Antonio, Texas
KVDF-CA 31 Azteca America San Antonio, Texas
KVEA 39 PSIP 52 Telemundo Corona, California
KVEO-TV 24 PSIP 23 NBC Brownsville, Texas
KVER-CA 4 Univision Indio, California
KVEW 44 PSIP 42 42.1ABC
Kennewick, Washington Digital subchannel 44.2 rebroadcasts KAPP-DT2 Yakima. KVEW is semisatellite of KAPP.
KVHF-LD 4 4.1TV Scout
4.2Bounce TV
Fresno, California Very High Frequency
KVHM-CA 31 America One Victoria, Texas
KVHP 30 PSIP 29 Fox Lake Charles, Louisiana
7.2The CW
El Paso, Texas
KVIE 9 PSIP/cable 6 PBS Sacramento, California
KVIH-TV 12 12.1ABC
12.2The CW
Clovis, New Mexico Rebroadcasts KVII Amarillo
7.2The CW
Amarillo, Texas VII is the Roman numeral for 7
KVIQ 17 17.1CBS
Eureka, California Digital subchannel 17.2 rebroadcasts KRVU-LD Chico
KVIT-CA 34 Almavision Victoria, Texas Victoria
KVLY-TV 44 PSIP 11 11.1 NBC
11.2 Me-TV
Fargo, North Dakota Valley
KVMD 23 ARTN Twentynine Palms, California
KVME-TV 20 Me-TV Orange, California
KVMM-CD 41 Tr3s Santa Barbara, California
KVMY 22 PSIP 21 MyNetworkTV Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas' MyNetworkTV
KVNV 3 My Family TV Ely, Nevada
KVOA 23 PSIP 4 4.1NBC Tucson, Arizona
KVOS-TV 35 PSIP/cable 12 Me-TV Bellingham, Washington Voice Of Seattle; from former sister radio station KVOS (AM), which was originally licensed to Seattle
KVPT 40 PSIP 18 PBS Fresno, California Valley Public Televisionn
KVRR 19 PSIP 15 Fox Fargo, North Dakota Valley—Red River Broadcasting
KVTH-DT 26 Victory Television Network/Total Living Network Hot Springs, Arkansas Rebroadcasts KVTN Pine Bluff
KVTJ-DT 48 Victory Television Network/Total Living Network Jonesboro, Arkansas Rebroadcasts KVTN Pine Bluff
KVTN-DT 24 PSIP 25 Victory Television Network/Total Living Network Pine Bluff, Arkansas
KVTV 13 CBS Laredo, Texas
KVTX-LP 45 Telemundo Victoria, Texas Victoria, TX (postal abbreviation for Texas)
KVUE 24 ABC Austin, Texas
KVVG-LD 51 Tvida Vision Porterville, California Rebroadcasts KCWB Reedley, California
KVVK-CD 15 Univision Kennewick, Washington Rebroadcasts KUNW Yakima
KVVU-TV 9 PSIP/cable 5 Fox Henderson, Nevada
KVYE 22 PSIP 7 Univision El Centro, California
KVZK 2 PBS Pago Pago, American Samoa


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
Big Spring, Texas Rebroadcasts KWES(DT1) and KTLE(DT2) Odessa
KWBA-TV 44 The CW Sierra Vista, Arizona
KWBH 27 The CW Rapid City, South Dakota
KWBJ-CD 22 America One Morgan City, Louisiana
KWBM 31 31.1Daystar
Harrison, Arkansas Digital subchannel 31.2 rebroadcasts KRBK Osage Beach, Missouri
KWBN 43 PSIP 44 Daystar Television Network Honolulu, Hawaii
KWBQ 29 The CW Albuquerque, New Mexico
KWBX-DT 12 The CW Anchorage, Alaska
KWCA 15.2 The CW San Luis Obispo, California CW CAlifornia, branded by its cable channel number, 5.
KWCC-LD 47 Independent Wenatchee, Washington
KWCE-LP 27 Me-TV Alexandria, Louisiana
KWCH-DT 12 CBS Hutchinson, Kansas
KWCM-TV 10 PBS Appleton, Minnesota
KWDK 42 Daystar Television Network Tacoma, Washington
Odessa, Texas WESt Texas
KWET 8 PBS Cheyenne, Oklahoma
KWEX-DT 41 Univision San Antonio, Texas
KWFA-DT 18.2 The CW Fairbanks, Alaska CW FAirbanks. Rebroadcasts KWBX-DT/KYUR-DT2 Anchorage
KWGN-TV 34 PSIP/cable 2 The CW Denver, Colorado Sister station of WGN-TV Chicago
KWHB 48 PSIP 47 World Harvest Television Tulsa, Oklahoma
KWHD 23 PSIP 14 World Harvest Television Hilo, Hawaii
KWHE 31 PSIP 14 World Harvest Television Honolulu, Hawaii
KWHM 21 World Harvest Television Wailuku, Hawaii
KWHS-LD 51 World Harvest Television Colorado Springs, Colorado
KWHY-TV 42 PSIP 22 MundoFox Los Angeles, California
KWKB 25 PSIP 20 The CW Iowa City, Iowa K Warner K Brothers (Former affiliation with the WB)
KWKS 19 PBS Colby, Kansas Rebroadcasts KOOD Hays, Kansas
KWKT-TV 44 Fox/MyNetworkTV Waco, Texas Waco-Killeen-Temple
KWMK Cable channel 14 The CW Bismarck, North Dakota
KWMS-LP 17 Me-TV/FamilyNet West Monroe, Louisiana West Monroe Louisiana
Hayes Center, Nebraska Rebroadcasts KHGI Kearney, Nebraska(DT1) and KFXL Lincoln (DT2), and rebroadcast on Channel 29 in McCook
KWNL-CD 31 PSIP 9 Univision Winslow, Arkansas Winslow. Satellite of KKYK-CD Little Rock.
KWOG 39 Daystar Fort Smith, Arkansas
KWPL The CW North Platte, Nebraska CW North PLatte
KWPX-TV 33 ION Television Bellevue, Washington
KWQC-TV 36 PSIP/cable 6 6.1NBC
36.2 24/7 Weather
Davenport, Iowa K Welcome to the Quad Cities; digital subchannel is KWQC 24/7 Weather Channel
KWSD 36 36.1me-TV
Sioux Falls, South Dakota CW South Dakota or WB South Dakota, references to its former affiliations
KWSE 51 PSIP/cable 4 PBS Williston, North Dakota Williston Educational
KWSM-LP 40 Tele Vida Abundante Santa Maria, California
KWSU-TV 10 PBS Pullman, Washington Washington State University
KWTV-DT 9 CBS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KWTX-TV 10 10.1CBS
10.2The CW
Waco, Texas Waco, Texas
KWVB 39 The CW Victoria, Texas
KWVT-LD 49 PSIP 17 America One Salem, Oregon Williamette Valley Television
KWWF 22 Untamed Sports TV Waterloo, Iowa
7.2This TV
Waterloo, Iowa Keep Watching WaterLoo
KWWT 30 The CW Midland, Texas CW West Texas. Branded by its cable channel numbers of 5 and 14.
KWYB 19 PSIP 18 18.1ABC
Butte, Montana Shares call sign with satellite on Channel 28 in Bozeman and rebroadcasts KTMF Missoula
KWYF-LD 27 PSIP 26 The CW Casper, Wyoming WYoming's Fox (former affiliation)
KWYP-DT 8 PBS Laramie, Wyoming


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KXAN-TV 21 PSIP 36 NBC Austin, Texas
KXAS-TV 41 PSIP/cable 5 5.1NBC Fort Worth, Texas Texas
KXFX-CA 20 Fox Harlingen, Texas Rebroadcasts KFXV McAllen, Texas
KXGN-TV 5 CBS, NBC Glendive, Montana
KXII 12 12.1CBS
Ardmore, Oklahoma / Sherman, Texas K XII (Roman numeral 12)
KXJB-TV 38 PSIP/cable 4 CBS Valley City, North Dakota
KXKW-LP 32 This TV Lafayette, Louisiana
KXLA 51 PSIP 44 Ethnic/independent Rancho Palos Verdes, California
5.2The CW
Butte, Montana
KXLH-LD 9 CBS Helena, Montana Semisatellite of KRTV Great Falls
KXLJ-LP 24 CBS Juneau, Alaska Rebroadcasts KTNL Sitka
KXLK-CA 40 HSN Austin, Texas
KXLN-DT 45 Univision Rosenberg, Texas
KXLT-TV 46 PSIP 47 47.1Fox
Rochester, Minnesota
Spokane, Washington
Dickinson, North Dakota Digital subchannel 2.1 is a semisatellite of KXMB Bismarck, North Dakota, and 19.2 a satellite of KBMY Bismarck, North Dakota
KXMB-TV 12 CBS Bismarck, North Dakota
KXMC-TV 13 CBS Minot, North Dakota X Magic City; semi-satellite of KXMB Bismarck, North Dakota
KXMD-TV 14 PSIP 11 11.1CBS
Williston, North Dakota Digital subchannel 11.1 is a satellite of KXMC Minot, North Dakota, and digital subchannel 14.2 rebroadcasts KBMY Bismarck
KXMN-LP 11 Me-TV Spokane, Washington
KXNE-TV 19 PBS Norfolk, Nebraska
KXNW 34 34.1MyNetworkTV/Antenna TV
Eureka Springs, Arkansas Digital subchannel 34.2 rebroadcasts KFSM Fort Smith, Arkansas
KXOC-LP 41 Tuff TV Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
KXOF-CD 27 PSIP 39 Fox Laredo, Texas FOX spelled backwards
KXOK-LD 32 The Sportsman Channel Enid, Oklahoma
KXPI-LD 34 PSIP 24 Fox/MyNetworkTV Pocatello, Idaho Fox Pocatello Idaho
KXRM-TV 22 PSIP 21 21.1Fox
Colorado Springs, Colorado
KXTQ-CA 46 Telemundo Lubbock, Texas
KXTS-LD 41 CBS Victoria, Texas disambiguation of Texas
KXTU-LD 20 The CW Colorado Springs, Colorado
KXTV 10 ABC Sacramento, California
KXTX-TV 39 Telemundo Dallas, Texas
KXVA 15 15.1Fox
Abilene, Texas XV (Roman numeral 15) Abilene
KXVO 38 The CW Omaha, Nebraska XV (Roman numeral 15, the station's PSIP channel number) "O"maha
KXVU-LP 17 Telemundo Chico, California
KXXV 25 ABC Waco, Texas KXXV (Roman Numerals for 25)


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KYAZ 47 PSIP 51 51.1 Azteca America Katy, Texas AZteca
KYES-TV 5 MyNetworkTV Anchorage, Alaska
KYIN 18 PSIP 24 PBS Mason City, Iowa
KYLE-TV 28 Fox/MyNetworkTV Bryan, Texas Simulcasts KWKT-TV Waco, Texas
KYMA-DT 11 11.1NBC
11.2This TV
Yuma, Arizona Yuma, Arizona or Yuma
KYMB-LD 27 This TV Monterey, California Your Monterey Bay
KYNE-TV 17 PSIP 26 PBS Omaha, Nebraska
KYNM-LP 30 My Family TV/Proview Sports Albuquerque, New Mexico Your New Mexico
KYOU-TV 15 Fox Ottumwa, Iowa YOU are watching KYOU
KYTV 44 PSIP 3 3.1NBC Springfield, Missouri
KYTX 18 PSIP 19 19.1CBS
19.2The CW
Nacogdoches, Texas Digital subchannel 19.2 is branded as MYTX:My Texas TV
KYUS-TV 13 PSIP/cable 3 NBC Miles City, Montana Rebroadcasts KULR Billings, Montana
KYUU-LD 28 PSIP 35 The CW Boise, Idaho Your CUU(double-U)
KYVE 21 PSIP 47 PBS Yakima, Washington Rebroadcasts KCTS Seattle
KYVV-TV 28 MundoFox Del Rio, Texas Formerly KTRG 10
KYW-TV 26 PSIP/cable 3 3.1CBS
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Know Your World


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
KZAK-LD 49 MundoFox Boise, Idaho
KZBZ-LP 46 Independent Amarillo, Texas Is branded as by its digital subchannel assignment on 10.2.
KZCO-LP 27 Azteca América Denver, Colorado
KZJL 44 PSIP 61 Estrella TV Houston, Texas
KZJO 25 PSIP 22 Independent/MyNetworkTV Seattle, Washington
KZKC-LP 42 Azteca America Bakersfield, California
KZMM-CD 22 Tr3s Fresno, California
KZSD-LP 41 Azteca América San Diego, California Branded by its cable channel assignment on Channel 15
KZSD-TV 8 PBS Martin, South Dakota
KZSW-LP 27 Independent Temecula, California
KZTV 10 CBS Corpus Christi, Texas
KZUP-CD 19 Independent Baton Rouge, Louisiana
KZWB 17 The CW Eugene, Oregon Branded as cable channel 11


Call letters Channel Network(s) City and state Meaning or notes
K06MU 6 Independent Big Bear Lake, California
K07UF 7 educational Independent Abilene, Texas
K07XL 7 Cozi TV Mountain Home, Arkansas Rebroadcasts K26GS Harrison
K08MM 8 3ABN Bakersfield, California
K13XD-D 13 CBS Fairbanks, Alaska
K14LM 14 3ABN San Antonio, Texas
K15CZ 15 The CW Springfield, Missouri
K17ED 17 3ABN Payette, Idaho
K17JI-D 17 3ABN Fresno, California
K18DD 18 3ABN/ShopHQ Camp Verde, Arizona
K20JX-D 20 3ABN Sacramento, California
K21DO 21 3ABN Palm Springs, California
K21JQ-D 21 Esperanza TV Walla Walla, Washington
K24HH-D 24 FamilyNet/Worship Wichita Falls, Texas
K25AL 25 TBN Lake Havasu City, Arizona Arizona Lake Havasu City
K25HD-D 25 Cornerstone Television Bullhead City, Arizona Bullhead City
K26GS-D 26 PSIP 26 26.1 Cozi TV Harrison, Arkansas
K27EC-D 27 Cornerstone Television Lake Havasu City, Arizona Rebroadcasts K25HD-D Bullhead City, Arizona
K29HW-D 29 Independent/Bloomberg/Fuse Austin, Texas
K31FD 31 3ABN Boise, Idaho
K31GL-D 31 31.2 Independent
31.4 RTV
Desoto, Texas Digital subchannel 31.2 is branded as History of TV
K33EJ 33 3ABN Walla Walla, Washington
K35DG-CA 35 Educational Independent San Diego, California K35 San Diego
K36DB-CD 36 RSN Avon, Colorado Brands by its cable channel number, 17
K36DU 36 Worship Lake Havasu City, Arizona
K38IZ-D 38 38.1 Spanish Independent
38.2Tuff TV
Phoenix, Arizona K38 ArIZona
K43FO-D 43 3ABN Las Vegas, Nevada
K45AX 45 Outside Television Park City, Utah Branded as Park City Television, cable channel numbers 17 & 102
K45IE-D 45 RSN Vail, Colorado Branded by its cable channel number, 8.
K47DF 47 Independent Corpus Christi, Texas
K48BL 48 America One Terrebonne, Oregon
K55KD 30 Almavision Van Nuys, California

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