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This is a timeline of incidents in 1995 that have been labelled as "terrorism" and are not believed to have been carried out by a government or its forces (see state terrorism and state-sponsored terrorism).


Date Dead Injured Location and description
January  1  0 0 GuatemalaHuehuetenango, Guatemala, Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) rebels bombed a utility station in Guatemala causing extensive damage but no deaths or injuries.[1]
January  2  8 36 CambodiaTbeng Rhpuos Kam Pong Chnnang Province, Cambodia Khmer Rogue rebels attacked a train in Cambodia through the use of an explosive device killing 8 and wounding 36 others.[2]
January  2  2 13 PakistanPunjab Province. An explosive device killed two people and injured 13 others.[3]
January  10  10 15 AlgeriaBatna. Rebels attacked a transportation bus in the city of Batna killing at least ten civilians and injuring 15 others in a brutal massacre that is a sign of the Islamic insurgents raging against the moderate government.[4]
January  11  0 0 United KingdomBelfast, Northern Ireland. A Wolworths department store was fire bombed in Belfast. The store was destroyed but no one was injured or killed in the incident.[5]
January 22 19 61 Israel Beit Lid: 19 people are killed and 61 wounded by a suicide bomber at a bus stop.[6]
January 26 7 52 India Jammu: Three bombs exploding at a rally to celebrate the Indian national holiday killed seven and injured 52. The apparent target of the attack, the governor of Kashmir, K.V. Krishna Rao, escaped unharmed.[7]
January 30 42 286 Algeria Algiers: A car bomb exploding near the police headquarters in Algiers kills 42 and injures another 286.[8][9]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
February 28 76 123 Iraq Zakho: A car bomb, exploding in a crowded market place, killed 76 and injured 123 others. No one claimed responsibility for the attack.[10][11]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
March 11 0 63 Algeria Algiers: Hours after a warning by the Armed Islamic Group, threatening to start a campaign to kill women related to police and army personnel, until fundamentalist women were freed from prison, a car bomb exploded near apartment buildings for police officers and their families, injuring 63 people, most of them slightly.[12]
March 20 12 1034 Japan Tokyo: Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway by AUM Shinrikyo cultists kills thirteen people and injures 1034.


Date Dead Injured Location and description
April 9 8 50 Israel Israel Two suicide bombers belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad detonate in Gaza, killing 8 and injuring 50.[13]
April 19 168 800+ United States Oklahoma City: Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 people, 19 of them children; the most deadly act of domestic terrorism in the United States to date.
April 25 0 22 Lebanon Lebanon: A Hizballah suicide bomber wounds 22 in attack on Israeli troop convoy in south.[14]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
June 7 0 1 Turkey Ankara: A car bomb exploded in Ankara wounding leader of the Jewish in the city.[15]
June 11 29 205 Colombia Medellín: Leftist group FARC claims responsibility for a bomb that kills 29 and injures 205 at a music concert in Medellín.[16]
June 14 – June 19 172+ 434+ Russia Stavropol Krai: Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis, At least 147 civilians and 25 Russian troops were killed.
June 22 0 16 Algeria Constantion: 16 people were wounded in a car bomb blast in the city of Constantion.[17]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
July 20 17 100 India Jammu: A bomb on a motor scooter exploded at a marketplace in Jammu, killing at least 17 and injuring 100 more. Harkat-ul-Ansar claimed responsibility for the bombing.[18]
July 24 5 32 Israel Tel Aviv: A Palestinian suicide bomber detonated on a bus, killing 5 and injuring 32.[14]
July 25 8 80 France Paris: A gas bottle exploded in the Saint-Michel - Notre-Dame station of line B of the RER (Paris regional train network). Eight were killed and 80 wounded in the bombing, which was part of a series of attacks by the GIA.
July 26 1 42 India Jammu: A bomb hidden in a motor scooter exploded near a Hindu temple and killed a Hindu pilgrim and injured another 42.[19]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
August 21 5 100 Israel Israel: A Hamas suicide bomber detonates on a bus, killing 5 and injuring 100.[14]
August 31 9 104 Algeria Algiers: A car bomb, exploding at a square near the police headquarters in Bab El-Oued killed nine people and left more than 100 injured.[20][21]
August 31 16 30 India Chandigarh: Dilawar Singh Babbar, a member of Babbar Khalsa, killed Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh and 15 others in a suicide bombing. At least 30 more were injured in the attack.[22][23]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
September 5 13 25 India Srinagar: Two car bombs, exploding near two banks handling payrolls for Indian army and police units, killed 13 and injured 25.[24]
September 7 0 14 France Lyon: A car bomb exploded outside a Jewish school in Lyon wounding 14 people.[25]
September 8 1 2 India Srinagar:


Date Dead Injured Location and description
October 18 0 29 France Paris, France A bomb was thrown at an underground commuter train as it sped through central Paris. The train was derailed and damaged. No one was killed but 29 people were injured in the attack.[26]
October 20 1 29 Croatia Rijeka, Croatia A car bomb is detonated in front of a police station. The perpetrator driving the car was the sole fatality. Days later, the responsibility for the attack was claimed by al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya.[27]
October 31 33 Iraq Salahuddin: A bomb exploding at the headquarters of the Iraqi National Congress kills at least 33, including the group's chief of security, Lt. Saif Rashid Sindi.[28][29]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
November 11 15+ 59 Sri Lanka Colombo: A double suicide bombing of army headquarters in Colombo kills at least 15 and injures 59. Attack carried out by LTTE.[30][31]
November 13 7 Saudi Arabia Riyadh: Bombing of OPM-SANG building in Riyadh kills seven; five of them Americans and two of them Indians.
November 16 12 20 Iraq Baghdad: A car bomb exploding outside the headquarters of the Ba'ath Party kills 12 and injures 20.[32]
November 19 17 ≈60 Pakistan Islamabad: Bombing of Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad kills 17.[33]


Date Dead Injured Location and description
December 4 11 60+ Russia Grozny: A car bomb exploding at a bazaar near the main government building killed 11 and injured more than 60. Chechen rebels were blamed for the bombing.[34][35]
December 11 6 Spain Madrid, Spain: ETA Basque militant group bombs a military truck in Madrid, killing six civilians.
December 22 32+ 117 Pakistan Peshawar: A car bomb exploding outside a department store killed at least 32 and injured 117 more.[36]

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